Enlightenment's Structure

Pillar No7a: Structure rules content

Enlightenment's structure is the frame that you can be certain of as it is fixed. As your Presence practice habit deepens you'll learn to trust the process. Thus when tests come, and they always will, you apply the framework and Correct Presence Practice. Brutal tests of life will push you to surrender.
In those times eventually, you'll know to trust Presence once you have gone through this process enough. Hence pillar No3, the Evidence adds up. Your ego may be screaming with fear and terror and that is OK. The structure of your unconscious mind, pillar No5, dictates the laws of how we operate. Know how to work with your unconscious mind then your depth and stability of Presence will be held more consistently.

Enlightenment structure & ego

Yes: The ego eventually trusts what it can't understand

As your Presence builds you'll learn that when tough life events or life threatening incidents happen Correct Presence Practice is your safety response. You'll apply your volitional attention as best as possible to the 4 steps to Correct Presence Practice. Knowing the structure of Enlightenment, this framework and your Presence practice means you'll be able to navigate life as best as possible. Your levels of Presence held is God's test that this type of lesson has been passed. You'll evidence your depth of Awakening even as your ego, body and emotions go crazy. You'll learn to hold Presence and step 4 the Nothingness concurrently with hideous emotions and tough situations. This is the demonstration that validates your phase of Awakening.

To know this as you have these tough tests gives a deep level of freedom that the mind and ego can never understand. What does happen is the mind and ego learn to work with your Presence and step 4 the Divine yum-yum. It's a process you'll start in phase 2 non-Abiding and will become fully trusting of while you work your way through phase 3 Abiding Awakening. Phase 4 Matured Enlightenment the trust in structure is solid, your depth of Presence and the deeper Divine connection will be there as it has been earned. Your humanness (ego, mind and personality) will still have its usual reactions. The structure of being a human does not change.

Example: Fire Armageddon

Testing the Divine in a deadly fire emergency

In December 2019, before Covid19 changed our lives Australia had a Fire Armageddon event that lasted until February 2020. Conservative estimates were that over 4 billion native animals were cooked alive, some species were made extinct. Here is a video made of the eve of the biggest day that leftover 10,000 people standing on a beach for days as the military evacuated them with helicopters and Australia's biggest navy transport vessel. That evening I wanted to talk about the pending Laws of Grace course and Mastery Club. The sky was dim with smoke. The cover shot shows the sun high in the sky as a dull dot.

Yep! I have Mr Serious face on!!!!! The day was over 40┬░ Celsius with very strong winds. I had spent the majority of that day clearing guttering and wood litter and hosing the garden. I had a sore heart for the following week as I pushed my body so much. We were in the path of a huge uncontrolled fire. The fire was so big it generated its own weather and pyro-cumulus clouds with dry lightening in extremely tinder dry forests. These fires can move from 30kph to 50kph. Anything in its path gets torched. During the making of this and the bad teacher& drugs video that is in the Laws of Grace course, the emergency app sent the final notification. That warning contained a bone-chilling warning to hunker down inside and that the radiant heat will kill you before you see the flames.

Presence has real outcomes. Dichotomous polarities to the extreme will be experienced as a test. Tolle's Presence practice has concrete outcomes. Some of these take years to deepen until they are unshakable in one's Self, mind, ego and personality. Presence isn't just a theory.

If these oxymoronic and dichotomous polarities of outcomes are not being experienced then chances are you are just in your head. Our "conscious global community" needs to embody Presence in life. Even after well over a decade of these (14yrs for me of 2022) my mind still cannot fathom how these oxymoronic dichotomous polarities exist. But it's just normal for me now.

The collective trauma and death of 4 Billion animals was palpably painful in the Nothingness that abides in my being. It created grief and PTSD symptoms that I allowed to move through until my human system came back to balance. Your humanness still exists, and therefore one needs to allow that to do what it does. Your body and unconscious mind knows how to release stress and trauma, be Present and allow it. It requires full allowance. This means you have to feel the emotions so they release from your body, cells and energetic bodies.

It's purely a tooth fairy fable that you'll not be affected by things and not feel emotions when you properly Awaken. Go watch the top teachers on the planet, they feel, they are still people, and some of them have quite extreme tempers. Check the facts not believe one sentence memes and teachers who just portray the happy ever after fairytale. Hence the structure applies. You can, when skilled enough remain connected to the Divine yum-yum and be feeling hardcore trauma etc. The only question is are you doing Correct Presence Practice to help it move the fastest so it heals and resolves. That is walking the talk.

It takes years for this process to not feel strange. But slowly the ego, personality, your humanness learns to roll with 'what is' and this includes the tough stuff in life.

As of now in November 2021 Adyashanti has decided to take a year off teaching. His Bells Palsy, a painful nerve condition first impacted him in 2007, just after I had discovered him. This is an example that chronic human conditions impact us all. Pain is no fun, I have a page on that here, but Presence does allow it to be without the suffering so the body can heal as best as it can. As a human, you need to stay in balance and take care of yourself.

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