Mastery Club: Your Tribe

Private online limited number peer support community

Awakening in isolation is difficult. Having your flock or tribe is extremely beneficial. Pillar No6 in the Enlightenment framework is community and support. A group where one can reflect and enjoy clarity is a profound boost for you area of interest, in this case evidence based smooth Enlightenment. The limited number Laws of Grace Mastery Club is designed to support the development of evidence based Presence practice through a variety of voluntary activities. A place where people can contribute, share, seek support and venture into new ways of improving our spiritual and human lives. To have a community of people who are learning and implementing these core Awakening skills, the Laws of Grace, means your skill sets and journey can be so much easier. Living the life of Presence, and doing so correctly is extremely difficult when everybody else is living unconsciously.

Watch the introductory video below where, as usual, Grace demonstrates perfectly. Observe the darling alone cockatoo go through its journey from being alone and scared to cozy and OK with me kissing it as it sits on my shoulder. Notice how it becomes more comfortable as other cockatoos turn up. We humans are the same, with good company we can thrive. Good company is an important Law of Grace.

The aim of the Laws of Grace course and Mastery Club is to assist your awakening in everyday life. Not only do we cover the spiritual practices and the hurdles, but you will also learn how this integrates with all life's aspects. And this is a differential point with this approach: You do have a mind, and ego, human psychology, with feelings and a body that has DNA. Enlightenment needs you to embrace all your humanness to end the internal war. The Laws of Grace focus on Awakening you in an integrated fashion.

Mastery Club Summary

What's in it?

The Mastery Club has a variety of activities to assist your progress into the depth of yourself so it is practical. Participants can try different ways to interact and contribute. All activities are voluntary. The supportive culture of this group will help encourage interaction. The group will be focused on activities on Presence habit formation, the Laws of Grace and the 9 pillars.

A Law Zero (self honesty and self responsibility) culture will be nurtured within the group. This will naturally help develop the prerequisite base of safety, respect and build the core of being a good human with a moral compass. To grow your self-honesty and self-responsibility is an endless process. My personal observation over three decades is this one is the tough aspect that holds people back, so Law Zero needs to be nurtured. As your Awakening deepens you will face new lessons. Your newfound abilities and greater acuity will be tested for evidence based outcomes in life. All this growth hinges on Law Zero.

Summary of Main activities:
In brief here are the core club activities. Tap the below links to jump down and read more and see the specific video on this topic.

Multiple Online events every month: The video recording will be available in the Facebook group to participants who can’t attend, and for later reference. Additional live or video events may relate to the esoteric aspects such as Golden Ray, Reiki or other esoteric aspects. There will be plenty of new and interesting aspects to observe and apply.

Peer support community: A private closed Facebook group will provide a forum for community interaction.

Monthly workshop / Group projects: Research, apply and share the results. We will explore cutting-edge issues that will take us deeper and more consistent. I have so many burning questions that will cut through the nonsense that keeps people lost. Thus there will be no shortage of live workshop topics here. The 2022 Digging Deeper course will be one avenue, so throw in a question and let's see what unfolds. A great question is often a trigger for something new.

Peer buddy system: Peer support, community & accountability. Nothing beats having support and accountability, this will help our core multipliers as I term them in the Laws of Grace.

Exclusive content: Some material will only be available in this Mastery Club. In 2022 this will be the Digging Deeper course where we explore the 9 pillar framework. We will also investigate some new neuroscience aspects like the heart brain and its possible bridging aspects to early life patterning. We will explore aspects of how the heart brain is a link to our spiritual higher aspects. Often the newer and cutting-edge stuff will be here for members to digest and use.
This will give more fresh material for those that have a daily routine that involves listening to material that deepens their habit to be Present.

Multiple Online events every month

At least 3 times a month there will be an online group broadcast for up to 50 minutes (or more). If this is missed a recording will be available to club members in the Facebook group. These three sessions will focus on aspects of the Laws of Grace and the 9 pillar Enlightenment framework. Depending on the participant mix or a votes in a poll we may explore some spiritual or healing topics.

Question and answer time will be allocated to help clarify questions posed in the Mastery Club, in polls, or Research Topic material such as the conclusions and discussing the issues.
Club members will be encouraged to share challenges, questions or topics they want to explore.

Online peer support community

A closed private Facebook group will be used as an easy access forum for us to share and communicate. The Laws of Grace Mastery Club is about having people who are going through the same processes and issues. This group will be where the Laws of Grace framework material can be discussed. As we will be using the 9 pillar framework, and especially pillar No3 Rules of Evidence and No4 Law Zero. The typical Facebook argumentative banter and claiming is absent.
This is a safe forum to explore and share what is 100% real for you. Thus each post and comment is either supportive or gives quality feedback based on the Rules of Evidence. This will assist everyone in forming the new habit of being Present while they engage in social media and device use. As numbers are capped to 50 individuals we will grow a strong community that is based on real-life evidence. A real Laws of Success 7 Yay Saying community.

This means any issues can be settled faster as concerns or confusion are clarified. A Facebook group acts as a central hub that is easily accessible for all to the resources of this club (unless a better forum is found).

Fellow members will also be applying these skills and methods. It’s a great way to build the habits and focus that form the basis of the Presence habit. Checking in with the group helps affirm to your unconscious mind (pillar No5) that this is the goal. A goal where the outcome is you live by default habit as Presence.

Monthy workshop / Research

Apply & share the results: Be at the cutting edge

A workshop or research project question will be presented to the group each month. Taking part in the workshop or research projects will help focus on one area of the Awakening and Presence process. We can share our learning and our insights with the group. This is a profoundly powerful way to deepen your practice.

What's really exciting is this website and its methods are at the cutting edge of Neuroscience. As a participant you'll help with exploring the potential of human development. We can test and try and bust these Laws of Grace and the 9 pillar framework.

Our experiences can help develop these practices and make them more easeful and resilient. We will base all this on applying the Rules of Evidence. This will help you embed these new practices and experiences. I have some ideas to explore that are truly amazing. I'm sure some great ideas will be posed by members to explore.

I personally have a long list of workshops I want to create. However, this is a We not a me project and it is about community and what is hot for the group to maximise the deepening for everyone in the club.

Participants will be welcome to share their personal experiences with the project be that in writing a post or a video. This can reflect the person's personal learning and productivity style. For example I'm very comfortable and fast at making videos. My personal weakness is writing, and it's a long slow process for me.

Peer buddy system

Peer support, community & accountability

A peer check-in system will be made available for those that want it. This is where you are randomly assigned another two members of the Mastery Club to have check-ins with at least once a week. This is to explore different things and get to know someone else in the group. This Mastery club is about peer support and developing community. Hearing and understanding the issues of another person who is doing the same thing can be very helpful.

In the video below I describe the peer check-in system. It's a chance to share your progress, or what is holding you back. Verbalising to another can be very helpful. It is also a gentle external check to bump your activation of the core multipliers of Presence practice. This can be very useful to help motivation and application to master this habit.
A further benefit of this buddy system it helps build a community of people who know each other.
This will help generate questions and feedback for you and things that can be brought to the group.

The feedback or questions from your peer check-ins can be used as a group fb post. They can also be given as questions for us to cover in the online group sessions. As part of the enrolment process we will discuss this to help you get clarity on it. Then you can decide if you want to be part of this buddy system or not. You are welcome to opt-in or opt-out of this at any time. You can add or remove yourself for the following calendar month.

You will be randomly assigned one or two buddies for the calendar month. Hopefully so you meet new people. You are welcome to stay in contact by any means with prior buddies if you want. With two buddies is a greater chance that some interaction can happen. As a group we will do feedback polls every now and again as to how to improve the buddy system. Over the lifespan of the club this means we can change the culture so it improves.

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Monthly intentions

Accountability & motivation

Each month there will be a post for all club members to state what they want to focus on to make progress with for the month. This is a great chance to increase your core multipliers that we discuss in the Laws of Grace course. It's a chance to work on the 10 Laws of Success and see what can progress can be made. It's a chance to explore and stretching yourself. These 10 law videos are in the Correct Presence /Laws of Grace Courses.

There is no wrong and there is no fail, as it is about learning and finding the feedback from every attempt. Each time your discernment (self honesty has many complex aspects) will increase as you feel the nuances in your neurology, body and Presence.

In this video you will hear me explain how well I do when it comes to setting big goals. This is Laws of Success 2 Think BigI set a target and I do what I can. It helps hone volitional attention. This has Law of Success 6 Balance implications. It's easy to set big goals in a success journal but as it is private there is no accountability. If I share these with friends and they say I'll call you on that, I do get more done.

This is why I am setting this whole Mastery Club up, as it was what I wanted all along even in those first five years after I'd hit Abiding Awakening. I live what I share here and I am always keen to improve. The losing Awakenings page and video is a real issue. It is a challenge to maintain the Presence habit in a society where unconsciousness is the default. It's easy to slip backward, having an actively Present community is a huge benefit.

This is a positive method for motivation as it adds accountability to your peers. As with everything in this Mastery Club it is optional. This Monthly intention exercise is designed to assist you in monitoring your progress and understanding your motivation. It will give valuable feedback on setting goals and what you are capable of doing. If you set goals too high, then that is also good feedback. This will help you learn what is realistic. It's another way to encourage your unconscious mind to help build your default habit of Presence.

If at the end of the month you have not met your goal you may be able to figure out why. For example, is there a blind spot? If you are also in the buddy system chat this through so you both learn more. Unearthing your unconscious habits that slow you down is the way to move deeper into Awakening. Presence and Awakening is a non-stop process. After you hit Abiding Awakening the journey starts all over again. The tests never stop as the bliss, joy and happiness grows as you deepen!

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Why a Mastery Club?

A personal note from Jason

For 15 years I was an obsessed spiritual seeker who had had many spiritual Awakenings and virtually every strange esoteric (drug-free) spiritual experience you could mention. Then a close friend in late 2002 told me to read Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now. In early 2003 I hunted out a real local Awakened teacher who had similar teaching to Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti. I spent time with this person to gain personal feedback and insight that was tangible and relevant. It only took me 5 years to hit full Abidance as Presence.

I applied myself to this material 100% as best as I could. Within a year I totally closed off all spiritual path practices and focused 100% on Eckhart Tolle's Presence practice only. I practiced Presence only for a full decade. By then I was well into phase 4 Matured Abidance before I re-opened to teaching spiritual topics like Reiki and running classes in 2013.

I know what it's like to be a pioneer in a new field and to be constantly cut down. In 1989 I was a pioneer in cutting-edge study skills at my university. I was ridiculed in front of hundreds of students in lectures as I was the first person ever to use mind maps at my university. Ironically these study skills led to my real Awakening and understanding of human neurology, psychology and the links to true Abiding Awakening. Unfortunately, this sort of tall poppy knocking has been very regular for me as I push the envelope of potential. Having support from others of like mind and aptitude helps a person blossom. This group is for the earnest spiritual aspirant that wants more.

Doing something new and different is always a challenge and a learning curve. There will always be nay-sayers who question and insult. All the great geniuses faced this resistance. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Law of Success 3 is Ignore the Nay-sayers. He has made that a specific law for good reason. Here is the antidote, a community club of Yay-Sayers, my Law of Success 7.

My greatest wish is this Mastery Club offers a place where people can learn and grow. Providing a supportive culture to swiftly embed new habits of being Present so Awakening is evidenced in real terms.

This Mastery Club will have input from everyone and we can try different things to see what suits the members.

Mastery Club enrolment info

To enrol into the private Mastery Club hit the link below to read the enrolment page and send me some information. Then we can chat it over and see if it is for you. This group isn't your typical Facebook group, this is a caring positively focused community where we nurture our consciousness.

Enrolment info: tap here