Awakened Lineage Reiki

Back to the heart of its origins: Awakened!

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Learn Reiki as the original Reiki Masters intended

Reiki is Universal Intelligence, Universal Power and Universal Consciousness thus this energy knows to do. Its origins are not hundreds, but thousands of years ago.

Reiki in effect is Presence as defined by spiritual teachings and authors like Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti, Ramana Maharshi and Nissagadatta Maharaj.

Traditional Reiki under the Usui system will be taught in alignment with how the original Masters, the ancients intended.

Rare Awakened Lineage

There are at least four fully Awakened teachers out of six in this very short lineage from Usui to you. There is only 5 teachers between you and Usui himself. There are two teachers that I have not researched to find out if they were Awake. All the others demonstrated advanced indicators, not just “early Abiding” level Awakening as defined in this website if the stories are true.
This is a very direct pure Master lineage:

  1. Dr Mikao Usui* (1800s) – Awakened
  2. to Dr Hayashi* – Awakened
  3. to Hawayo Takata (only initiated 22 Masters) – unknown
  4. to Alex Summerfield – unknown
  5. to Gina Allan-Evans* – Awakened
  6. to Me* – Awakened
  7. to you

A lineage of this purity would now be difficult to find.

Reiki is a form of initiation into the truth of who you are

It was designed to integrate body, mind, emotion and spirit. This is how Reiki will be taught by me.

When using Reiki optimally the practitioner/healer is Present. Presence as defined by Eckhart Tolle “being here in the moment, aware of the stillness, the peace, that essence, the aliveness. It is the impersonal consciousness that you truly are”. Which is how Reiki was taught in millennia past.

These courses also tend to create opportunities for “initiations”, breakthroughs and inner advancement for participants. I call this a Gift of Grace. Support from “spirit” tends to be very strong in these courses making these opportunities quite regular.

If you come to the course with a clear intention for something, be that a deepening of your inner experience or to let an inner issue go then this course may provide that opportunity!

The modern day system that happened after Reiki Master Takata initiated 22 Masters into teaching Reiki, she died in 1980. The Reiki Alliance was formed in 1983 to set rigid structures, high fees and control.

As such this has removed some of the purity, some of the natural flow of Reiki. Yet some really good teachers emerged who took Reiki back to its core roots.

I was fortunate enough to find two phenomenal teachers, one of whom is the first female and non-Tibetan bestowed the honour of being the holder of the Kalachakra Symbol personally by the Dalai Lama himself. This speaks of her as a person and a Spirit of healing and where Reiki should go.

It’s time for Reiki to go back to its roots. Its roots of Presence and openness of trust that it knows what is best.

Want to learn Reiki

Reiki 1&2 and Reiki 3 are now available online. Please hit the links. 
Reiki 1&2
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Reiki 3 (hit link to see all info and relevant video)

Reiki Level 1 & 2: Upfront deposit for the attunement, manual and video course is $100 only. Please read about the Phoenix healing level attunements below to understand this is super potent and is a great way to learn and use Reiki.

For the course the $100 online component needs to be paid first to secure manual and attunement (this is online component). It will be assumed you have read the manual and practised the symbols in the manual. Per the points below marked and above it is in your best interests to contact and decide sooner.

Reiki Level 3 (The Master Symbols): Upfront deposit for the attunement and manual and videos is $120 only.

If I am running a physical course you can do all 3 levels over the weekend or online at your own pace. If you have been told limiting ideas about this please watch this video – Why limit Reiki. Your Heart will guide you to the answer if this is for you or not. If in doubt watch the video or read Gifts of Grace.
Even better pick up the phone and call 0435522535 to ask me any questions you have regards to this.

Once the $120 payment is made for the online video course / Phoenix Healing attunement you will be sent a copy of the manual to start the process of learning. I will attune you in the same way I do Phoenix Healing. I will discuss this with you first so you can test the difference it makes. This will open and activate your healing channels to Level 1&2 or Level 3 Reiki. You will then be Level 1&2 or Level 3 Reiki if you practice the skills, in healing or meditation.

As with any e-learning system payment is final, no refund is given once the manual is sent (and attunement will be given). Thus if you come to the day workshop you will be ready for quality learning. This attunement in itself is a huge boost of Grace and will assist you in your path home.


  • The session with Jason was a life changing experience. I feel as though what I have learned in my time with Jason will impact my life as a whole positively and dramatically” Sal H – Massage Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Well organised & structure. Good balance between theory and practice. Learnt lots this weekend! And learned how everything is related to one another”. Amali – Physiotherapist
  • Loved the relaxed environment & flow of the sessions. Jason was very generous in knowledge; as well as being compassionate & supportive. It is obvious his heart is in the training.” Gill – Naturopath

But someone told me there needs to be a time break between learning Level 1, 2 and 3?

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