Golden Ray Healing

Learn Grace based healing with Presence: The original mystery school

More than just an amazing healing system the Golden Ray will assist your Presence practice and help you stabilise your Awakening into Enlightenment. It gives you another skill set to use, that of energy awareness and its use. The Golden Ray is the spiritual / esoteric aspect of the Laws of Grace. It assists with developing your inner acuity (for evidence gathering) and esoteric bodies. It is stand alone but closely linked with the Laws of Grace, hence in the Golden Ray course each video is a Presence practice session.

Presence is the golden key to being good at working with healing energies. Golden Ray goes deeper than most healing systems as it is hard wired into you spiritual make-up and esoteric structures that make life possible. Watch the below video that is filled with Grace by the wild birds and their actions. This is a truly magical video!

Online course and what you get

  • Soul to body and DNA initiation

    Phoenix healing ensures an initiation into this ancient ascension school lineage. Phoenix healing is based in the higher levels of the Golden Ray teaching itself. Thus only Phoenix healer teachers can initiate students into the Golden Ray, in this system that I teach. I do this on behalf of the Ascended Masters and Archangels (etc) whom I refer to as the Golden One's who teach me direct. Technically the initiation starts at the Soul Level and Transpersonal Merkabah. It then goes all the way down your energetic systems to your physical cells, DNA, and DNA Lightfibres. Your system is thoroughly initiated top to bottom.

    Because the Laws of Grace apply some activations maybe time locked until you are ready to move to the next level of vibrational bandwidth and Light. I see this happen frequently, but this ensures a smoother journey. Forcing or having new levels delivered when you are not ready is known as Harsh Grace, that usually means tough lessons that are difficult. Harsh Grace is best avoided!

    Golden Ray attunements or initiations can only be given by living Beings who live in the Transpersonal Levels of Awakening, phases 5+. I had been permanently Abiding in Awakened Awareness for over seven years before I was Transpersonally initiated. I had four such initiations in from April 2015 to April 2017 from two incarnate Avatar grade teachers. I had others direct from the Divine Golden One’s, some which took weeks of constant teaching with daily mini initiations and upgrading.
    In 2015 through 2016 this included over 9 months of being blazed out in the Golden Transpersonal Light in every moment. I was aware of all the different dimensions in my normal human daily life in a city of 5 million people, yet I behaved like a normal person. As discussed in the Advanced Awakening page it is a tough ride to be initiated at this level, and it takes years for it to settle. Learning to function while embodying that level of Light requires a strong and balanced humanness. This is why pillar No2 is it includes all of you and the unconscious mind which is pillar No5 in the 9 pillar framework.

    There are videos within the Golden Ray & Reiki course on how to transition through Awakenings and Initiations. There is a wider variety of videos in the Laws of Grace course that cover many aspects, as the bulk of this epic course is about after care and what you will transition through in the Awakening process. If you are finding an Awakening or Initiation a bit bumpy I suggest coaching will assist as I'll be able to share what is personally required for you. Pillar No6 in the framework is external support, nothing beats one-on-one feedback. As Awakening is a journey into the unknown blind spots and other little known potholes divert initiates. This is clearly seen by someone who has been through these initiatory tests.

  • Be attuned to Golden Ray Level 1

    Be attuned and initiated into the Golden Ray lineage and its level one symbols the Harth and the Tetrahedron.

  • Video Course and Manual

    Learn the content, theory and practice the symbols with the manual and videos. When you watch the videos be sure to apply your Presence practice at my prompts, and even better before I prompt. As with everything in this AwakenedEssence website it is about practice and application. The Laws of Grace ensure that where you place your attention and time will manifest results.

    Videos include instruction of an actual course and additional videos related to the Golden Ray and support topics. The course includes content that is not in the manual. You will be prompted to practice Presence as we work though the material. The videos are great for review and picking up the finer points. All videos in this website where I say “turn your hands on” to ground your Presence practice are suited perfectly to this Golden Ray methodology and to you grounding your practice.

    There are a number of videos, including meditations that use the Golden Ray where you can practice various aspects of how to apply it for healing and Presence.

  • Sacred Geometry and the Harth Master Key

    Be attuned and taught how to use a very versatile symbol the Master Key Harth. This ancient symbol has more uses than taught in some Reiki systems. This is why I also teach the Harth in my Awakened lineage Reiki.

    The Tetrahedron is a plutonic solid and the basis of our very own Light Body that allows us to incarnate. It is a critical structure that makes life possible. This is where Golden Ray diverges from Reiki, as Golden Ray is an ancient ascension school that progresses into the deeper levels and cycles of Enlightenment.

  • Online video course

    Learn the content, theory and practice the symbols. As with everything in this AwakenedEssence website it is about practice and application so you master the skills and learn the habit of Presence and healing. The videos cover the manual content with additional prompting to help you develop your Presence Practice. Videos also cover techniques and other healing related topics and meditations. It has some material that is also in the Laws of Grace course in relation to initiations and important esoteric topics.

    There are a number of videos, including meditations that use the Golden Ray where you can practice various aspects of how to apply it for healing and Presence. Some are longer meditations that can be used for both self healing and your morning meditation routine. The invocation protocol in these videos is precise to help teach you to set up your inner and outer space correctly for meditation or healing. Good spiritual hygiene is very important.
    Re-watching the videos is great for review and picking up the finer points. Every word I say is done so for specific reason, so if anything seems new or odd, then look deeper and figure out why.

  • A Phoenix healing clearing!!!

    Golden Ray is ‘initiated’ by Phoenix healing. I myself was taken into Phoenix healing and Golden Ray initiations that go into the Transpersonal Levels of Awakening. This is the most potent initiation method there is because it is done at the Soul level, no human limitations or agendas are possible. It is truly agenda free.
    This is why Golden Ray is not corruptible, unlike some of the dogma that surrounds other healing systems.
    With the Phoenix Healing attunement for Golden Ray all energetic levels are blessed according to Grace. If Grace wants something cleared then it gets cleared! Sometimes significant work is done. As free will and Law Zero applies it is up to you to do the inner work consciously to manifest these inner gifts into life. These things are often cleared so the energy system can allow the healing energies to flow through. Whatever happens in this 'remote' attunement it always played a significant role in the course (or workshop) as the person changes to their new higher vibration if they use the assigned healing system (be that the Golden Ray or the Awakened Lineage Reiki).

    Read the Phoenix healing page for more information on this. Sometimes significant work is done on the inner planes and higher dimensions in your upper esoteric bodies. It is literally a free semi-Phoenix healing that is given as part of the attunement process. The Golden One's (Ascended Masters etc) I work with will give you what is right for you. I have seen this happen over and over again since remote-attuning people this way from 2013 before the Golden Ray or Reiki courses. Then when the workshops were run, the people and what happened always confirmed that what was shown on the inner attunment was very accurate.

  • Be assigned an inner Teacher, Gatekeeper & Guardian

    Be assigned an “Ascended Master, Archangel or Being of higher vibration that is aligned to love, order, manifestation and higher consciousness” from my personal inner crew to assist you with this healing system! All these Beings have been thoroughly vetted and probated under the system I offer in these courses. They have worked with me for at least four years and up to 28 years, so I know them well. They have asked that I assign them to you as part of your initiation into the Gold Ray, as they want to assist everybody as much as possible at this point.
    This Divine Being will be there to assist and be your Guardian / Gatekeeper if you wish. If you already have an inner 'crew' then the Golden One who offers to be assigned may already be in your team, or maybe a new addition. They will vet your team if you follow the Spiritual Protection protocol. Please watch the videos on that page, it covers important spiritual safety information. The Guardian invocation process is in the meditation videos within the paid courses. This is to assist you in learning how to call your primary guardian and set up the healing or meditation space.

Gold Ray Level 1

The online video course & Activation

The Golden Ray Healing and Awakening system is now available. The most important aspects are the attunement and assigning a Guardian and Teacher of the Golden Ray. The course and attunement will give you everything you need for self study and application. Coaching is available for feedback, certification and Gold Ray healing sessions. The Mastery club will give a forum for group and peer interaction.

If you practice and activate what is in the manual and videos you will activate it to the cellular level. The videos cover a day long course of a Golden Ray workshop. Then extra videos are there to cover important aspects of the manual, practice healing and meditations. You can then add Golden Ray into your daily activities, healings and meditations. 
Examine and evidence  and see where it leads you.

I am being taught more and more that the Golden Ray is tied into the teachings of Transpersonal Awakened Awareness and even further. What is clear is the Golden Ray plays an important role. Pillar No7 it never ends, so more awaits us on the amazing journey! After 8 years of ongoing teaching by the Masters on the inner it has confirmed that the Golden Ray is more than an energy healing methodology. Golden Ray is involved with how your soul incarnates all the way down into your DNA. It assists the Laws of Grace to do its magic. I am being taught more and more that the Golden Ray is tied into the higher teachings of Transpersonal Awakened Awareness.

Boot Camp Spiritual Fitness Ark Covenant Awaken Fast Awakened Essence Laws GraceThe online course is geared to give as much as possible with no need to make it to a physical workshop. Personal healing sessions and mentoring for healers is another great way to develop these healer skills.

Metatron and the Masters have been teaching me the Golden Ray continuously since December 2013. The teaching has been extensive and very specific. It includes the mysteries of the Ark of the Covenant. Yes, its that mythical object in the bible that Moses used to part the Red Sea when fleeing Egypt. I've been taught how this links to the more ancient Hindu power symbols, the Wheel of Life and Sudarshana Chakra (Chakra discus), used by Veera Lakshmi, Durga, Narayani, Vishnu and even "Our Lord Father God" who known is in Hindu as Narayana. It was Narayana who gave me the experiences and teaching on the Ark of the Covenant as mentioned in the Advanced Awakening Defined page.

The symbolic picture symbolises both the Ark of the Covenant and the Wheel of Life or Sudarshana Chakra (Chakra discus) which is in the Ark's box. It is thought by some that the contents of the Ark was an actual Wheel of Life or Sudarshana Chakra. This demonstrates how all religions are linked. This has all been taught to me in the Golden Ray teachings by my inner Golden Crew as I call them in the videos.

What others experienced

Hear Gavin's remarkable experience with learning the Golden Ray Healer system. "Back from the brink with extreme pain caused by crushed vertebrae"...

“The Golden Ray weekend was very powerful. I had a very full-on & profound healing on the second day! I found the soul bridge building exercise very powerful but also very manageable at the same time. While I am new to all this and this was advanced energy and Light work I was comfortable and felt safe and cared for at all levels”.

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The Laws of Grace will apply!

The unpredictability of Grace with Healing & Gold Ray use

The unpredictability of Grace is God's Will. This video speaks in general terms what that means in the Awakening context. Over the years I have witnessed many profound and miracle level healings with myself and others I have worked with.
Video: Grace's action regards time-locking and miracle healing implications. Expect the Unexpected.
What I have noticed regarding esoteric / spiritual healing and the actions of Grace is:
  • You will receive what you are able to absorb at all levels in a way that is by Divine Will.

  • If your life situation or inner readiness is not ripe for receiving what is offered, Grace may “Time Lock” the initiations and gifts until you are, for your own good and those around you.

  • Which means it serves the highest good of yourself and all. Personal agendas will be ignored, the great thing with the Golden Ray is it can only be via Divine Will, not egoic will. Yes, it's your free will to ask, and important that you do so! To not ask is an opportunity lost, so ask and let Grace do as it does.
  • If initiations take place they will be done so at the sixth dimension and above. This is beyond time and space as we know it – the Soul Level/dimension and above.
  • These things cannot be forced by yourself, nor forced upon you, and if they are forced it tends to create trouble in your life; so be assured Grace will be followed at each step.
  • Time Locking will apply where needed in the fifth, fourth and third dimension. The initiations will be activated according to Grace when you are ready to handle influx of energy, Light, purity and responsibility (Law Zero).
  • To repeat: The Laws of Grace applies: The more you use and practice the Golden Ray the better and stronger it gets. Gavin's testimonial indicates this as he practiced lots with friends and his dog. He experienced remarkable changes, as spoken by himself (testimonial is above).

Golden Ray & Awakened lineage Reiki

All courses include attunements via Phoenix Healing, assignment of your inner Master teacher/guardian from the Golden Crew who work with me, manual, videos and/or audio files.
Golden Ray Healer Level 1: $245 (Reiki 2.5 equivalent)
Reiki 1&2: you get both levels: $245
Combo Special: Reiki 1&2 and Golden Ray Level 1: $325
Golden Ray Healer Level 2**: $475
Reiki 3* (currently discounted): $245 from $325
Awakened Lineage Reiki Master Teacher: $2500 (pls contact)

My Golden Ray History

Since late 2013 I have been given daily instruction for years on this system, and all related topics. Initially for the first 2 years instruction was given mostly by Archangel Metatron or Isis, sometimes Jesus. In that time I ran courses with students to level 2. The first 2 levels are for healers and spiritual aspirants who want to add the extra skills to healing and awakening.

Level 3 is a practitioner level to take this towards the second and deeper aspect of Golden Ray being a 'mystery school'. This means is works with the Laws of Grace  in a deeper way to take the student into deeper levels of Awakening and healing abilities.

But in 2015 after significant awakenings and moving into the Transpersonal Awakening phase the teaching team has expanded to include Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Durga and Cosmic Mother Narayani.
Even Narayana, our Father, the Cosmic and all encompassing Father (HE rarely shows in the room but when HE does an Awakening or Initiation tends to be given). HE has given me direct teachings and initiations. A further 3 initiations occurred in 2017. In 2017 a Transpersonal soul initiation was given to me by Amma the Hugging saint while I sat and watched her give Darshan. This initiation was the feminine aspect of the twin flame transpersonal Merkabah. I received the male aspect of the twin flame transpersonal Merkabah in 2015 from her. I received both Masciline and feminine twin flame transpersonal Merkabah initiations from Sri Sakthi Amma in Peedam, India in 2015.

I was initiated into deeper levels of knowledge and taught how the Golden Ray system was used to train priests in handling the Ark of the Covenant in Egyptian and biblical times. I was shown how this relates to the Hindu teachings and their sacred symbols which are as old as the Vedas. I have been shown how to draw, activate and use these most sacred of all symbols.
Six years later all these teachings were externally confirmed by reading books on this subject. Per the validation process explained within the Laws of Grace course I had received these teachings and lived them before looking for information or teaching outside of myself. I had already validated this knowledge via the Rules of Evidence, Pillar No3 of this framework, before reading other peoples teachings.

The Golden Ray touches, and is imbibed by those of extremely high spiritual attainment. Adept and highly advanced spiritual masters such as Jesus Christ, Sri Sakthi Amma Narayani, Sri Aurobindo, and Sri Babaji (the immortal) attain with the assistance of the Golden Ray the Body of Golden Luster. This very high level initiation allows the miraculous occurrences of cellular regeneration, physical regeneration, bi-location and ascension to occur. While I discuss the second cycle of Enlightenment called the Transpersonal Level, the Body Of Golden Lustre is a much higher cycle and phase of Awakening.

It is time, as part of the Golden Age, for the Golden Ray (and others) to be anchored on and in this planet. This can only happen through incarnate humans. The Golden Ray is to be anchored from the highest dimensions to the center of the physical earth (our bodies, cells and DNA) and back up again to the heavens.

It is the joining and merging of the masculine with the feminine, Shakti with the Shiva, Heaven with Earth. Thus it is time for people to learn, adjust to and use this divine energy for the betterment of all. As this energy is of the highest consciousness it will only allow that which is good for all to occur (including yourself). You will only be able to use this energy to the extent your Soul allows you (and the extent your Soul is allowed to imbibe it under Divine Law).

This workshop / online course will introduce you to safely use a very potent, but intelligent healing energy. Until recently this energy was not accessible to humans unless extremely highly evolved (according to Wikipedia).The Golden Ray has special properties that makes it unique, safe and “ego proof”. It is both a great alternative, and a complimentary companion, to Reiki. This course opens you to a wider bandwidth to work with pure energies called the “Rays”.

At each level you receive an attunement, an energy channel activation, and a symbol to use at both Level 1 and Level 2. The Level 2 symbol was given directly by Archangel Metatron, He and other Ascended Masters and Divine Deities have used this widely in the past in ALL TRADITIONS and religions. They have taught me how the sacred symbols are all linked through the eons of time.

These Grand Beings that teach and guide us are just bursting to help you. It takes someone who can carry that vibration of phase 5+ Awakening, Transpersonal Level Awakening or higher. Watch the video on the page Advanced Awakening page to understand this technical term.

What is a Ray, Light & Flame?

This is only a summary these topics are covered in more detail in the courses, coaching or healing sessions. The Golden Ray encapsulates various essences of Rays 1 to 7 (the most commonly known), Rays 1 to 12 and Rays 1 to 144. The Gold Ray as I have been taught it, and the subject matter they teach with it makes it a Meta Ray. A Meta Ray being a Ray that can take on the qualities of other rays and also has a creation ability. This is why the Ark of the Covenant, and the two most powerful symbols in the Hindu tradition, the Wheel of Life and the Discus, have been taught as part of my initiation process.

The Golden Ray is a Ray of God and is All That Is. There are a number of different Rays, each having specific qualities. The Golden Ray is the One’s primary expression and exuberance for creation, regeneration, life force, and genesis level creativity (the originating idea, drive and passion). The Golden Ray then has other secondary qualities such as protection, longevity, sealing, and forming permanent connections (etc).

As with other mystery schools teachings such as Alice Bailey’s Seven Rays, the Golden Ray is of similar nature. It is represented and managed by the spiritual hierarchy and Ascended Masters on behalf of planet Earth and humans who guide and love humanity unconditionally. This is noted in our language and culture with examples such as the golden temple, gold ring and gold prize. Gold is the original measurement of financial currency.

Ray, Light and Flame: The trinity of vibrational existence.
This is a very brief summary of the vibrational trinity that is part of the Golden Ray course. The Golden Ray is taught to encompass the full vibrational range. This gives extra benefits as each frequency range is good for certain tasks and functions. This is a terribly complex subject so please excuse the brevity.

A Ray of God is the first “step down” in vibration before any form, sound, light, time or “space” exists. It is the first manifestation from the pure Void that was, and Is, God before any dimension, soul and before the universe was created. This is the famous bit in the bible "before the word", as a word required time and space to exist as it is a vibration. Or as we know it more commonly these days as the nothing before the Big Bang. The Big Bang of course just popped out of no-where, and this is very hard for a human brain to grasp how this could happen. The Void is pure potentiality.

The Ray is pure spirit that can take on consciousness, or as we like to term it our spirit or soul. After the Ray is created it can then be stepped down in vibration to create Light. This then gives us 'time and space' and the different dimensions where structure is possible. This is the entire basis for sacred geometry and physics as we know it.
Structure here is defined as the different types of time and "solidness" of objects. For example: the 5th dimension time is much more fluid and moveable as compared to the 3rd dimension where it is solid and time is linear (terribly complex to describe). Various structures exist in these different space time dimensions for our Soul, that is born under a Ray to incarnate at the lowest dimension the 3rd. This is why Phoenix healing can access all levels as it works at the Ray (thus Grace based) level down. This then explains why the Golden Ray healing system is a healing school that can lead to Awakening and Enlightenment.

If the vibration of light is further reduced we have a vibrational level known as the Flame. The Flame is the lowest vibration in this sacred trinity. The Flame affects physicality the most. A great example of this is trees convert light into sugar by photosynthesis. And the tree then uses that to grow leaves and wood. A flame can be used to burn the wood to turn the solid object that is "stored light" back into light. The most common flame used in spiritual healing is that of the Violet Flame and that is under the 7th Ray where humanities holder for that is Ascended Master St Germain.