Awaken Fast & Safely

A precise Framework proving it's real for you!

Presence, Awakening and Enlightenment is a simple and exact measurable process. 'What?' you ask. Yes, this is real. You can test it easily by examining the free 9 pillar framework that is given in this website. You are shown how to evaluate your Presence levels by the clear evidence that is based in your life, now, today. The result is zero confusion and 100% certainty that real Awakening can be yours. The content on this website is bulletproof and undeniable.

The Laws of Grace framework is so bulletproof it applies to teenagers doing better at school, to high performance activities as well as relating to nature and animal whispering. Precise Enlightenment is possible for you within a time frame that suits your motivation.

Enlightenment is a Habit

Correct Habit = Fast & Measurable

Enlightenment here is defined as phase 3 Abiding Presence in the Awakening journey. Presence being the default conscious and unconscious habit. It can be fast if followed with correct application. I did it in five years. It’s possible to do it much faster with the clarity and support given here.

This Laws of Grace framework removes the myths, incorrect spiritual teachings and vague plausible mind based ideas (ie: brainwashing). Precision makes the wonderment of inner peace, Presence and the Divine easily accessible. When you drop crap that does not work, the journey is fast and mathematical. It's clear for you what is required to have real unbreakable happiness and peace in your life. It's all about developing the correct habit, which is why this framework and the Laws of Grace is clear and effective.

Your Unconscious Mind thus ego

Its role in smooth safe & fast Enlightenment

Your unconscious mind is like a five year old child. It loves you so much it will do anything for you. This is the place where most of our consciousness is held. It's usually below your conscious awareness. The role of the unconscious mind can be harnessed to help you live a fully aligned life of Awakening in all areas of home, relationships, work and wider society. This is why the unconscious mind is a cornerstone aspect in the 9 pillar framework. Your unconscious is the domain of your default habits. When you change your default habit to that of Correct Presence Practice then evidence based Enlightenment with its durability and deepening is assured.

It's your choice: Correct Presence, incorrect Presence or just being lost to ego, mind and drama is merely a matter of what habit are you running. Habits are the domain of the unconscious. It is a choice to let the bad habit run or choose a better Awakened option. Thus to train the right habit, for any endeavour, is the fastest and most secure way to go. Hence Enlightenment is merely learning the right habit of Correct Presence Practice. This approach cuts out so much suffering and time wasting as it's effective. Thus it is also safer as you don't give your inner authority to others who know how to manipulate. This approach gives you a moment to moment evidential feedback.

All DNA based lifeforms are habit machines. The below video demonstrates how some parrots learn faster than others. This video shows a whispering milestone of Little Corellas landing on my hand. It took sixteen months of trust building and habit growth for both the wild birds and myself to capture this video. The wild Cockatoos jumped on me within two weeks and the Long Billed Corellas took four weeks to whisper onto my hand. How fast do you want to learn the correct habit of being Enlightened is your first question. The second is what will you do about it?

Remove the shackles that keep you in the suffering habit. Choose to try what can be precisely actioned and measured. Then you'll know from personal evidence what works. The old path of slow and stuck Awakening with all that drama and mind poison will always welcome you back. It's your choice (Law Zero). Your choice is demonstrated by how you apply your conscious volitional attention.

With clarity and measure-ability it is 100% possible for you to become Enlightened within five years. Enlightenment is defined here as phase 3 Abiding Presence. Only a tiny percentage of seekers live in evidence based Enlightenment, but this can now change fast. It’s easily possible unless you have a major blind spot, deep psychological issue or significant neurological damage. Best of all you don't even need to use any spiritual words or concepts so you fit right in with society and those you love.

Everything we do is a habit. Please check, is it? Tying a shoelace, driving the car and looking at social media are all habits. The right habit to be Enlightened is Correct Presence Practice. This is the simplicity of effective progress to Enlightenment. To form a good habit like being correctly Present takes practice. To stay asleep and be stuck in suffering is the default human habit. Lack of correct Presence ensures being stuck in the mind with its erroneous beliefs, emotions and drama.

The word correct is italicised in the above paragraph to indicate validation. Hence the 4 steps to Presence, if done, do ensure it is real. Volitional attention is the cornerstone function that's required to undertake these basic awareness functions. This is the structure of consciousness that cannot be dismissed. Vague spiritual theory sounds nice, but is volition used? You now have a choice. Free will is volitional attention, your choice. So what are you doing with it?

Incorrect Presence practice will ensure you stay unawake. My observation over the last two decades is most seekers just think it or imagine it. Presence is more than a thought. Hence I use the three words Correct Presence Practice so what is in this website is not confused with the incorrect methods people use. It's that simple. The Correct Presence Course defines it exactly so you can then grow your Presence to become your default unconscious and conscious habit. Then it becomes dead easy, not the grind it is before Enlightenment.

Good habit or bad habit? Only one thing is certain, you'll act out one or the other. Hence volitional attention is your key to building the right habit. Too simple. This website, courses and services help you build the right habit. Examine the videos and test it. How well you stay attentive and enter juicy Presence is your evidence, plain and simple.

Blatant evidence & self honesty

Making it concrete and real for you

The proof of this Laws of Grace framework is it applies to all of life, which is pillar No9 of common sense. This teaching and its 9 pillar framework are unusual in their clarity. Everyone is invited to test and break this framework as we need a clear and fast system to help humanity evolve. Humanity urgently needs to grow up so we can as a species move to a place of planetary sustainability, community and peace.

This outcome is only possible if we as individuals grow to a place of spiritual and psychological maturity. Carl Jung calls this Individuation. This will help the collective shift so we move from the old selfish and conflict based consciousness that is killing our planet. Time is running out.

Warning: The 9 pillar framework will push your buttons. Self honesty and self responsibility are required. I join these two critically important human traits together and call it Law Zero. It is the 4th pillar in the framework. After 30 years of observation this is the tough one most are unwilling to face.

The observable evidence, which is pillar No3, by a person's conduct and attention placement clearly shows if they are self honest and responsible. Don't worry your ability to be self honest and self responsible grows as you learn and habituate the Laws of Grace framework. Self honesty is a function of your inner acuity and your ability to measure your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions.

Are you willing to follow the simple steps and evidence what is actual for you? If so this website, courses, coaching and Mastery Club will accelerate your life into juicy Presence and evidence based Awakening.

Conscious Volitional Attention

Enlightenments Key Driver: what makes us human not an animal

Your attention placement is the simple ingredient that will ensure you reach Enlightenment if that is what you truly desire. It is worth the effort. The three special words, conscious volitional attention are the cornerstone that makes this possible. Your ability to choose where you apply your attention is the foundational aspect that makes you a human being.
The wild animals I whisper in many videos illustrate with evidence how this works. We are habit machines. The difference is an animal has no volitional ability, ie: free will, as to what it thinks or how it behaves. This is the linchpin and makes this framework valid for all humans. You have free will, thus the ability to choose where your attention goes.

The only factor you need now is the motivation to give it a go. Motivation to apply your conscious volitional attention to this framework. You'll change fast and understand yourself much more. Your weaknesses and blockages will become obvious if you apply the framework. Help is available with the courses, coaching and Mastery Club.

Nothing beats personal feedback with coaching as that applies to you 100%. Your thoughts, habits, traumas, blind spots, life story and DNA all impact your individual path. What applies to you is unique, and that makes the shift faster and easier with feedback from someone who lives this and can see what is holding you back.

The courses get into the specifics so you know with precision what to try. Presence practice is explained precisely and it gives extreme clarity. It is the same Presence practice that was made popular by Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now. Here it is explained extremely clearly, as most seekers do it incorrectly. The evidence is then apparent in your actions, feelings and amount of times you enter Presence correctly but evidencing the steps.

Both the Correct Presence Practice and the Laws of Grace courses have at least one personal coaching session included in the price. I've learned over the years that the human mind is fantastic at not following clear instructions. Old unconscious habits and thinking taint the real entry into Presence. I’ve had many students who claim advanced enlightenment break the simplicity of Presence practice. They made Presence an ineffective mind function. This is not evidence based Presence, so feedback is quite critical to iron out any blocks. Too many think they are Awake when they are merely lost in the many traps of the mind and their esoteric spiritual bodies.

The Mastery Club is a closed limited number private group where we learn and research our learning curve. A (pillar No6) tribe or flock where we validate our Awakening process and get clear on the specifics and dynamics involved. This group is at the cutting edge of Awakening science.

The Aim: Proper Enlightenment for ALL

Abiding Awakening Defined: Do you want this?

Let's be precise about what real Enlightenment is. Anybody who is keen and applies this Enlightenment framework and the Laws of Grace can meet this defined place of Enlightenment. It is clearly evidenced by the consistency of Presence awareness. When Presence becomes default unconsciously and also consciously then one truly lives in the state of Enlightenment. Tap this link to watch the video that applies to everything on this website. No waffle, it's exact!

Kill the biggest Myth: Your EGO

Ego & its critical role

The ego is bashed endlessly by teachers and the spiritual community. 'Oh, that's your ego' is the classic spiritual insult in Facebook. Ego is blamed for anything that we perceive is bad or not of our preferred idea. Yes? Perhaps this judgmental view, and the definition of ego is 100% wrong? Yes, the ego does things we all regret. War with ego is endless, understand it and Awaken. Pillar No2 includes all of you for a reason.

Can you give reasons why the ego is good and is needed to function when Enlightened?

However, the ego also does many things to make our life so amazing. If not we would be as simple as the wild birds in these videos. Perhaps it's time to really understand what Ego is and its 100% requirement to hold not just Abiding Awakening but advanced phases 5+ Transpersonal Enlightenment. Stick to facts and clear baseline definitions of what an ego is. Carl Jung the genius forefather of psychology makes all this crystal clear.

If your teacher or favorite spiritual practices say ego is bad, then you are being held back from evidence based reality. The unconscious mind, pillar No5 in the framework, is your bridge from your body, DNA through to your emotions, mind, self, Higher Self and all those esoteric unseen layers to your spirit. An action thought or tendency that is deemed bad is merely a bad habit or an action you did unconsciously with no conscious volition.

I say deemed as no spiritual person ever judges if their opinion is right, eh? Deeming something as bad is judged as egotistical. Deeming something as good is OK and is accepted as spiritual truth. Go look at the spiritual groups on Facebook and see the evidence. Evidence is pillar No3 in this framework so you can test it for yourself. This type of banter is very obvious as to its inconsistency by both teachers and participants. Even Eckhart Tolle whips the ego as a bad thing. This holds his students' in reverse gear by fighting the ego when it's something that you can't kill.

Awakening happens when the ego is retrained to the better default habit of correct Presence. Ego is defined in this framework as Carl Jung's definition; the self with the non-capital 's'. Carl Jung did not trash the ego (self) as bad he merely described it accurately in its function and process (pillar No7 its structure). He explained its importance in the Individuation process and why it remains after merging with "Self". Jung explains that both a weak (dead) ego and an unbalanced strong ego causes problems when one is permanently Awake.

This is why the Laws of Grace course is so useful. All the myths are faced full frontal because few spiritual teachers speak plain language with evidence based facts that you can easily observe for yourself. Observation requires the two key ingredients of volitional attention and pillar No4 Law Zero. Law zero is the combination of self honesty and self responsibility. 

The precision offered here means you can test it for evidence based truth in your life. The 9 pillar framework if used makes all this blatantly clear with defined evidence you experience. The truth you live sets you free, not ideas, theory and nice sounding spiritual memes.

Phases to Enlightenment and beyond

Enlightenment is a journey, the steps are exact

What is Awakening and Enlightenment? Let's define the Awakening path exactly from the start. An initial moment of wonderment, a short-term Awakening that gets lost to permanent unshakable Enlightenment and beyond. The phases are clearly definable so you can measure and improve your progress to more stable phases of Enlightenment in all areas of life.
Each heading is a link to its page and video. Best read and watched in order and reviewed several times, this is complex stuff. A summary:

Phase 1 Got it Lost it. We all start here. Furthermore, after hundreds of potent Awakening experiences, you may still be here! This was 100% true for me as I had so many Awakenings and transcendental God-type experiences. Some of these lasted for months before I crashed into it opposite polarity of typical human suffering. Cycles of life are inevitable and the default unconscious habit is always relatively stable.

Thus how do you deepen and make it more stable in life? Simple; you learn the correct habit and grow it. This is the most difficult phase that most people don't move past. Many claimers think they are awake in this phase, I did that for years until the evidence told me otherwise. Claiming is natural, what's the evidence is the substance and proof.

Phase 2 non-Abiding Awakening. The habit of Correct Presence Practice is growing. Many Awakenings help the consistency of the Presence habit form. Emotional mastery happens mostly in this phase. Carl Jung's Individuation process typically happens here. This phase still requires significant effort to be Present but is easier than the first Got it Lost it. You grow up and become a stable mature person, you are ready for Enlightenment.

Phase 3 Abiding Awakening / Presence. This is basic Enlightenment level 1. Correct Presence Practice becomes the default habit consciously and unconsciously. Finally, the hard grind of Presence practice becomes a priori (already here) and super fast and instant. This is a big event and takes time to settle. New potholes happen, and your Enlightenment can be lost here.

Phase 4 Matured Abiding Awakening. Your Presence and Divine connection becomes very stable in life. Major life events of the horrible kind are imbibed with genuine Presence and your Divine Everything-ness. Yes, life's tough stuff like pandemics and its outcomes, ill health, pain and relationship issues (etc) are all held in your solid Presence and full body neurology. Yes, the yuck is held concurrently with the Divine (or at least solid Presence). Allowing what Is means just that - good and bad are felt and allowed to be as they are. A broken bone still hurts, losing a loved one still hurts.

Phases 5+ Transpersonal Enlightenment: The second cycle of Enlightenment. The advanced phases of Enlightenment are the actual journey back to Unity. As an individual, your relationship with your Divinity is rock solid. Then you start learning to hold the consciousness of others, in a truly merged state. The best Enlightenment teachers demonstrate this ability. Best does not mean popular. The Transpersonal phases of Enlightenment have a set of tough new tests. You'll probably be surprised to know how vital a stable ego is for this to be possible. Madness or becoming a boundary violating cult master is what may happen if one is not ready for this level. Hence the cult page covers some ugly issues to keep you the seeker safe.

The freely available 9 pillar framework here on this website and the extensive Laws of Grace course cover everything so you can be certain. Many videos on the 9 pillar framework are not public on YouTube, they are only watchable here on the website.

Presence and Painful situations

Presence impacts how you feel, behave & respond when crap happens

This video explores how to deal with bad news, unwanted events and painful events. How does Presence help in bad situations? While I am discussing how I was responding to some bad news from a friend another physically painful event occurs. As this is caught on video you can see how Presence is lived while pain is inflicted. Unfortunately, the cockatoos do a great job of acting out bad things when I need to discuss difficult topics. Practice (as always) as you watch and notice the evidence of Presence.

Presence has very real outcomes and can be evidenced by your depth of Presence when a challenge is presented. This video demonstrates pillar No3 Rules of Evidence caught on video with Presence and how it interacts with both physical pain and bad news from a friend. The original video is 30 minutes long and is part of the Laws of Grace video course. This gives you a sample of the amazing material it contains.

Video focused website & courses

Practice to the videos for your Evidence

Enjoy the website, while my words may seem confusing the videos are what will assist the most. If the language seems too strange then the plain language version for spiritual beginners is at and

This clarity is groundbreaking. Popular teachers like Eckhart Tolle don't share this level of precision so people don't enter the science based neurological state of Presence awareness. Most seekers merely imagine or think it. Give it a go, evidence it, and the outcomes will be obvious to you. It is true; you are your own Guru. The free material, courses and services will assist you to master your deepest desires. Your feedback and contact are welcome.

Bust hypnosis, brainwashing & cults

Vague = manipulation it's that simple! Be exact then you can test & evidence

Generalizations are the devil that keeps you lost. Generalizations are the cornerstone of hypnotherapy and brainwashing at every level. Vague spiritual teaching is extremely difficult to embody and live. When you are exact you can measure, test and validate it is real for yourself. This is also the basis of cults yet these same mechanisms are used in social media, spiritual teaching, politics, advertising and often all groups in general. Understanding the 9 pillar framework gives you a practical approach to stay safe and in your own authority.

Keeping yourself safe is a critical part of the spiritual path. Too many are hurt, manipulated and abused as the safety basics are simply not known. This cult and brainwashing page points out how to spot trouble and stay in your personal sovereignty. Add the 9 pillar framework for its rigorous structure and steps to be precise. You'll then be able to navigate those tricky, waffle filled or manipulative teachings and teachers.

Once you know the specifics you can then enjoy these same teachers, groups and theories using these specifics to stop brainwashing and manipulation. Then you will stay safe within your personal boundaries while you evidence your own progress. You are welcome to contact me by email or just call me, my number is at the bottom of the page (leave a clear voicemail message and I'll call back).

One-on-One Sessions: Personal Feedback is best

Personal Sessions offer the greatest level of insight and change. It simply cannot be beaten. Any topic and any service offered in this website be that Awakening coaching or healing services. Smash your Blind-Spots and tendancies that keep you stuck. This makes it real and specific to you.
Book a free 25 min phone chat when you send a booking email with the required information. Alternatively your initial 50 minute* Skype/phone call will be extended to 90 minutes.

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