Rules of Evidence

pillar No3: Proving your Awakening 100%

Rules of Evidence bring certainty to the Enlightenment framework. It informs you where you are at within the Presence steps in each instance. This is where your demonstrated actions, sense based observations, feelings, emotions and internally observed processes are consciously noted. This applies in any situation, process, or moment in life. These consciously noted aspects give you evidence that you are following the steps to Presence. This helps you to be clear, defined and certain for yourself that you are within the structure of this framework, as you will be conscious of the evidence. This is why this framework applies to all areas of life. It helps the feedback cycle for improvement and Presence habit formation.

Depending on the situation, the evidence will be a mix of externally measurable outcomes and internal steps that are sensory based. This helps you with the next pillar in the Enlightenment framework; Law Zero, so you can be self honest and self responsible in your process of Awakening. This pillar applies to any activity in life, as without noting outcomes and feedback, improvement can't happen.

I often use the legal phrase bona fide in the videos and courses. This refers to the use of a success journal (also termed Presence diary), where you record your evidence and process. This further makes the Rules of Evidence concrete and re-affirms within your unconscious mind (pillar No5) that this is important to you to make your new Presence habit default. Writing down details helps you to review and process your behaviours. It also gives you feedback many years later that can be very useful. Default Presence entry, when it is conscious and unconscious is Abiding Awakening. This is the goal of this website, courses, coaching and Mastery Club.

Evidence is what lets you know something is real. Presence and Awakening can be easily claimed by a thought (mind projection), lying to yourself and others, or by using imagination. Can you discern the difference between mental body, higher mental body, bliss body, imagination, emotional recall and genuine Presence via Correct Presence Practice? This is the journey, you will with correct practice as the old bad habits are undone and you become sensitive to the differences.

If the 4 steps of Presence are actioned and noted then as you practice you will truly experience the different steps of Presence. Your acuity and visceral experience will deepen. I speak to this in my personal testimony about the impact of making the Laws of Grace course. I tested what was said in the videos for its validity over the 13 months it took to create the course.

Step 1 is to just feel the physical body. Be aware of your hands, pelvic floor and tummy breathing as a basic set. Feeling from the heart/sternum down is clearly evidence based. Can you remember to do this in a supermarket, traffic jam or when someone yells at you? This is definable if you are consciously noticing and sensing it with your volitional attention. This is will develop your Law Zero to be self-honest and self-responsible.

Notice and track your entry and regularity of your Presence practice. Then you are collecting the evidence as to the degree, frequency and depth of your Presence practice. If you keep the success journal, as I suggest, then this reinforces the habit and this gives you 3D real presentable evidence years later. Journaling your Presence practice reinforces to your unconscious mind the importance of the habit. It is a measurable outcome of how much you want Enlightenment. The more you examine and note this, the more credible the evidence is that it's 100% real bona fide to you. This later acts as evidence for your practice especially in a tough cycle. This can assist you to be determined to practice the steps of Presence when you feel like crap.

So if you are choosing to be aware of your 4 steps to Presence you will get better at it. No different from learning tennis. Humans are habit machines, practice equals evidence of body-based visceral Presence. The vast majority of seekers tend to ‘mind’ or just create ‘space and bliss’ in the mind and esoteric bodies mentioned above. This isn’t real Presence, as it is of little practical use when life slaps you as the global pandemic has for us all.

The Rules of Evidence are your guide to making your Presence practice turn into real Abiding Awakening. Abiding Awakening (as it's an act of awareness) is where you consciously and unconsciously have Presence entry as the default habit, this is Enlightenment. To be technical, this is the first step into real Enlightenment and phase 3 in the Awakening journey. 
This is the real start of a new deeper and significantly new way of living. This is a profound change for any person and that takes years of adjustment for it to settle. Abidance is still extremely rare based on my personal experiences with others over the decades. This is more so the case when I consider my bandwidth experiences with people and genuine Enlightened teachers over the past 30 years. Bandwidth is part b of the Rules of Evidence, its page is here.

The benefit of the Rules of Evidence is that it motivates you because it gives proof as mentioned in the video. Once you have experienced one of the 4 steps to Presence in a given situation you now have the evidence it is possible for every situation of this type. The myth that Enlightenment is just for Jesus or Buddha is broken. Anyone can learn to Abide in Presence. Grace will assist and keep you deepening if you keep your practice up, and you do it correctly.

The evidence mounts and becomes substantial. Take a typical life situation, e.g. working at your job or interactions with family or friends, and choose to notice your Presence practice. It will be obvious which of the 4 steps you ‘practice to’. Then you can monitor how often, how deep and how frequently you enter Presence within the 4 steps. Initially this may only happen once out of 10 times. If you persist and truly apply the frequency and the deeper steps, it will be experienced. Eventually, because you are a habit machine, you will get to the place where your Presence has a degree of depth and consistency. This is a mathematical process if correctly applied.

It becomes evidential, assuming Law Zero's self honesty is being applied. Many seekers lie to themselves and others, especially on Facebook and other social media platforms. However, this is what you need to do if you want to know it’s real. Your observation of the 4 steps to Presence, or lack thereof, will give ample real evidence.

Demonstrating Evidence

with internal steps you tick as done

Here is the wild bird version of the Rules of Evidence as it is demonstrated. This cannot be disputed as it is plain to see with wild animals and a coherent video. Multiple layers of evidence are built into these animal videos I create for you.

It requires Presence with the birds to communicate with them. At the deeper level, I go Transpersonal with them, I feel their instinctual rudimentary thinking processes. This is demonstrated by my doing things that should trigger an instinctual fight-flight response. As a side note, what amuses me about this, is that many human beings have a quicker fight-flight than these birds. The term we use is "buttons" or "triggers". Yet humans are supposed to be more conscious. One would expect that the response-ability of a human would be better than a timid parrot.

This shows at one level the importance of this Framework, and how it develops a good conscious capable person. It also shows, in pillar No9, that it is life applicable in many areas, such as academic study and growing up with life skills to deal with conflict.

It must be noted that my Presence means I consciously merge with the animals as well. I can influence their unconscious mind and fight-flight. I make the whispering look easy, be assured, I am the only person that visits this park that can handle these birds in this manner. This is especially the case with the Long Billed and Little Corellas. This is why the LearnWhispering 101 is another way to learn Presence and the 9 pillar framework.

Life Emergency as Evidence

Fire Armageddon: A State of Emergency as Australia burned.

This video was taken as a firestorm Armageddon took place on 30 December 2019. HUGE fires raged merely hours away. Black carbonated leaves fell out of the sky. Gray ash rained down covering everything in grainy muck. The smoke plume was rising over 8 kilometers into the sky. It created its own weather, indicated by Pyrocumulus clouds. The thunder of dry lightning, thanks to the Pyrocumulus clouds, happened during the video but isn't audible. Satellite imagery showed the smoke visibly circumambulated the entire southern hemisphere as the days unfolded.

I have my Mr Serious face and tonality on in the video. My heart had been strained because of activity in extreme 40° heat all day. I'd stand under the cold shower clothes on, then zip back outside to continue cleaning up for about fifteen minutes before needing another cold shower. I had a physically sore heart for 7 days. Presence was deeply with me, my deep voice tonality in the video is the physiological evidence. I felt safe as my wilderness trained bush-gut told me so. That white dot in the above video thumbnail is the sun, hazed out by smoke 5 hours before dusk. As I recorded this video an emergency government app text alert arrived "It is now unsafe to leave.." and "... the radiant heat from the flames will kill you before you see them". The language used was a real slap of reality regarding this situation as life or death.

Presence has real outcomes. Dichotomous polarities to the extreme will be experienced as a test. Tolle's Presence practice has concrete outcomes. This video shows real measurable outcomes, a coherent video on Presence and the Mastery Club introduction in a fire emergency. Some of these abilities to remain Present take years to deepen until they are unshakeable in one's Self, mind, ego and personality..... Presence isn't just a theory. If the oxymoronic and dichotomous polarities are not being experienced then chances are you are just in your head. These polarities are a challenge for the ego, as it can't control or reconcile such concurrent contradictions.

The recording of that video was on my twelfth anniversary of Abiding Awakening, a night to remember. Even then my mind still could not fathom how these oxymoronic dichotomous polarities could exist. But it's just normal, that's how it Is. The mind never gets it. This video was made as fire Armageddon part one unfolded in the 2020 new year, and the global pandemic was not even in the news yet. Later that night at 2 am there was a strong 45-degree wind change. Mallacoota was then hit, as the wind shift pushed the fires away from my area but towards theirs. Orbost (population 2,200) was saved by mere meters. Around 4,000 people were forced to gather trapped on the sea foreshore at Mallacoota. It took a few days to clear everyone by helicopters and naval ships.

The collective trauma and death of an estimated 2 to 4 BILLION native animals was palpably painful in the Nothingness that Abided in my being (as the animals videos show, I'm very connected). Deep grief would erupt without notice for 3 months (PTSD). As you can see in my videos, my love for animals is deep. My body was given a huge test. I had physical heart pain for a week after rushing about in 40°plus Celsius heat to prepare the property to be torched. Pillar No2 includes all of you. Human trauma is real, it's allowing it in the healing balm of Presence that lets it settle fastest.

Being hit by a car (and other horrible experiences) while Abiding is pale by comparison of possibly being cooked alive. This Fire Armageddon was a test for humanity (and Australia specifically), and those that want to Awaken and those who consider themselves Awake. The question is, under this 9 Pillar Enlightenment framework, are you ready to face a severely difficult test, an accident, a fire, a crazy person with a gun? Will you activate the steps to Presence and remain functional? Will you be a Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger movie hero type and face the situation, or be a dysfunctional screaming trembling traumatized child? These tests leave indelible evidence.

Measuring your 4 steps to Presence

In all life situations ask: What step am I at?

Your progress with your Enlightenment and stability of Presence is 100% measurable. The only fail-safe way to know is following the Rules of Evidence as this lays out the consistency, the contexts and the emotions that are experienced at the same time. The Rules of Evidence layout how to gauge your depth of Presence. Only you, not an Enlightened teacher or Guru can assess you otherwise. They can only confirm or give you personal feedback. Practice at the prompts to get some evidence (or evidence you are not).

What's your evidence?

Be exact & Awaken for Real

Falling into the mind trap of claiming is one of the biggest hinderances to your Awakening journey. Getting real and solid feedback by a teacher who is at

They may be able to sense your vibrational bandwith as that indicates certian types of evidence. They can only confirm or give you personal feedback. Practice at the prompts to get some evidence (or evidence you are not).

What's your evidence? Falling into the mind trap of claiming is one of the biggest hindrances to your Awakening journey. Getting real and solid feedback by a teacher who is at least phase 4 Deeply Abiding is extremely rare to access. This opportunity is available here at rates that are typically below the typical life coach who certainly isn't Deeply Abiding.

The only thing you'll lose is what is false that is holding you back. Blind spots (No8) are extremely insidious and drag out suffering for years if not lifetimes. Decades of personal experience and watching those on the spiritual path have made this fact well and truly proven to me.

One-on-One Sessions: Personal Feedback is best

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