Law Zero: Honesty & Responsibility

Pillar No4: The one people avoid

Law Zero is the function of self-honesty and self-responsibility. Law Zero has to be in operation within the individual's psychology for them to be a good mature functional human. Dysfunction runs rife in an individual who will not own (honesty) their situation and take responsibility for it. Attaining Enlightenment is impossible without it. Hence the name I give it: Law Zero. Self honesty and self responsibility are completely crucial to gauge your inner experience. It is needed to check you are not manufacturing tooth fairy belief systems and imagined experiences that generate feelings of Presence or Bliss. The importance of this cannot be overstated, it's as important as pillar No1 Correct Presence Practice.

Law Zero is how you gauge, with sensory evidence (pillar No3), if it is real, or if it is imagined. As you monitor, your evidence builds up as you can hold deeper steps to Presence in life situations. Beliefs, theories and what others say may help, but they hold no truth unless you are evidencing it in your neurology.

Law Zero can be stated this way:
1: Am I lying to myself, and then checking for sensory evidence and material outcomes.
2: What can I do about this, then take action by applying your attention and movement. Tick the 4 steps of Correct Presence Practice by applying the steps methodically to re-check.

Another major trap is that spiritual seekers are often accessing one of the many spiritual bodies that are a part of our full anatomy, from our cells to our Divine Spirit. Can you tell the difference? If not then Law Zero is truly required so you can use the feedback process of this framework to discern the differences and incarnate properly. This is discussed here on the Bandwidth page, which is the Rules of Evidence part 2. There is several videos in the Laws of Grace course where we examine the differences between creating and imagining and using your true neurology based senses.

Your Law Zero grows!

Your ability to discern grows

Your Law Zero grows as you do. It is a conscious process of discernment of what is happening within your experience of your anatomy. Then by monitoring the facts outside of yourself by the interactions you have with others and circumstances. This ties into pillar No5 the unconscious mind and your ability to be defined at the various levels of the deeper mind and psychology.

Usually some internal aspects are easily noticeable, but as one digs into the limbic system (lower brain and reptilian brain) it becomes more difficult and requires a more developed consciousness (hence pillar No1!). This is linked in neuroscience and your ability to operate in the Alpha, Theta and even Delta brainwave states.

The deepest layers that are in the heart brain and DNA are the most challenging. It is useful to note that these deeper layers may not even be touched before you hit Abiding Awakening. The topic of the heart brain and dealing with the womb based trauma is examined in the 2022 Mastery Club course "Digging Deeper", where we examine, research and challenge the Laws of Grace and framework.

In the Laws of Grace course, we go into exquisite depths to help you learn the differences and how to truly develop your acuity. The question is answered, "What is the difference between imagination (that's not 3D reality based), your spiritual bodies and your actual neurology"?

This is a refined way to develop your Law Zero. You become a truth sensing device as your sensory acuity develops. People and situations just glare with the obvious facts and failings. Then you have the ability and Presence to ask the right questions to confirm what your Law Zero sense is telling you.

Laws of Grace / Presence Practice courses

Learn Correct Presence Practice with the 16 hour Correct Presence Practice course or the very extensive 50+ hour Laws of Grace course. Both include one or more personal coaching sessions to check you are forming the Correct Presence Practice and to answer your questions.

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