Correct Presence Practice course

Pillar No1: Why 99% never properly Awaken!

The first and most important pillar in the Enlightenment framework is Correct Presence Practice. This give the evidence based steps to '"being" it correctly. The vast majority of spiritual aspirants make Awakening a mind game that does not activate the neurology or esoteric systems so it is real and durable. When Awakening is real it can be held in any circumstance be that extremely nice or sheer torture. When your Presence is that stable this will be your experience. Can you hold anger or grief and be fully present (which includes being incarnate and aware of your lower torso)? You will with Correct Practice.

Enlightenment and Awakening fast & doable with the Correct Presence Practice online video course. Simple practical and measurable steps to Awaken and master the Presence habit. The videos step you through the new Habit as you watch and learn. This is then applicable in all life situations. Awakening is evidence based with this approach. This is why your Presence practice is the foundational pillar No1 in the Enlightenment Framework that is given as a free course on this website. This course is smaller, thus cheaper, and is the first section of the extensive Laws of Grace course.

The Correct Presence Practice course is only about correct Presence practice and the bullet-proof framework so you can validate and measure your Presence levels. This course is a budget level video course to give you the core skill that will transform your life. Support and required information will also be included so you have a workable framework.

This course is mostly the same as the first section within the Laws of Grace online course. The Laws of Grace course is much more extensive and goes into many aspects of after care and unique awakening issues that most people will face. Most of the potholes in the awakening journey are not widely discussed. This is why most never enter a stable, deep level of Presence / Awakening.

The Laws of Grace course also covers the core multipliers of Awakening which form the basis of the math and timeline for you to really awaken to mid-non-Abiding or the full permanent Abiding Awakening to living in Presence (ie: as defined in this website, its also the same term Adyashanti uses for proper Awakening). The course content differences is discussed more in the the Laws of Grace page to help you decide. You are welcome to make contact to discuss.

Correct Presence gives Awakening Evidence

It's no different to tying a shoe lace. Done properly its obvious!

It's the golden key to coming home to yourself to having an ongoing sense of and joy, peace, happiness and bliss, so when life throws curve-balls at you, like COVID-19. You'll be resourceful through your Correct Presence practice, so that you can measure the evidence as real in the supermarket, where the shelves are empty due to lockdown.

Correct Presence practice is about 95% of the awakening journey. When you know how to correctly enter and build that habit then you will notice you are able to be present in more and more activities throughout your life. Then when you meditate you can enter Presence correctly and have all that nice spiritual stuff happen.

It's the golden key to coming home to yourself to having an ongoing sense of and joy, peace, happiness and bliss, so when life throws curve-balls at you, like COVID-19. You'll be resourceful through your Correct Presence practice, so that you can measure the evidence as real in the supermarket, where the shelves are empty due to lockdown.

COVID-19 has certainly been a universal gauging point under the Rules of Evidence. That's why the evidence rules are used in the Laws of Grace here at AwakenedEssence. It is about gauging concrete evidence in your life, so as to support your awakening. Concrete evidence as to your Presence and your state of being as you face the difficulties in your own life and the global issues that are affecting everyone.

Living in this place of Abiding Awakening and having it deepen significantly for 12+ years gives a solid base of personal evidence and observation of others. My most scary observation of that evidence is: Most people, around 95% plus do not practice Presence correctly. Therefore they don't progress home to Awakening in a tangible durable manner. It shouldn't take a long time, five years maximum if you're doing Presence practice correctly. Possibly faster depending on what your individual blocks are, since we are all unique (see Laws of Success No8 Uniqueness -link here soon).

We all have our unique blockages, but the process of Correct Presence practice is basically the same. Please inform me otherwise, Iā€™d like to know with proof under the Rules of Evidence to support it.

It is about how to Be here and available to allow the Presence that you are to come through. This course will step you through this process. There will be support meditations in the course that will assist you develop the practice and clear life stresses with Presence.

You will learn how it works with your mind, personality, psychology, pain body (emotions) and of course your ā€œegoā€. You are a whole person so we work with your conscious and unconscious mind as well as all your spiritual bodies. All aspects of you from your DNA and cells, to your spirit, work as a whole. It's not possible to separate one part out and call it good, then slam another part like the ego as bad. All of you moves to the place of Enlightenment, the dynamics continue within the container of Presence. All of your different aspects work together as a whole you cannot just remove one part. You are a complete being and that's what we're here to master as a human being.

Awakening is actually quite a simple process, the only problem is how old are you? Now add nine months (for the womb time), that's how long you've been doing the bad non-Presence practice! This course is designed to make it simple, measurable and evidence based. The videos step you through. If Correct Presence practice is applied, you'll learn to live in an effortless manner in Presence. It becomes the new default habit of your unconscious mind and conscious mind.

Course differences: Laws of Grace

Or Correct Presence Practice?

In this 19 minute video I discuss what we cover in the Laws of Grace and Correct Presence Practice courses. I also discuss this whole process you will go through to truly Awaken and live it. I discuss those three key words 'conscious volitional attention' and its critical importance. Other fun topics like persistence, motivation and habit forming are covered.

Laws of Grace Framework courses

Learn Correct Presence Practice with the 16 hour Correct Presence Practice course or the very extensive 50 hour+ Laws of Grace course. Both include one or more personal coaching sessions to check you are forming the Correct Presence Practice and to answer your questions.