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This is a video based website, practice your Presence as I prompt. That is the evidence that you are "Here". Mastering this skill is what creates a solid evidence based Awakening in your life.

The Laws of Grace is literally the science behind Presence and Enlightenment. Understand these Laws of Grace and life is magical, just like the above video with 100% wild animals. This video is evidence of Presence, my message repeats as I couldn't edit any of this magic out! It unbelievable to see wild King Parrots behaving like trained pets as they follow my verbal commands and I hold them! Divine!!!!

********** please note  as of April 2021**************

New revamped website is arriving here soon. This will include over 25 new videos and a free in website course on the Bulletproof Laws of Grace Enlightenment Framework.
This free series of videos will help you discern your own spiritual practice for its effectiveness, and this framework will help you enhance it! The 9 Pillars of the framework are so bulletproof it applies to studying at school, and tennis. So watch this space, or better still subscribe to the YouTube Channel notifications set to ALL.

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Laws of Grace Online Course

Here is what's required: define, action & gather proof

This epic video course has 43 (yes, forty-three) hours of exclusive content to help you transform and deal with life and its 2021 challenges with your evidence based Presence! By my prompting and the vibration captured in the 2020/2021 videos you'll be immersed in, and be consciously taught to be in the Awakened State of Presence. With over 90 exclusive videos all the angles are covered to assist you in exact habit forming precision. The main goal for the Laws of Grace is to help you not just have clarity but to install the habit of Correct Presence Practice. Then beyond the framework of Presence practice and evidencing it as real there all those issues that crop up on this Awakening journey. These videos you will start to install the habit of correct Presence practice. You'll be given the tools to rate your own main contributing sub-laws (the math) that will tell you approx how long it will take for you to Awaken to the non Abiding and Abiding phases.

This is the actual first Introductory video in the Laws of Grace course, check it out!

We will have a personal one-one-one coaching session when you complete the mathmatics, so we can clarify what that means for you.

The Laws of Grace literally make your Awakening mathematical. The course encompasses the natural function of the mind, ego, psychology, painbody (an Eckhart Tolle Power of Now term), your body functions and neurology. It is the complete package of the laws of Spirit, psychology and neuroscience. You will be taught through the videos how to develop correct Presence just by watching them if you follow the prompts. Yes, we practice as you learn the process of living as an Awakened person in all your daily activities. These videos then give you embodies evidence! 100% evidence via your grounded experience.

You will be shown how to live war-free from your ego, mind, painbody, pain and life-hell things like COVID-19 and its society and life changing consequences.

The shorter Correct Presence Practice only course is great value as it gives exact clarity on Presence practice, which is why 97% of spiritual seekers never Awaken to Abidance in Presence. That is 14 hours of exclusive content, most of which is in the first section of the Laws of Grace.

100% Definable Awakening

Presence & Enlightenment can be defined and experienced very precisely. Eckhart Tolle explains it well yet people fuzz & confuse it. Let’s be clear so you Awaken smoothly and fast. Awakening is measurable so you can see your progress to real ongoing peace, joy, bliss in all circumstances of your life. This video explains how.

If you use these definitions, not one's that are vague, you can then truly Awaken! Get get specific and reap the benefits of being properly Awakened. An expert is defined and specific in their field of expertise, they can explain it clearly. To illustrate Albert Einstein said "If you cannot explain something clearly you simply don't know your matter subject well enough". The content in this site gives specific and measurable outcomes. If you are willing to be self-honest, not get lost in spiritual myths and apply correct grounded practice you can easily awaken in a short period of time.

Get out your ruler, and we shall gather the concrete visceral evidence of being conscious and the differing degrees of Enlightenment.

The alternative is to stay lost, even though it may seem real and stay unconscious. Tough things in life tell you clearly. The COVID-19 situation is giving us all clear evidence, have you remained fully Present and in that place of peace and Unity?

If you choose to use vague concepts you cannot measure how can your consistency of being in the Awakened state? Only you miss out, but the majority like the easy path. The draw back of the easy and lazy path of assuming and thinking I am Present is the suffering continues. Only you miss out. Pick a clear measurable definition so you are 100% clear on what is required so you know it is 100% real. Then you have measurable evidence, precision where most say you cannot be exact - well, I'll show you how in the Laws of Grace online course!

Laws of Grace course options

Correct Presence Practice video course: $350 Learn correct Presence practice with precision! This shorter budget course will resolve any confusion about your Presence practice. Includes One personal coaching session.
Laws of Grace course + 2 coaching sessions $775 Laws of Grace video course including two personal coaching sessions.

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Get clear on these 2 Awaken

This video explores a few critical factors that will measurably determine if you are Awake, and how fast you will awaken. This video summarises some of these as an overview. Below these are expanded upon in the other videos for you get a better understanding of them.
If you miss one factor then your true Enlightenment can be delayed for decades or more, its just that critical (and measurable). It's good to know what contributes and what detracts from living in Presence. Then you can do something about it.

Preparing for Enlightenment

In this video I explain why the journey to Awakening is a conscious journey. You prepare yourself as a person to be a no-body. Your personality, ego, psychology and neurology (body) learns to co-exist with Presence, God, the no-person and Nothingness.

This preparation to be comfortable with the infinity of spirit, Nothingness of pure creation is a conscious re-alignment of your human systems.
As you undo the bad habits of not being Present, and be conscious you can hold Presence more and more. It's is a habit. This then impacts your unconscious mind and allows it to return to the state of a new born baby where it was connected to everything, where there was no ego or personality.
However the you still remain as a person, a chooser. The ego remains, just its is more OK with infinity of consciousness. This is a process. The Laws of Grace help determine how long or smooth this journey will be. The Laws of Grace online course, Mastery Club and coaching are here to assist.

Motivation & Enlightenment: What's the evidence?

Motivation and Enlightenment are very linked. - what the link, what's the evidence? In his famous book I AM THAT Nissagadatta Maharaj said "You need both clarity and earnestness for self-knowledge. You need maturity of heart and mind, which comes through earnest application in daily life of whatever little you have understood"(p 124).

It took him three years to enter Enlightenment. I term that as the Abidance phase of Awakening in this website. Why? He explains where he says "I practiced every spare moment of my waking day". Wanting to Awaken is not the same as motivation. Motivation is application. In this video I ask you some serious questions. Where do you place the only two things you have control over 1. your time and 2. your attention? This video is a stark check to see what your really deem important. We do what is important, that is what we action, be that through attention placement, or laziness. These 2 factors, time and attention lead to factor three where do you spend your outcomes of factor 1 and 2, your money and spare time?

Coaching: Definable fast progress to Awakening

Coaching gives real defined evidence and clears out the blocks to proper Awakening. Your progress into peace, joy and clarity is swift as you have clear guidance. Life crap is navigated with greater ease and faster healing.

Feedback and guidance on correct Presence Practice.
Insights into what’s blocking you.
Assistance with the tough stuff in life, so you don’t get stuck in a rut.
What are the steps needed for you to deepen fast and smoothly.
In coaching you will be given tangible visceral experiences of clarity and Presence.
You will develop and attune your self-honesty so your progress into awakening is accelerated.
Your motivation will be enhanced, and your “awakening weaknesses” will be seen and assistance given.

The coaching prices are extremely cheap for this depth of clarity. You will feel the realness of presence in a session. See the prices at the bottom of the page. You have a choice of a 25min free phone chat or the first phone/Skype session being extended to 90 min from standard 50mins. You will be given clarity and a "Presence" boost that you will notice (unless you are seriously dissociated and in your mind).

Defining Nothingness, I AM, Void: The no-Doer

This video is fantastic. I will define that which is beyond definition. Who You Are, the I AM, changes and deepens as you grow as That. As you hold your attention as That it becomes familiar and solid as your true identity. Yes, your personality and psychology still exist, and they work in symbiosis with your Presence (the no-person-ness).

In the early stages of the Awakening process Presence is fleeting. Then Boom an Awakening occurs, and is then lost. As the person you want that experience again, as you feel the pain of being lost and disconnected. The Laws of Grace lay out why this process takes time and how correct Presence application speeds up this journey to deeper levels of Awakening.
Eventually the Joy, Love and Happiness of real permanent Awakening along with the Nothingness is felt non-stop.
In this video I explain this process and how your psychology, ego and habits play into this journey.

As always the depth of the Nothingness can be measured by how you have this viscerally in all life events. The immeasurable can be measured (if self-honest) in the only way that counts; is this genuinely real for you because it is felt viscerally in your body.

Enlightenment is a doing

Enlightenment is being consciously Present NOW via your body. This requires attention to be placed in the body and “Every-thingness” concurrently. This can only be done by conscious choice or you will not notice or experience it. If not this becomes a past memory and that is not being Awakened now in this moment.

By definition it is a choosing, a doing as it is you own attention that is being placed with volition. It is a practice to enter this moment so it forms an ongoing habit. This habit gets easier and easier, and eventually becomes your normal way of living. The unconscious mind forms the habit so Presence becomes default.

This is true Abiding Enlightenment as you live in this place throughout your day. This deep unconscious habit of being Present means you remember and action the volitional placement (the doing) of your attention.

Attention is then instantly placed in the body. Presence, space, beingness, Divinity, and Nothingness that is the real you is instantly there a priori, the attention placement then makes this viscerally felt and experienced.

To think space or use nondual advaita concepts and not anchor Presence in your body is your ego brainwashing you into the mind. While these words are true, it is only so if your attention is actively experiencing this via your body so it is grounded. This has measurable outcomes where you hold experience of the Infinite (God) and be aware of your body while you interact and do things in life like your job, conversations, driving (etc). Evidence does not lie, only the ego does.

Levels of Awakening to Enlightenment and beyond

Awakening and then Enlightenment happens in stages. Each level typically has clear indicators, measurable evidence for the individual to use as feedback as to how well their consciousness is activated as Presence.

This 60 minute video defines the phases of Awakening. Listen and practice, use it while you walk or are in transport. Drum in the habit, then it becomes easy and truly natural with no effort.
I use the same framework the Adyashanti uses in his book End of Your World. The measurement ruler is related to the consistency and ease of Presence in life. As with most of my videos it prompts you to enter and monitor your state of consciousness. This will give you clear measurable evidence for yourself as to how your Presence practice is.

Self honesty is the grand key of course, if you choose to deny anything said in this video (or any of my videos) then there is some evidence that the core pre-requisite for Awakening is missing.

Experience gives defined clarity, in the same way Roger Federer can be clear about tennis. Enlightenment is no different. To be specific or vague is a choice. Vagueness gives slop and excuses for unconsciousness. The game of the ego is to keep you lost, so being vague serves the ego.

This video contains the exact indicators, and how to monitor them. For more reading go to the Awakening defined page. Once you understand this framework then the the Advanced Awakening page can be read (it will be confusing otherwise). If you consider this framework to be flawed, then please inform me as to how. The evidence stacks up, just like Roger Federer's Grand Slam cups have piled up. Evidence is real, concepts cannot be substantiated. This is a profound leap to having real Awakening. Apply these Laws of Grace and Laws of being Human, and it is yours with evidence.

Phoenix Healing: Beyond Presence

Phoenix healing: One of the most powerful healing techniques on this planet. It is Grace based healing. It happens at the Transpersonal Level of Awakening, as defined in the Advanced Awakening page. Personal agenda cannot interfere with what is given.

The structures of your soul’s vehicle to your cells and DNA is offered healing, empowerment and correct alignment. Healing is then felt in your body and personality as it flows through from your soul. Your soul's wisdom lets the shifts happen. What is best for you can be brought through with unwanted hindrances and past damage being removed or significantly altered.

Phoenix healing is perfect for:
# Major life issues that seem stuck and won't change.
# Life transitions that are not happening smoothly.
# Correcting energetic structures that hinder health issues healing and to stop them repeating.
# Removing blocks to your true life path.
# Karmic assistance, relationship issues and ending soul contracts.
# Removal of energetic attachments and entities.
# Speeding up your connection to your Soul so you can Awaken faster!

This is where spiritual and esoteric aspects intersect with the pure Janana, or wisdom path. Being Present by itself will not resolve many of the issues listed above. It does require direct intervention. To use metaphor, you cannot heal a blown electrical oven fuse by meditating, it needs physically changing.

Phoenix healing is performed remotely when I am tuned into the transpersonal levels of Awakening. Feedback and follow up is a requirement of this process, as it is very life changing. This is explained in the video. Tap to read and see more videos.

About Jason

This is why I cover both Awakening and the 'Spiritual' topics .

Hi, I'm Jason. This website and these services are here to Awaken you Fast, to joy, happiness, Stillness, Presence, Awakening, Enlightenment, or call it what you like.
That is living from that place “in the moment” where you have joy and happiness as your base of feeling, so its normal. This website gives you the skill sets and the abilities to enter Stillness and Presence when life is CRAP. When you're having relationship issues, job issues, physical body issues like pain and all those things that life throws at you.

These techniques are applicable, measurable, definable, and doable. This website will teach you how. The videos teach you, as I will prompt you to practice as I talk. The journey home can be FAST, if you take the direct path (No rubbish, no distractions - Direct). This website is based on that. It will have all the other spiritual stuff. It will have the energy healing, essences (AwakenedEssences), meditation and Inquiry. It will have how to apply this in the workplace. To use your job as you place of practice means you get to Awaken while you get paid for it!

Most of all it has the access to me, with mentoring if you're really serious about coming Home (yes - Awakening properly) to a fairly advanced degree in two to four years.

So enjoy the videos check them out. Do what they say. Test it. It’s your wisdom you're going to earn here! Listen to what I say try it out. Then you will know and you will learn for yourself what works and what doesn't. So Enjoy.

One-on-One Affordable Pricing

Personal Coaching can cover what ever topics you like that are contained in this website. One-on-One coaching will help you experience what I discuss in the videos. This makes it real and specific to you. Remove blocks and guess work. Book a free 25 min phone chat when you send a booking email with the required information. Alternatively your initial 50 minute* Skype/phone call will be extended to 90 minutes.

Casual session rate rate: $150* per standard 50 minute Skype or phone session.
8 weekly sessions:
One upfront payment of $960*. That's $120 per session, saving $30 per session or $240.
Mastery Club Members:
Discounted pricing of $100 per session with booking priority.
* = per payment TnCs and service agreement.

Payment Page tap here

Spiritual Services

Advanced spiritual healing practices and tools are available in this website. The Spiritual Path and its role in Awakening is discussed in the 3 paths page. Presence practice is the fastest way to Awaken. Spiritual activities take time and are much slower, unless you are Present first. The problem with most spiritual practices is they are not focused in Presence. Lip service is often given to Presence, but there is no application.
If you apply what is in this website to your spiritual activities it will make a huge difference very fast.

I state this throughout this website, so listen to what I say and decide for yourself. Well, if you have been on the spiritual path more than 5 years-are you abiding as Enlightened yet? There is your answer. The Laws of Grace are immutable mathematical principles. Hence, some viewers may discern a bit of sarcasm at times regarding spiritual activities - yet I offer extremely potent services based in spiritual practices. I spent an intensive 15 years doing intensive spiritual practices, it didn't Awaken me, it certainly extended my suffering. The 'distraction', myths and wrong focus in the spiritual path is removed in this website. Use your strengths, apply correct focus on what works. It will make your spiritual practices an addition to your Presence practice.

Learn and use Awakened Lineage Reiki and Golden Ray Healer as another way to deepen your Awakening. Energy healing can be used as another 'portal' to quote Eckhart Tolle's term to enter Presence. My affordable online courses are great for spiritual seekers to access healing energy. I teach these on the basis that Presence is first, as that makes Golden Ray or Reiki so much more powerful.

If you are after personal one-on-one healing then I offer many modalities. All healing services are Grace based healing and are described on the healing page. The most potent being Phoenix Healing which is suited to major life changes or move something that is very stuck, that is only given after a thorough assessment and commitment is given as follow up is required.
All Golden Ray and Awakened Lineage Reiki attunements are given via Phoenix Healing.