Self Honesty

Pillar No4 part 1/2

Self honesty, the willingness to truly see what you are doing internally is a foundational multiplier of Presence, Awakening and then Enlightenment. It's a critical aspect often overlooked. To be self honest is uncomfortable to the ego that is our sense of false-self. This legacy video was made in 2018 so note my different language and listen for the #4 ingredients and the 9 pillars which will be spoken about.

Self Honesty as a measurement

Self Honesty is hard to measure, but it can be done. As mentioned in some videos I talk about iconic sports stars. How do you measure your input or effort? It takes practice. Honesty is also related to your ability to see your unconscious processes.
What is 90% of your best today will be 25% of your best in a year, maybe. But the point here is as you deepen it all changes. Is it your current best is a better question. The intention to look, notice and examine for feedback is the key to self honesty. To check the critical indicators to see if the aspect being examined is real or just a mental construction.

As you practice you become aware of the nuances. These nuances open up other levels of honesty.
As I say on the Awakening Defined page as you deepen you become more sensitive to your inner stuff and people. So what before felt small now feels huge. It's just you have undone your insensitivity and dealt with it. This issue of sensitivity is addressed in the Laws of Grace online course, forming the habit of correct Presence practice helps you to adjust to this new feeling sensitivity. This is one of the dichotomies of becoming more Enlightened.

I often use the metaphor of tennis, Roger Federer knows the nuances of tennis to be world-class at it, I do not. You become the Rodger of your own honesty. Being grounded in the body tells you clearly. Having the willingness to feel everything means you can no longer be deluded and unconscious. The upside is that your Presence and the true You is very ecstatic. This can be experienced concurrently with any unpleasant situation. You will build this evidence and know this is true as in-life experience as your Presence practice improves.

How to be Self Honest

Remembering to remember 'Am I Present right now?' is a key Law of Grace. These Laws of Grace are the direct principles of Awakening. Once you remember then you action the 4 steps to Presence to validate it is so. To not check with visceral volitional attention is the old habit of being unconscious. The popular Eckhart Tolle meme of 'When I remember I am not Present I am' is not self honesty, that is thought only. Once one is in Phase 3 Abiding Awakening and beyond it is still thought only until volitional awareness is used to check. Self honesty is for the brave seeker who will Awaken as it is a mathematical function of habit formation. It is a call to action. Being self honest means it's checked, not assumed (Ass-U-Med). Then checking is the implementation of self responsibility, the second half of Law Zero. If you are not self honest and check the steps to Correct Presence then how do you know if you are Present or just creating it with imagination?

Emotional Intelligence: To be able to hold emotions in Presence gives you the ability to be fully functional in all of life's tough times. As discussed in the phase 2 non-Abidance page, your emotional intelligence increases in this phase as you do hold Presence concurrently while various emotions rip through your body. Phases 3 and 4 do take you to full emotional competency. In phase 4 of deeply Matured Abidance the 4th step of Correct Presence Practice, the Divine Nothingness is quite solid as every sort of horrid strong emotion runs. They are concurrent, yes, yuck and Divinity at the same time. This is not commonly stated by teachers. This will be your experience as you deepen, until then you are welcome to doubt it - stick to the evidence, eh?

Being grounded: To be grounded means you are associated into your body. You can feel your body's status and sense clearly what is required. Being grounded may feel nice or feel horrible due to physical pain or emotions running.

Dispel the myth that feeling OK or good is Presence. Presence is Presence. Presence allows any feelings, emotions, pains and situations in life just to be as they are. Hence the Laws of Grace online course is designed as a habit-forming video course to drill this in to assist your neurology, psychology and emotional systems to re-align to the new habit of practicing Correct Presence Practice.

Plain English for children

No9 Common Sense language for teens

I teach these same principles to students at It's a core prerequisite for learning easily. It is required for state awareness to enter the Learning State (the neurological equivalent of Presence on this website). I also term self honesty and self responsibility as Law Zero on that website.

These mainstream focused videos are designed for teens and their parents. I say these core internal functions are as important as breathing if one is to live a life of happiness & success. Self-honesty is the first of these two foundational human traits. It is important to know that these can, if not need, development. Regardless of how psychologically advanced you may be, these traits can be further refined and enhanced. Self honesty is the basis of sensory acuity. The greater your acuity the sharper your mind and emotional process will be.

Morality and Awakening

Morality in the context of Awakening isn't the same as self-honesty. Morality is to do with conduct with the outside world. The cult page and Laws of Grace course address this issue by it being labelled spiritual authority and spiritual compass. Many seekers (who are not even phase 3 Abiding) want to teach for dubious reasons. There are also too many teachers out there who demonstrate a lack of self honesty.
These individuals demonstrate a lack of self-honesty by conduct that is agenda laden. Agendas are shown easily by the need for power, recognition, empire building (buying a shared space with your money but with no ownership), the ability to sex students and right to impose their own will over the others with restrictive rules. These are blatant egotistical needs that break boundaries. Hence understanding the cult indicators. It is important to ensure any concerns are resolved by aligning your 3 brains (head, heart and gut). That alignment will help you decide on your next actions of stay, leave, run or pull back and monitor as you learn.

As you awaken you see the dichotomies of mortality of right/wrong, good/bad. Rules set by any external source are seen for what they are. They may be guidance for the less-wise or something that is functional, like stopping at a red traffic light. Aspects of this are discussed in the phase 5+ Transpersonal Awakening page. As one deepens into the deeper levels of Awakening one has to face the issues of what is good/bad or right or wrong and move from a place of impartial beingness. Some of these lessons are rather challenging.

Experiencing Transpersonal Awakening means boundaryless Unity. You are the other or many, you experience all of them. In this place black and white no longer exist. It is an experience of 10,000 shades of grey where all sides are seen as the Divine allowance. Without a moral compass doing things that could lead to a jail term are seen as "allowing what is". From God's perspective who is true Agape (to define the word love correctly) with your free-will means yes anything goes. To a normal human identity these actions are obvious boundary violations.

One of the prime directives (the operational rules) of the unconscious mind is to naturally be a morally good being. Others include to serve and be happy. This is how each human baby is born. Only trauma and bad role modelling (including genetics) by those around the baby will impact this natural moral behaviour.

I love Adyashanti's saying "you know when you say or do the wrong thing, it's like poison has been released in your blood, it just feels off".

This is how Awakening is self-regulating. As you deepen you find you just can't do small "less than" things anymore. You become moral, not because a religion or teacher tells you to but because it feels truly like poison in your body. This is why religions tend to have rules, like the bible and the 10 commandments. When Enlightened the fallacy of these rules and shoulds are seen.

As you become more self honest you will walk the talk with greater degrees of accuracy. You will live the evidence under the Rules of Evidence. To be dishonest really feels just too terrible, and it will remind you that honesty is real and worthy.

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