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Presence, Awakening and Enlightenment is a simple and exact measurable process. This website presents a simple and precise method and framework that's effective. Below are five videos that explain with extreme clarity the necessary aspects so you can live genuine Awakening in your life. Real Enlightenment is presented here precisely so all can achieve this in a time-frame that suits. Learn how to evaluate your Presence levels by the clear evidence that is based on your life today. The result is zero confusion and 100% certainty that real Awakening can be yours.

The below 4-factor summary and the more in-depth 9 pillar framework are so bulletproof it applies to academic success, high-performance activities as well as relating to nature with animal whispering. Precise Enlightenment is possible for you within a time frame that suits your motivation, as explained below.

Simply put:
Enlightenment is merely the habit of attention placement into what works to align you. The evidence of your Presence in life is the proof and feedback.

Watch these videos below. Practice your Presence as you watch. Notice your capacity to be Present. Then re-watch them. These below videos summarise Enlightenment with exact clarity. It may take watching these a few times to fully understand this simple but precise teaching.

News: Adyashanti's Retirement

My Reply to Adya and Chronic Health issues

Adya, to you I thank you. This website and carry the lineage of your teaching as it's a good and safe teaching. This video discusses Chronic Health issues and it is just a confirmation of your retirement talk. In this video, I discuss health issues and their impact on our Awakening. I share that I've now beaten my 2nd major chronic condition: a rotting skull (major sinus rot). For those with major issues all this applies. Be persistent, get help and you can improve.

#Overview: Enlightenment for Everyone

4 necessary ingredients: Use them you'll Awaken

Simple and measurable clarity to Awaken and reach Enlightenment can be summarised into four key ingredients. The first three are stand-alone foundational aspects. The fourth is what binds and makes it a precise feedback process that repeats until you meet your #1 What do you want. These four ingredients are defined structures you can depend on. They are so so primary to consciousness and being human they make a solid foundation to assist you. These are the common sense aspects that are required to improve any aspect of your life including your spiritual journey.
This is the journey of Enlightenment with measurable and structural precision. Vagueness, oversimplification, ideas, theory and truisms hinder. They cause mind dominance, brainwashing and unconscious blind spots where the mind of the person is then incapable of aligning with the #2 Structure that works. This results in little ingredient #3 Evidence of a spiritual practice working in a person's life. These videos simplify the Awakening process to its core. Allow this fresh, clear and simple approach to sink in. Your proof will be gained by testing it in your life and experiencing the results, your #3 Evidence.

#1 What do you Want?

What are you doing about it?

Ingredient #1 is What do you want? Can you define what your life would be like if you reached your desired level of Awakening? Being defined is critical so you know the answer to the second question: What are you doing about it?

Awakening is mathematical as it's a habit of correct repetition and application. The faster you want it, if you are earnest, then greater focus and application will be required. The Laws of Grace course takes you through the mathematics of timeframes to phase 2 non-Abiding Awakening and phase 3 Enlightenment level one.

The methodology given here is extremely efficient as it works with how you operate as a human. All of you is included so you can move swiftly and safely to a deeper phase of Awakening. If you want assistance with defining your spiritual aspirations book a coaching session. This may potentially save you decades of suffering, time, effort and money.

#2 Structure of Consciousness

How to align so you Awaken

Consciousness has a structure. Structure is stable and does not change unless higher laws intervene. When you align with your structures and how they operate you will experience the results. Go against the structure and it is wasted time, effort and resources. In this video, I discuss the main structures so you can align with the Divine.
I also briefly discuss the Awakening phases to Enlightenment and beyond as it's important to understand the journey. This helps you define and aim your ingredient #1 What do you want.

You apply ingredient #1 What you want to the #2 Structure that works. Understand clearly the structures then #3 Evidence is clearly measurable for the feedback process.
Eventually, after consistent experience you'll trust the structure in really horrible life-threatening situations. You'll know from experience that the structures are dependable even if you are terrified, angry, grief-stricken or facing an emergency situation. When you do and you activate your Correct Presence Practice you'll experience your current ability to align.

#3 Enlightenment's Evidence

Evidence in your life is the only truth

The only evidence that counts is the outcomes in your life. Your spiritual practice will provide clear evidence as to your Presence every second of the day. What varies is the depth, duration and frequency in the key #2 structures.

Theory, quoting teachers, constructing experiences in the mind does not give clear life-based evidence. Relying on belief is another big trap, as true belief is more than mental activity. Changing the deepest beliefs involve clearing deep trauma, gut and heart cellular memory and your DNA. These deeper level belief systems are significantly harder to shift. The heart brain and DNA coded beliefs which are typically trauma based are especially difficult.

Laziness at actioning your #1 Want to your #2 Structures will give you evidence of zero or little progress. Knowledge is useless if it is not applied to give evidence. If you are not getting clear evidence of deepening Awakening then you need feedback by someone who lives this with coaching.

The outcomes of your spiritual practice will give evidence. The details and nuances of the evidence within the #2 structure will help you assess and improve your Presence and connection with the Divine. There is no failure if the correct structure is applied while you 'allow everything to be as it is'. The feedback will then help you to build the new correct habits and the evidence will change.

This is where the rubber hits the road. Many seekers claim phase 3 Enlightenment, my reply is "show me the evidence". The phases of Awakening are difficult to talk about. Each subsequent phase of Awakening moves into more undefinable internal experiences and higher dimensions of existence. This lends itself to vague words where plausibility, truisms and theory play a delusional (brainwashing) role. The mind will use reasoning to construct something that fits the student's need to contextualise to understand. Once an understanding is reached seekers will often then say 'yes, I'm Enlightened'. Alternatively, they may use a theory or teacher quote and say Enlightenment is not possible.
However, the evidence at each phase of the Enlightenment journey is totally measurable. It is the evidence of Presence and the Divine experienced in any situation throughout the day with consistency over many months and years that makes the phase a validated fact.

#4 Conscious Volitional Attention

Enlightenment's binding ingredient: What makes us human not animal

The most important ingredient to anything in your human life is the application of your #4 Conscious Volitional Attention. This critical function is the binding ingredient that activates the other three. It is through your ability to be consciously attentive you can discern the outcomes for evidence. This evidence is the basis for feedback, good or bad is irrelevant. Allowing everything to be as it is. It's about correct habit formation. You attempting to improve is all that matters.

Free-will gives us the ability to be conscious with Presence and choose our response. The alternative is to be unconscious where the default habit will run as a reaction.

The below video has me interacting with the feathered Masters of Chaos and I demonstrate how I can maintain Presence while mayhem unfolds. To deliver a complex and clear video in a chaotic situation with no assistance gives evidence of extreme skill. Whispering wild unruly and powerful animals like cockatoos and not bleed is a demonstration. I also sustain a Bull Ant bite, which is painful, yet I continue on with Presence and deep joy.

Using your volitional attention gives you the ability to use and evidence your outcomes of the #2 Structures. You will be able to discern what of the four steps of Correct Presence Practice you hold in any life event. This then gives the #3 Evidence at each moment in your life.

Animals are pretty much unconscious. Yes, we can debate the thinking abilities of certain species like cetaceans, primates and parrots. However, only humans have the ability to be conscious and embody the Divine because we have conscious volition attention. Animals are connected to the Divine unconsciously hence the key skill to animal whisper is Correct Presence Practice. I now have a large number of videos where I literally demonstrate directing 100% wild animals with my thoughts and human words. This is why I make the parrot videos look easy. Apply the correct #2 Structure you will get results as you master the learning curve.

In phase 3 Abiding Awakening (Enlightenment level 1) your unconscious runs the default habit of Presence. It is a priori, which is Latin for pre-existing. Lighting fast as quick as your volition to check it's there. However, to keep deepening you need to keep checking the steps of Correct Presence Practice consciously. It will work deeper into your psychology and embed further as the default habit. By then it's just easy. Not the grind of effort that you went through in phase 1 and phase 2 of the Awakening journey. Your unconscious habits took your entire life from conception onwards to form. It will take Correct Presence Practice well beyond phase 3 Enlightenment to undo all your bad habits.

Animal whispering uses these same structures and skillsets as Awakening does. This is the point and the proof of this #4 Volitional attention summary. This framework gives you the ability for maximum consciousness and performance in all life contexts. Truly brilliant!
This topic is explored more extensively on the volitional attention page. Watch the Grace filled video on that page and monitor your Presence practice.  

#5 Feedback and swift growth

As explained many times in the above videos the four ingredients make a feedback loop that is continuous. Clearer the feedback then the better your ability to grow your step 3 of Correct Presence Practice and step 4 the Divine in your life.

Nothing beats personal feedback with coaching as that applies to you 100%. Your thoughts, habits, traumas, blind spots, life story and DNA all impact your individual path. What applies to you is unique. Shift faster with feedback from someone who lives this and can see what is holding you back.

The courses get into the specifics so you know with precision what to practice and monitor for results. Presence practice is explained precisely and it gives extreme clarity. It is the same Presence practice that was made popular by Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now. Here it is explained extremely clearly, as most seekers do it incorrectly. The evidence is then apparent in your actions, feelings and amount of times you enter Presence correctly but evidencing the steps.

Both the Correct Presence Practice and the Laws of Grace courses have at least one personal coaching session included in the price. I've learned over the years that the human mind is fantastic at not following clear instructions. Old unconscious habits and thinking taint the real entry into Presence. I’ve had many students who claim advanced enlightenment break the simplicity of Presence practice. They made Presence an ineffective mind function. This is not evidence-based Presence. Therefore feedback is quite critical to iron out any blocks. Too many think they are Awake when they are merely lost in the many traps of the mind and their esoteric spiritual bodies.

The Mastery Club is a private limited number group where we learn and research our learning curve. A (pillar No6) tribe or flock where we validate our Awakening process and get clear on the specifics and dynamics involved. This group is at the cutting edge of Awakening science.

One-on-One Sessions: Personal Feedback is best

Personal Sessions offer the greatest level of insight and change. It simply cannot be beaten. Any topic and any service offered in this website be that Awakening coaching or healing services. Smash your Blind Spots and bad habits that keep you stuck. This makes it real and specific to you.
Book a free 25 min phone chat when you send a booking email with the required information. Alternatively your initial 50 minute* Skype/phone call will be extended to 90 minutes.
The 3 and 8 session coaching programs come with the video course. This teaches you in a practical, zero spiritual jargon way how to apply the #4 key ingredients and the 9 pillar framework. A worthy investment for the precision clarity and practical benefit. The video course lays out the coaching process to maximise your progress.

One-on-One payment options page

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Testing practical Enlightenment via EQ

Are you a prisoner of your emotions? Emotional intelligence (EQ) is like IQ but in relation to your emotions rather than your mental intelligence (IQ).  This is one of the most important aspects a human can develop. Emotional intelligence impacts our ability to handle emotions and deal with every life situation, then how well you relate with everybody. It's a core life skill and these skills taught here dramatically improve emotional intelligence if practiced to become a habit. The video below on EQ is for teenagers and students.

This demonstrates the pillar No9 Common Sense that practical Awakening has. Outcomes of Enlightenment are totally measurable. EQ is an easy measure to observe. This based video shows how practical Presence practice is. Correct Presence is the same as the Learning State. Educational institutions do little to nothing to develop EQ that's why my academic life coaching services develop the whole of the student, not just better grades.

Do you apply your Presence practice to emotions? Can you see how this applies to your parents and children? Your Presence abilities are directly related to your Ingredient #1 is What do you want? and What are you doing about it? As you learn and test this framework you'll see that Awakening is 100% measurable and practical in regards to your human nature. Spiritual concepts and vague theory can be made useful and specific with this framework, as discussed in the Enlightenment specifics versus vague page.