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50hours+ of EXCLUSIVE videos including Personal Coaching sessions

Your journey into Enlightenment can be as precise as Google Maps. You choose the destination then follow evidence based simple steps of Correct Presence Practice. Can you enter your Presence and respond from a conscious place while you deal with all the different events in your life? Is your Presence felt in these events with your mind, painbody (Eckhart Tolle's term for emotional baggage), physical pain and relationship dynamics at home, workplace and social settings? That is your evidence, so it's 100% real. Enlightenment is a simple habit, and the evidence is your Presence in all of life's situations.

The Laws of Grace online course has over 50 hours (100+ videos) of exclusive content on Presence development. Then there is other material within my website and YouTube that is unlisted or not public. Thus the course is much larger than the exclusive content aspect. This will give a wide variety of materials to re-listen to. It teaches you to have real Awakening that is demonstrated by evidence in your life. Evidence is where it is real as you feel the 4 steps of Presence, in every occurrence, every minute of the day.

Often topics are discussed several times, so you pick up different nuances. It is important that the material be heard in several different ways. This helps you integrate the structure and new skills and habits so it is obvious and pillar No9 common sense. Experiencing the evidence for yourself is what changes you towards deeper habitual Awakening. Nothing beats personal evidence, this is the aim. This helps you not be swayed by vague, theoretical and unpractical material that is plausible but not evidence based. This will also help you to stay certain when your community and other teachers' material is less clear. This drag factor by others can undo progress and cause Awakenings to be lost.

There is ZERO need to silence your mind or kill your ego. That is just war. Correct Presence Practice is working with all of you. Common spiritual myths are busted in a way you can test them for yourself.

Enlightenment is a simple habit. Develop the right habit rather than continue the old one of being unawake and lost to mind, suffering and life's dramas. We are but habit machines. You can learn and grow the right habit as fast as you want as it's all evidence based in your life.

It seems impossible but it is true, Enlightenment is merely a correct habit. It's a unique view to approach your spirituality. Test it for a few months to experience if it makes a difference. This course removes so much unnecessary crap that delays real life based Awakened living. What habit am I running? What is the evidence? What habit were you in 15 minutes ago? There is the proof. Here is the Google Maps solution to drive you Home to your heart and Awakened living the best way so you avoid the delays and red traffic lights.

The Laws of Grace course comes with at least 2 personal coaching sessions, depending on your chosen option. At the end of Section two you will have your math completed. This core multiplier indicates your speed to Abiding Awakening with your desired motivation and practice levels. Given this math can be interpreted in many ways we will have a personal session to discuss it. This will give further clarity so your aim is realistic to keep you motivated and free of confusion. This personal feedback will help you with the rest of the course to implement your progress. What do you want? Then what are you willing to do about it?

Laws of Grace Video 1

The 1st Video in the course: The Introduction

Tap the picture to watch the first video of the Laws of Grace and the Correct Presence Practice courses. Notice your ability to be Present throughout this 41 minute video at my prompts and questions. This gives you defined evidence, your starting point to improve from. This is why Awakening is mathematical and Evidence Based.

How did you do? Were you able to juice into Presence and notice your baseline habit of going into non-presence? The aim is simple, learn and practice the correct habit until it becomes the easy default. Ego, thinking, drama and pain are all taken care of if you merely do the right habit. Simple, definable and it works!

The Laws of Grace goes extensively into how to form the habit, routine and then into the potholes that trap most. These traps keep people stuck in the old non-presence habit. Myths and safety issues are clearly discussed. Save yourself many decades of spiritual turmoil and suffering. This is the easy path with this course and the included coaching sessions give you the feedback to clarify and check you are doing it right.

Awakening is simple

It basic life skills of attention & focus!

To properly Awaken is simple. It's practical and easily measurable. Few teachers say that, but why? It doesn't have to be difficult. It can be easy and clear when you learn the Laws of Grace. Everything in life operates by these same laws!! And when you be honest with yourself and observe what you are doing with your attention you will see to perfection that these laws make reality happen.
The Laws of Grace are all about Awakening and creating stability for that experience of peace and Presence in your life. So when crap happens you remain resourceful, still and peaceful. When you’ve got this practice anchored in your life, truckloads of peace and even bliss may be experienced while absolute hell is happening. Yes, you may also be feeling that mental, emotional or physical pain but Presence makes it a totally different experience. I’m talking from experience so I know this is true. Videos here capture the evidence so you can see it for yourself.

The Laws of Grace are simple principles and simple actions that make a mathematical formula. Simple actions create better habits to deeper Presence. As practice forms deeper habits you just begin to operate naturally this way. It's just the same as driving a car, where initially it was difficult. With practice and time you master driving so you can chat with passengers and avoid traffic issues, etc. Your Presence is the same it becomes deeply unconscious at the habitual level.

Each law or factor in the Laws of Grace is can be examined, applied and used. They are simple and it's a conscious choice to do it or not. As you choose these things over and over they become normal. Most factors are internal, how you apply your attention for example. Some are external like what company do you keep, good company or bad negative company?

It's probably a planetary first for someone to give you a mathematical idea of what's required to have you at Level 1 Enlightenment (phase 3 Abiding Presence as defined in this teaching). The number is a guide only but it's the feedback process that makes it come true as you learn the correct habit. I don't know another teacher who has the guts or clarity to put that out there. But the math does not lie from what I've observed in myself and others over two decades. As I say in the video, I would love to hear where these laws fail if you deem they are wrong in your own research and personal application. Ideas, beliefs and other peoples teaching's don't count as evidence in your life.

To quote the famous Morpheus out of the Matrix movie:

You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Laws of Grace is the red pill. But the bonus is you can re-choose the blue pill and go back to unconscious pain and suffering of the rat race. Your mind can let you forget if you don't like the reality of having Unity, Peace and Joy in your life. Free will always applies.

Thus do you want to say goodbye to the pain and emotional suffering of normal humanity? Stuff will still be as it is, crappy on a hard day, but you will have the freedom to choose peace as it moves through you. Presence allows unpleasantness to move as fast as possible. When you stabilise you don't mind crappy days, as you are in this moment and in Unity. You'll know you can't fight What Is. This isn't just an idea that mindful thinkers banter, it becomes your bodily based experience.

Simple laws with simple practices. It's so bloody simple. Is it easy? Yes n no. But it is a choice. It becomes your refuge that even your ego learns to love it. Phases 1 Got it Lost it and 2 non-Abidance do require determined effort. You are rewiring your neurology and psychology. But phase 3 Abiding Awakening this all changes and it's an effortless effort. However pillar No1 Correct Presence Practice is still required so you deepen and don't lose your now Abiding Awakening. It's your attention so be the chooser and the benefactor of that so you hang out with the Divine.

Extreme Animal Whispering

Presence really is amazing watch this 'promo' video

This video was made as I started to record the Laws of Grace in March 2020, just before the pandemic prison-style lockdowns started for us. What I caught was some very special whispering moments with a Koala, Cockatoos and exceptional interactions with wild King Parrots. It has to be seen to be believed. These are not well trained pets, they are 100% wild, yet they follow English!

This framework is so concrete it applies to animal whispering and academic success and any area of life. The LearnWhispering 101 course embodies and teaches this same framework. The Whispering State is Correct Presence Practice. Being properly Awake is about being in life fully and completely natural.

This video below is just amazing. My apologies for repeating myself over and over - I couldn't edit it down anymore or I'd lose amazing footage. It's the evidence with these wild animals that is the proof and point to this video.

Laws of Grace / Presence Practice courses

Learn Correct Presence Practice with the 16 hour Correct Presence Practice course or the very extensive 50+ hour Laws of Grace course. Both include one or more personal coaching sessions to check you are forming the Correct Presence Practice and to answer your questions.

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