Common Sense Enlightenment

Pillar No9: Applicable to all areas of life & science!

The principles of Enlightenment are the same as the operation of consciousness. Thus to play tennis well one needs to master certain skills. At a Meta level (structural and process) this is no different from being spiritually attained. One's will, neuro-biology, focus, mind, emotions and body are used. The outcome is the practitioner of tennis learns and performs the tennis game well, regardless of circumstances and stress. A practitioner of Presence learns to Abide in Presence and the Divine. Give me Roger Federer for a year to see if I can deepen his capacity to be Awake if he wanted it of course!? He has the Meta skills, drive and capacity to apply at a Master's level the habit of volitional attention and unconscious skill integration.

A real and useful spiritual practice helps make you a Yoda at other life situations and contexts such as work, relationships, hobbies etc. The two videos below are a demonstration of how these 9 pillars for Awakening apply to student success for better grades and growing up. It is 100% normal language for teenagers. The bottom video involves a young wild King Parrot who starts out a bit freaked out then it becomes very mellow. Yes, I even grab it and it is very peaceful and graceful about it, just remarkable given how it was so in the yellow emotional traffic light of caution at the start of the video.

Enlightenment also impacts all areas of life so the laws of Awakening are reflected in mathematics, physics and more. As one progresses into their spiritual practice these weave into an integrated whole. If something isn't in alignment I always take a second to fifteenth look to see what the exception is. I often note and observe aspects for years to gather conclusive evidence based on my experience and observation of others.

There are always exceptions to the rule (as Grace/God can do what it likes) but usually there is a reason for an exception. To be scientific and monitor hunches and gauge outcomes is a very healthy habit. It assists with all 9 pillars in this framework. If something does not make sense so it fits then there must be a reason.

9 Pillar & Animal Whispering

Relating to nature is relating to yourself

TheĀ LearnWhispering 101 course is currently being offered free as a bonus if you sign up for the 8 session package. This acts as extra support to assist students and adults who want coaching. Make contact if interested.

The LearnWhispering 101 course delves deeply into theĀ 9 pillar framework. The course videos demonstrate with wild nature how it applies to both us humans and non-humans. It teaches the structure of successful learning, critical thinking, creativity, observation and self-monitoring so life becomes a joy. I demonstrate how these skill sets are great in chaos, pain and complex situations.

It teaches you how to be at peace and in Presence which is also the Learning State and the Whispering State while chaos is happening. Wild Cockatoos are the masters of chaos as they are such intelligent birds. Each parrot has its own distinct personality, learning a new habit speed and boundaries. Some cockatoos learn a bad habit in three days with a one hour visit each day. Other cockatoos take ten months before they trust me enough to land on me or accept cuddles (petting) with Ms Brown and senior citizen RatBag the long billed corella. They teach us so brilliantly about how we tick as a human. Their simple (unconscious) spontaneous nature makes it plain to see. This course captures these 9 pillar structural elements of how we operate. The structure of human behaviour (Jason's) and its impact on the animals' state are deeply explored.

9 Pillar applied to Student Success

imagine your teenager understanding how they operate?

My eventual path to Awakening was initially through wanting better grades, it was not a spiritual search. Photographic memory helped my grades jump 15% in my third year of studying Accountancy at University. This grade jump impressed the head of the Commerce Department and got me into the Post Graduate honours program. My Masters thesis researched accelerated learning applied to a management training course.

This video below was made for students to discuss the State Awareness, the Learning State (Presence) and more. It's a nice video, notice how initially the young parrot is in alert mode (yellow traffic light state). By the end of the video my Learning State / Presence meant I could hold the bird who did not go into the yellow or red traffic light states, more commonly known as fight-flight. That is evidence of how a Present person can influence their surroundings and help rapport.

This video is an example of how this framework can be applied across many fields. Mastering your neurology and emotional intelligence is a core life skill. If a spiritual practice does not include these core functions as a human it may not be serving you well. However, this 9 pillar framework can be used to deepen and make any approach more effective, definitive and outcome based.

Notice how what I say makes sense. No spiritual jargon is used. Follow the mini Presence exercise in the video where I explain how to feel emotions to help you stay aware and at choice and out of reaction mode.

** Exclusion WARNING **

Manipulation & Limitation indicators to be aware of

Have you noticed that control can only be exerted when things are restricted? Where rules that limit and what is talked about is niche and not applicable elsewhere? This applies at all levels of society and all groups be they a sports team or a religious community.
The core premise built into this framework is Law Zero, hence its name. Law Zero is mathematical in nature to its outcomes. That is you are behaving in accordance with your human nature. Prime directive number 11 of the unconscious mind is to be a moral and loving human. Any leader or spiritual role model hopefully operates as a "good person" and does not violate boundaries or impose their will on another. Isn't this common sense?

Trauma can damage this easily and thus install bad and immoral behaviour. Any of the first 10 directives can override morality to survive. This then causes an internal split in our psychology.

In the Laws of Grace I do touch on cults and manipulation and moral compass / spiritual authority. The cult indicators are on this page. Spiritual and religious cults usually don't Awaken people as it severely violates Law Zero. It is hard to trust a teacher when you don't feel safe with them.
It's you that has to Awaken to Abide in that Presence habit. A teacher or Guru can't do it for you. Does your mother still hold you up so you can walk? Their job is to point the short path and offer some pillar No6 feedback and energetic support, not control, rules or ownership. Even if the individual has phases of Awakening occur, the rules and dogma will damage them at the personal level, and that will take healing and time to fix (pillar No7) if they free themselves from such a group.

So please keep this in mind when a spiritual approach denies basic science and blatant No9 common sense. Pillar No3, the Rules of Evidence are always handy. Watch the talk being walked in normal life, normal society, in a corporate environment, child care, hospital or prison. This will help you from being dragged into something that will limit and hinder you.

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