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Are you ready to get specific answers that no teacher has ever given so you can Awaken fast and with measurable progress? The short video below is a introduction that gives evidence of Presence with 100% wild biting cockatoos that I trained in less than 2 weeks to be OK with a human hand! It's a demonstration of how a habit can be learned, using 100% wild parrots. The video course has over 43 hours of exclusive content and topics that are not found in my public videos. This will give a wide variety of material to re-listen to. Often topics are discussed a number of times, so you pick up different nuances.

By my prompting and the Presence vibration of the videos you'll be immersed in, and be consciously taught to be in the Awakened State/Presence. With these videos you will start to install the habit of correct Presence practice. You'll be given the tools to rate your own main contributing sub-laws (the math) that will tell you approx how long it will take for you to Awaken to the non Abiding and Abiding phases.

All the main issues you will face on the Awakening path are discussed in the after care sections. Various meditations can be used for morning practice and also to "heal your crap" (inquiry) or to settle yourself after something that took you off centre (out of Presence).

There are certainly a large number of topics that my role model teacher Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti never cover, or if they do these may e here with extra specificity. The Laws of Grace course covers the specifics they truly halt most from Awakening, the differences "mind" practice and actual grounded visceral practice. The rules of evidence are explained in such a way from many angles so you can learn to be the true judge of the evidential truth of you Presence. You truly can become your own Guru with these specific rules and Laws.

Lesson 1: Laws of Grace Online Workshop

The Laws of Grace Online Course is about evidence based 100% measurable and easily attainable Enlightenment. How to practice Presence Eckhart Tolle style is defined exactly in this course. This is then evidenced in your life. You are given the methods and tools to evidence your blossoming growth into Presence. True Awakening then occurs. Tap the picture to watch the introductory video that is part of this online course. If this makes sense to you, then it's for you!

The Laws of Grace literally make your Awakening mathematical. The course encompasses the natural function of the mind, ego, psychology, painbody (an Eckhart Tolle Power of Now term), your body functions and neurology. It is the complete package of the laws of Spirit, psychology and neuroscience. You will be taught through the videos how to develop correct Presence just by watching them if you follow the prompts. Yes, we practice as you learn the process of living as an Awakened person in all your daily activities. These videos then give you embodies evidence! 100% evidence via your grounded experience.

You will be shown how to live war-free from your ego, mind, painbody, pain and life-hell things like COVID-19 and its consequences.

Laws of Grace course options

Correct Presence Practice video course: $185 Learn correct Presence practice with precision! This shorter budget course will resolve any confusion about your Presence practice.
Laws of Grace course + 1 coaching call $595 Laws of Grace video course including a 1on1 personal coaching session.

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