Presence Diary / Success Journal

A powerful habit forming, inquiry & evidence tool

Honing your Awakening habit can be greatly assisted with a Presence Journal. A more common hype term is a Success Journal as termed by the mega star motivator Anthony Robins. Below is a heavily cut version from the Correct Presence Practice course. The success journal has been a key aspect in my journey over three decades. Here I discuss why it is important and that it impacts most pillars in this 9 pillar framework. Your journal also has a significant impact on your core multiplier to work out your math of Awakening in the Laws of Grace course. A journal is evidence of motivation, application, reflection and a prompt to your unconscious mind what is really important to you.

Nothing beats unloading into your journal. It gives relief to the unconscious mind to release stress and unwanted beliefs as they then become cognized. It is a valuable part of the learning and Inquiry process. This physical document then becomes a repository of evidence. It becomes a valuable resource in the years to come when needed you to reference and remember important things. Those flashes of inspiration you had years back that you want to check and improve will be there waiting for you.

Taming wild animals with Presence!

The school student no spiritual language version

The below video is on the Success Journal, or Presence Diary as I would say in this website. This video is for my academic life coaching service at I teach students to use the journal to help their motivation and learning. Yes, in the video I say Learning State, that is indeed the same as Presence. Neurologically they are the same only the focus is different. Presence activates the whole brain and neurology.

This video is delightful, it was 100% live and unexpected that a wild bird would finally befriend me and jump on me after 4 weeks of effort.

If you are not fully convinced at the power of this tool, please see the page at as the above video is analysed for all of its benefits in the habit forming and learning process.

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