Presence Diary / Success Journal

The Master Skill of honing your Awakening habit deeply with a Presence Dairy or Success Journal as Anthony Robins likes to call it. Hit the picture to watch

More will be added here please hit the video picture to hear about how to use a diary to excel at entering a life of Presence and joy.

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So simple and this is how you master it

This all takes practice. Guidance and personalised meditations are given in coaching sessions hit the link below to get some one on on mentoring.  The one-on-one sessions will take yourself to the next level.
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Taming wild animals with Presence!

The below video is on the Success Journal, or Presence Diary as I would say in this website. This video is for my Student Success service at, and I teach students to use it to help their motivation and learning. Yes, in the video I say "Learning Sate", that is indeed the same as Presence, as neurologically they are the same - just the focus is different. Presence activates the whole brain, see the meditation pages, and as I say in that page the "focus" meditation is useful for certain tasks like memory and study.
This video is delightful, it was 100% live and unexpected that a wild bird would finally befriend me and jump on me.

Tap/click the picture below to watch the video

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