Physical Pain & Presence

It Sux! But Presence Helps!!!

Chronic or acute pain is something that really sux, so how does that impact being Present and your Awakening? When you have physical pain and you're practicing Presence as I describe it here under the Laws of Grace and Awakened Essence methodology there seems to be a bit of a contradiction. The way I teach Presence is it needs to be grounded in the lower body. This means pain is felt consciously. I explain this in the video while I'm in nasty chronic pain.

Since my permanent Abiding Awakening in late 2007 I have had many years of different forms of chronic pain. Repeated lumbar disc issues plagued me for 8 years. To be in excruciating pain and feel totally at peace is truly wonderful. In some ways, it forced my Awakening to deepen. I was able to spend months in pain and not feel ‘bad’ or judgmental about it. I truly had no desire for it to be different even though it hurt. Does that sound dichotomous? Yes, it is.

The dichotomy of having the freedom of peace, joy, happiness and bliss while in pain and with no desire to change it can happen. Eventually, I managed to find a solution to my lumbar spine issues and solved that life-long issue (no lumber pain since 2013 - touch wood). The Chronic Health condition video goes in-depth about how I solved this chronic pain health issue. Since then I’ve had other pain issues in other body parts, but I managed to resolve those also. Pain can be a natural outcome after being hit by a car on a bike, there is a normal language version and video regards this at

Bodily Presence removes suffering

then healing can make a good 'stress free' start

Over the years when I ran groups I've had numerous people comment about being aware of the body and that they live in a place of either acute or chronic pain. Some of them have had severe pain non-stop for many years. That is truly horrible, and it impacts life in many ways. However, when you enter Presence correctly there is Stillness and an allowance of the pain. Peace will be there with the pain. When you come back to that place of stillness and Presence it means you are a bigger space. This means your body can relax and you are here, in Presence, allowing ‘What Is’.

You can’t change it, can you? So the first option is to be Present which takes away the mental suffering. The second option is to let your mind and emotions run the show and take you into avoidance. When Present and allowing pain to be there that means the suffering and the avoidance of trying to get away from the pain isn't there. Of course, do what you can to mitigate the pain such as pain killers, if their side effects aren't worse than the pain.

So play with this for yourself by practicing being Present. Be aware of your hands, feet, backside, legs and breathing in your chest/tummy. Now notice where the pain is at the same time as those other places. Feel through the pain and sense through the painless spaces. This space is your Presence (and this practice is defined exquisitely in the Correct Presence Practice and the more extensive Laws of Grace online courses) and it allows it to be here because it is here isn't it? You are feeling pain you cannot deny it. Therefore It Is but you are also here, and there is that natural human tendency to want to get away from the suffering. However, your job is to be here and allow that pain to be. This has the health benefits of allowing the non-pain areas to relax and stop any compensatory behaviours that can often lead to secondary complications.

From this place of Presence you can go into the healing process. Work with the pain. This means understanding what is going on and what's causing it. Ask the pain by talking to it and listening to the causes and solutions. This conscious investigation with Presence is called Inquiry. When you stop avoiding it the pain may significantly shift. It allows the healing process to happen.

The math of pain and Awakening

This is why the Laws of Grace is mathematical. You enter Presence enough, you open up your neurology (ie: the physical pain system), mind, ego, physical body then your unseen spiritual bodies to permanently Abide as Presence. While it feels terrible it is one of life’s tricks that can bring you to real Enlightenment. Then you will be conscious as the no-person that is the Everything and Nothingness. That is true freedom.

You will eventually learn at all levels that you are always here, always coming back to Presence. Then you become comfortable with the fact that what you are is Presence and that if Grace allows the Nothingness that is everything. Your pain can be a gateway to that. Embrace it.

Your options to relieve the suffering

To master the Presence practice fastest would be to use the Laws of Grace online course.

Coaching is available for healing work to help the pain and find possible solutions. A third option is the online Golden Ray healer course. Golden Ray is a form of pure ‘spiritual healing’ energy work, some students have had significant pain and health shifts with the Golden Ray. As part of learning the Golden Ray you are attuned with Phoenix Healing, which can help shifts in the spiritual bodies that impact our neurology and pain levels.

Laws of Grace / Presence Practice courses

Learn Correct Presence Practice with the 16 hour Correct Presence Practice course or the very extensive 50+ hour Laws of Grace course. Both include one or more personal coaching sessions to check you are forming the Correct Presence Practice and to answer your questions.

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