non-Abiding Awakening

Phase 2: The Presence habit grows Jungian Individuation starts

The sheer grunt of phase 1 Got it - Lost it Awakenings takes a turn for more stability and depth of Presence practice in this phase 2 towards Enlightenment. Your ability to hold Presence in life situations will be growing. The cycles of life will still smack you around and impact your speed of entry into step 3 of the 4 steps to Presence. Yet you will experience a greater consistency of Correct Presence Practice. You will remember more to check Am I Present and then do the 4 steps of Correct Presence Practice to validate it is indeed real. This phase 2 of non-Abidance is much more pleasant but it is still an effort-filled grind of training your unconscious mind to be Present.

Your consistency of Presence that you evidence by Correct Presence Practice is the key. You will learn a lot more about how you fail or succeed at correct Presence entry. At times as you have more Awakenings it will seem like you have to re-learn what Presence is all over again. You will question your practice. Coaching is very valuable here, as so many fall from Grace and resort back to phase 1 Got it Lost it. This is natural to question as it is no easy feat to truly Abide in Presence. Mind-loaded assumptions need to be examined and tested. That is why there is the 9 pillar framework here as it makes it concrete and specific.

So little information is shared even by the best teachers about this phase of the journey. Yet non-Abidance is the most critical phase to reach real Enlightenment that is defined here as phase 3 Abiding Presence. To enter this phase means you are serious and committed. The thinkers and claimers don't have the substance to dig deep enough to fundamentally rewrite the bad unconscious habits and unresolved baggage. This is why coaching will help your progression as one-on-one personal feedback will help you address the specifics. Pillar No8 blind spots will play a big role in slowing your progress down. These aspects are extensively discussed in many videos within the Laws of Grace course.

non-Abidance has two stages

Emotional mastery starts in the mid-non-Abiding phase

The non-Abiding phase is critical to building the habit of Presence entry and holding it. Presence is taken into real life. Your Presence depth, frequency and duration are taken into all areas like the bathroom, shopping malls, work and your arguments with people. The evidence becomes quite blatant as to how life instances knock your Presence. Your ability to hold Presence while emotions run grows.

Yes, Presence is concurrent with all normal human life. It is a common fairytale held by the spiritual community that Presence is just about some optimal Godly state. Vague teachers tend to promote this erroneous fact, and it is testimony that their Awakening could be deeper. If their Awakening phase was deeper this experience would be normal for them. Evidence never lies and we are all DNA-based bags of meat thus our habits are the measure of actual attainment. Hence why I love Cockatoos and animals in my videos. Animals, as habit machines like us, demonstrate human behavior without ego quite nicely!

We are but habit machines, and that is why the 9 pillar framework focuses you on what is measurable and critical for you to progress swiftly.

Phase 2 non-Abiding Awakening has two stages. The first half is where there is less grunt than phase 1. Your practice is easier and has greater consistency. It still seems a relentless effort but less so. There is deeper Presence and ease in life with non-Abidance. Tests will still seem difficult for you to enter Presence. Lighter emotional issues can have Presence more easily held concurrently as they happen. You learn to process and inquire faster to resolve your internal baggage.

The second half of non-Abiding Awakening is where you learn to hold Correct Presence Practice with strong emotions concurrently. You will learn to knee jerk as a reaction into Presence practice and do your utmost to respond rather than react. Yes, you'll hold the emotions and feel the body's fight-flight responses run. The fiery emotions of anger and rage are the biggest tests to face and master with Presence being held concurrently.

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Phase 2 non-Abiding Awakening explained

Non-abiding is the phase where your conscious practice of being Present is becoming consistent throughout your day. You will notice that if you stop actively being vigilant regarding your awareness of Presence, it will drop away and you will re-identify with your thinking and egoic patterns. Consistent practice will return you easily back to a maintainable sense and connection to Presence. Life will certainly be more pleasant in this phase of the journey.

Your resilience to being emotionally upset by life's events is good and if something big happens, you will recover quite quickly. Emotional events will be met with an active increase in practicing Presence to match the emotion as it arises. The emotions themselves will reflect the situation and not be over-reactions, as they were when your past (pain-body) played heavily on your consciousness.

Mindful practice can create problems in this phase 2 non-Abidance (as with the previous phase 1 Got it Lost it). The mind in this phase is becoming well-integrated, and by its own power can create similar sensations to actual Presence. Even states of bliss and samadhi can be mind generated. Care needs to be taken with this, especially by those who consider themselves intelligent or have a strong mind.

You will notice cycles in your life, like waves in the ocean. The top part of the wave has easy times with good levels of Presence, peace and joy. In these good times your conscious practice may slip, as it seems so easy to cruise in the moment. You may experience months of deep peace, even bliss. Some who experience these phases of protracted bliss may get lost in step 4 Nothingness of it and fall into the trap of "I have reached the end".

Then you will dive into the down cycle where life presents difficult things and practice of Presence seems harder. In these harder days it may take persistent practice and hours of volitional allowing effort to feel a sense of relief. The dance of allowing what is over the ego's agenda to feel free is the battle here. Forcing and mentally creating symptomology of Presence is a big pothole that will delay you. It's a huge trap, one-on-one feedback is critical here. The Laws of Grace course examines these potholes in-depth as this hurdle has little information available in the public domain.

Teachers don't seem to address this important issue with specificity and clarity. Vague is dangerous here. The mind will use vague to claim what is not evidence based. Mind will use plausibility rather than be self honest and delve into the senses and neurology to confirm. What is allowance through Correct Presence Practice versus what is forcing by mind, ego or personal will? Good question! Can you give a clear answer? Hence why it is such an important phase in the awakening journey. Law Zero of being self honest and responsible to do Correct Presence Practice plays a critical role here. Then as your Presence practice gets real in life the pillar No3 evidence starts to stack up over many months. Theory, vague memes, and mind tricks are seen for what they are; plausible vague ego traps. The juice and peace of Presence becomes a contrast and a volitional choice. Unpleasant things will be held concurrently with Presence. Yes, crappy emotions will still feel crap, but your Presence allows it and holds it in that lack of suffering peace. Allowing what is means exactly that; letting the good and bad be experienced 100% in your consciously chosen grounded state of awareness. Allowing heals and changes it to the new default of correct Presence.

You will have several further deepenings or Awakenings in this phase. Each time a little more identification with the mind and ego drops away. You become more comfortable with the Stillness of step 3 Presence and step 4 the Nothingness of the Correct Presence Practice. You will notice that your practice is becoming more consistent and tangible in more and more situations.

You will start to experience that you can concurrently have a tangible awareness of Presence when various emotions run. Initially, Presence may be there in some situations and not in others. You will find some emotions become easier to be Present with emotions like sadness and mild fear. The stronger emotions of terror and anger will be much more difficult to remain in Presence with. One day you will experience strong anger and yet remain fully Present as it moves through you. That will be an ah-ha moment you will certainly remember. This is an indicator that your Presence practice is becoming strong.

An unexpected by-product that happens in this phase is that your capacity to numb out and not feel things will decrease, possibly dramatically. All of a sudden small things are felt as fully as the big things. Previously, you may have been able to shrug them off, but now you feel them as if all your skin has been peeled off.

This is a good sign. Your defenses to being conscious have dropped, and that is because you can feel properly. Your ability to transmute and hold the unconscious is growing strong. Denial is a capacity you are now losing. Just when you thought life was going to be full of bliss, you start feeling more stuff! This journey is never what we think it will be, unfortunately!

A key indicator of this phase is that you will still need to actively practice to enter Presence. Sometimes it will be almost instant, while at other times, in the down cycle, it may take considerable effort. Vigilance and consistency are the hallmarks of this phase. Never give up regardless of how good, and you become lazy with practice, or difficult it may seem. The grind of effort will be rewarded if you keep developing the habit of Presence entry, and checking the 4 steps of Presence practice. You are claiming your conscious volitional attention, it is worth the effort. Proper Abidance phase 3 will be yours soon if you stick at it, then it's become very easy and almost no-doer effortless. But yes, volition is still required, or falling back asleep can happen. Reverting to phase 1 Got it Lost it as the old unconscious habits retake you is a heartbreaking lesson if you get lazy.

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