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#1 What do you Want? Here is the best way to get it

What were your answers to ingredient #1 What do you want and What are doing about it from the key 4 ingredient summary on the front page? If those 5 videos made sense I'd like to know your answers to those questions. Either way, if you want some of the most exact and detailed assistance on moving through the Awakening journey here is your chance. In regards to pricing it is extremely low and an opportunity worth testing. Yes, please test me. That's why ingredient #3 Evidence applies to this service and every life endeavour. Your understanding of your current practice, blind spots and complex issues you will face will be assisted with coaching.

Ingredient #1 What do you want is a serious question. It is extremely important you understand so you can be informed as to your following actions and boundaries. Those over keen and blindly motivated do end up in cults and brainwashing organisations. I can testify to that as I fell for it myself. If you want more clarity two options are presented here.
1. The Laws of Grace course. This fifty plus hour course has its entire 2nd section dedicated to working out your Awakening multiplier so you get a time frame that reflects your practice input. It clarifies the myths and unseen challenging potholes you will face.
2. Book a single coaching session, and you'll be assisted to really define it.

Nothing beats feedback from someone who lives the Awakened life. In life with concrete evidence. Especially when they can Transpersonally tune into you and feel your individualised UNIQUE strengths and weaknesses. Can you have personal sessions with Eckhart Tolle? No. Adyashanti? No. Sadhguru? No.

This sort of personal one on one interaction is rare. I feel very fortunate to have met (at a physical level of 1meter or less) and talked to some of the greatest teachers on this planet. To have had personal feedback and mentoring would have been worth pink diamonds to me. This old video (2019), before I recorded the Laws of Grace, and the 9 pillar Framework is GOLD, makes it obvious what opportunity you currently have with personal coaching or being a member in the Mastery Club.

Personal one-on-one interaction with someone who lives in phase 4 Matured Abiding Awakening (or deeper) is a real moment to use to its maximum to help you. Make it about you and what the Bleep is stopping you (probably those Bleeping Blind Spots, poor Presence practice and laziness) from being Presence in life?

Seriously, what else matters? Unless you are a parent, nothing else does matter, but the more Awake you are the better your child will be as they emulate you as their key role model. Hence I teach this same structures of consciousness to teenagers at without the spiritual language so they have the best shot at life. For a student, the key is the Learning State, which is neurologically the same as Presence (the Alpha brainwave state). My 9 pillar framework applies to all life. There is no exclusion where manipulation and control can diminish you. Pillar No4 Law Zero helps keep boundaries and safety if used. It applies to everything, as Presence is Everything.

It even applies to relating to nature and that's why this teaching is the basis of the Whispering 101 at A twenty+ hour course that teaches using the Whispering State so you can relate to nature and its amazing creatures. Yep, the Whispering State is Presence and it's the basis of relating with all life so they don't bite you. Plain language is used as this teaching is pillar No9 of common sense, it applies to all life. That's the integrated and practical knowledge I bring to coaching.

Benefits of personal feedback

Coaching is all about you, its REAL & applicable so you benefit

Watch the below video, tap the picture and take it personally. This really matters if you are serious. Ernest was Nisargadatta Maharaj's word for serious and it was his one word for what it takes to become Enlightened. Adyashanti was serious, especially in his biking days. That's why he applied himself to his spiritual practice and became one of the best teachers in the world today. I'll never forget a comment of his on an old MP3 "I'd have run over your grandmother if it meant winning the race". This seems quite opposite to his peaceful teaching presentation.
What do you want, what are you doing to do about it? This is a very important consideration so you can be real (Law Zero) with yourself. Aim accordingly.... It's now mathematical as the clarity is here (or please show me how it's wrong with pillar No3 evidence).

It is 100% about you. Your ingredient #3 Evidence (and pillar No3) of your life so it maximises your progress with clarity and safety. It is for you to test and we use our time for personal feedback so we can help you find the core of your Presence. In coaching we monitor the evidence of your Presence practice in life, the job, family, hobbies, distraction time, relationships and your alone time. All of these situations indicate what is real and how you are Present in life.

It is evidence based, with no ideas, vague plausible theory or spiritual concepts. Your Presence can be a visceral bodily experience even when your boss is bullying you. You are a human and that job means paying rent and buying food. Presence can be there as you go through your human issues. Correct Presence is a skill you master and it's no different from tennis or playing with wild animals.

Hopefully when you invest your money into something it pays dividends. Coaching is no different. I personally make the most of my Mentor / Supervisor and I dig deep into everything we discuss. I always take it layers deeper. And this is the skill you can learn. You learn to accelerate your depth and ability to process your non-Presence blocks. The above video explains the many layers and impacts of the Awakening process that you will go through.

It is such a huge benefit to know you have a stable person who has lived this to offer you advice to test with these Laws of Grace and 9 pillar framework for yourself. The above video was also made in 2019 before the Laws of Grace course and 9 pillar framework was created. The 9 pillars are spoken of but not identified. Can hear how this structure was how I operated? This is testimony to the solid base these core aspects are laid upon. Much is discussed in this video, and revisiting it will help you understand the depths and layering that real Awakening brings.

Coaching that's relevant to you

A rare change for real Enlightenment coaching

Yup! When you know what is required, and what stops it you can chart how quickly you can Awaken. The Laws of Grace underpin that this is actually a fact. Few spiritual teachers will say this as they will have to back it up. But listen closely even when they say it isn't ask them how they Awoke! Bet they didn't do it by reading Facebook and drinking beer while watching TV.

Each factor that makes this mathematical equation will either make the journey longer (than this lifetime) or shorter so it happens in a few short years. The maths of it is quite an eye-opener and helps you see what is required. But that "doing" is what you will be doing even after you Awaken, just then it will be much easier and pleasant.

Save the Planet: Be selfish

This planet needs you in phase 3 Abiding Presence. An Abiding Awakened collective would be the new humanity as those who Abide will impact that collective on a massive scale. But it needs to be 100% pillar No3 evidence-based where the talk is walked in society. Again Carl Jung has it right, the Individuated are the leaders of tomorrow's collective consciousness. Individuation is a real process, and is part of becoming phase 3 Abiding. Spiritual thinking has minimal impact on the collective. The bandwidth of an Abiding Collective would help assure your children, grandchildren and our incredible flora and fauna are here in 500 years..........

Be 100% selfish to save the planet and Awaken. Coaching is the best support you can get to do this.
The below video is an example of how amazing our wild friends are and how they trust Presence. How they will follow my English commands and be OK with me 100% violating their fight-flight as I hold them. A remarkable chunk of evidence of Presence over fear in 100% wild parrots that I love. Be selfish please and Awaken!!!!!!
Herein ends this environmental planet saving message.

One-on-One Sessions: Personal Feedback is best

Personal Sessions offer the greatest level of insight and change. It simply cannot be beaten. Any topic and any service offered in this website be that Awakening coaching or healing services. Smash your Blind Spots and bad habits that keep you stuck. This makes it real and specific to you.
Book a free 25 min phone chat when you send a booking email with the required information. Alternatively your initial 50 minute* Skype/phone call will be extended to 90 minutes.
The 3 and 8 session coaching programs come with the video course. This teaches you in a practical, zero spiritual jargon way how to apply the #4 key ingredients and the 9 pillar framework. A worthy investment for the precision clarity and practical benefit. The video course lays out the coaching process to maximise your progress.

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