Attainment of non-Duality Enlightemnemt

The I AM THAT, technically is the experience of being aware as awareness that contains Nothing & Everything; the 'Noumenon'. Therein lies the problem, as it is beyond the senses and time, as it is before time and space but includes EVERYTHING that is phenomenon which is time and space and the 1,000 things. The video explains this with precision.

This is impossible for the mind to grasp. This isn’t an issue as it is the experience that counts. The actual experience, in that moment, that you are "everything" as one non-existent-but-existing-everything is what it is about. Then it's gone, you are back to being lost.

Head knowledge is useless, in fact it tends to make seekers very stuck in phase 1 Got it Lost it Awakening. The core failing with this 60,000 year plus Janana (Wisdom path) is that most just grasp the non-logic and they stay stuck in their head with it. Time does exist, two do exist - while the no-time, no-space, Nothing, Void the Noumenon (to quote Wei Wu Wei and Ramesh Balsica who borrowed this term) point to. Pointing is pointless.

Live the Evidence

Experiencing it is a simple process

Experiencing it is a simple process of the Doing called Correct Presence Practice. Eventually, the "moment" of experiencing the Noumenon becomes the many "Now Moments". Thus it is a continuation. To be stable in the ongoing Now Moments is called phase 3 Abiding Awakening, as defined by Nisargadatta Maharaj and other clear teachers like the now-retired Adyashanti.

The fast path

Experiencing it is a simple process

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