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Using this website's Framework to Prove its real!

Enlightenment can be clearly evidenced by the consistency of Presence awareness. This introduction is how to Awaken smoothly and definably fast with measurable steps. This below video is a demonstration amongst mayhem with big 100% wild parrots. Monitor you attention, distraction factor and start gathering the real evidence as to your Awakening.

The Aim: Proper Enlightenment for ALL

Abiding Awakening Defined: Do you want this?

Let's be exact and precise what real Enlightenment is. Anybody who is keen and applies this Enlightenment framework and the Laws of Grace can meet this defined place of Enlightenment. It is clearly evidenced by the consistency of Presence awareness. When Presence becomes the default unconsciously and also consciously then one truly lives in the state of Enlightenment. The below video is a clear definition of the aim with the Laws of Grace course, coaching and Mastery Club.

Feeling triggered?

Holding Presence when you feel like crap! The Evidence

Stable permanent Awakening in Presence is possible when life crap happens. This video explains this evidence based process. There is no room for vagueness, mental concepts and quoting spiritual teachers. Real Enlightenment is all action based with your volitional attention. This leaves clear evidence for you to feel and be conscious of.

Presence and Painful situations

Presence impacts how you feel, behave and respond when bad things happen

This video explores how to deal with bad news, unwanted events and painful events. How does Presence help in 'bad' situations. While I am discussing how I was responding to some bad news from a friend another physically painful event occurs. As this is caught on video you can see how Presence is lived in pain. Unfortunately the cockatoos do a great job of acting out bad things when I need to discuss difficult topics. Presence has very real outcomes and can be evidenced by your depth of Presence when a challenge is presented. This video is pillar No 5 Rules of Evidence caught on video of Presence in action. The original video is 30 minutes long and is part of the Laws of Grace video course. This gives you a sample of the amazing material it contains.

Enlightenment is a Doing

Its all about your habitual attention placement

Real Enlightenment is a Doing, and I'll explain why in this 2018 Christmas day classic video. Attention placement until it is your default habit is explained in another way. Follow the prompts to evidence your own abilities and depth of Awakening. This video can be listened to daily for weeks and you will still keep learning more. Excuse the wind, the mic was broken due to it being bitten by a parrot. If you disagree with what I say in here please email me as to how (with evidence Pillar No3) as I really want this framework busting. I do ask a few questions that the non-Dual people simply cannot answer without using unprovable concepts.
This website is for those that will achieve real Enlightenment. Clear precise steps are now available, and Awakening is mathematical because it is merely a habit of attention placement.

Attention Span Importance

If you can't be attentive, you are not Awake here is why

To live and enjoy the yummy-ness and bliss of the Awakened State one needs to consciously choose to be aware as 'That'. This means one is attentive. Thus your attention span develops and grows as you learn to hang out with your whole Being. You cannot enjoy your Soul's or God's love is you are not attentive of IT. Yes, it is always here, so is you attention aware of it? Simple huh? Its not a belief, its not a non-Doing. Be honest (Law Zero) and evidence the truth of this in your life. Your attention span will grow as your Correct Presence Practice develops. Many say my videos are too long, that is evidence they cannot hold their attention. It shows they are not serious about Awakening. What do you really want?

Laws of Grace Online Course

Here is what's required: define, action & gather proof

This epic video course has 43 (yes, forty-three) hours of exclusive content to help you transform and deal with life and its 2021 challenges with your evidence based Presence! By my prompting and the vibration captured in the 2020/2021 videos you'll be immersed in, and be consciously taught to be in the Awakened State of Presence. With over 90 exclusive videos all the angles are covered to assist you in exact habit forming precision. The main goal for the Laws of Grace is to help you not just have clarity but to install the habit of Correct Presence Practice. Then beyond the framework of Presence practice and evidencing it as real there all those issues that crop up on this Awakening journey. These videos you will start to install the habit of correct Presence practice. You'll be given the tools to rate your own main contributing sub-laws (the math) that will tell you approx how long it will take for you to Awaken to the non Abiding and Abiding phases.

One-on-One Sessions: Personal Feedback is best

Personal Sessions offer the greatest level of insight and change. It simply cannot be beaten. Any topic and any service offered in this website be that Awakening coaching or healing services. Smash your Blind-Spots and tendancies that keep you stuck. This makes it real and specific to you.
Book a free 25 min phone chat when you send a booking email with the required information. Alternatively your initial 50 minute* Skype/phone call will be extended to 90 minutes.

Casual session rate rate: $150* per standard 50 minute Skype or phone session.
8 weekly sessions: One upfront payment of $960*. That's $120 per session, saving $30 per session or $240.
Mastery Club Members: Discounted pricing of $100 per session with booking priority.
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