Self Responsibility

Pillar No4 part 2/2

Self Responsibility is a foundational aspect of being a mature person, let alone being Awake! The degree of Self Responsibility has a direct mathematical effect on your Awakening. Enlightenment is a simple practice and process of being responsible for your attention placement. Only you can choose to be Present, that is your primary responsibility. Watch the video, it will require re-watching as it covers many layers and aspects. This is a 2018 legacy video before the 9 pillar framework and #4 ingredient summary were published. This video indicates why self responsibility holds pillar No4 as a critical aspect in Awakening and human life in general.

Be you own Guru

Self Responsibility can only be yours!

Self Responsibility is a core Law of Grace, it is a base multiplier in the math of Enlightenment that will determine how fast or slow you progress into the phases of Awakening. It's tough, and you have to be relentless. This is why I suggest a few key strategies to help:

1. Use a Presence diary/success journal daily. This is used to capture your process, insights and evidence of practice.

2. Watch and re-watch all the videos on my website. Question and watch for the evidence in your life. Subscribe and watch the YouTube channel videos until the habit forms in all life activities. I did this by listening to Eckhart Tolle's audio from 2003 to 2007 until I permanently Awoke to Abiding Presence. I did listen to the Power of Now and New Earth over 100 times as little material regarding Presence practice was available back then. It helped me to keep checking in on my Presence steps. Many of my videos prompt your Correct Presence Practice, few other teachers do this.

3. Deepen your skillset and learn Correct Presence Practice with the introductory course by the same name or the massive Laws of Grace online course course. Any video in a paid course is set up as a Correct Presence Practice session. This includes all the healing courses like the Golden Ray and Awakened Lineage Reiki. All courses come with at least one coaching session to check you are practicing correctly and to answer your personal questions.

4. For extra support and a community of people to hang with there is a limited number private Mastery Club. We are what we hang around, and this is pillar No6 in the framework.

5. Coaching. Nothing beats personal feedback as we are all unique. This is especially the case with the tough unconscious issues that are termed here as pillar No8 blind spots. This is where real feedback will save you years to decades of being stuck. While blind spots are difficult and usually denied they are the gateway to your life and soul lessons.

Self responsibility means you are 100% responsible for your own happiness and Enlightenment. Only you and your choice of attention placement and choices of activities will bring you to real Awakening that is apparent in your daily life.

Emotions and reactions: Do you own your emotions? Do you react when emotions arise? Nobody can make you feel a certain way. Watch unconscious people, they will always blame another for their feeling state. They will use emotional blackmail to bend another person to do something. To take responsibility means any feeling state that arises is 100% yours, and yours only. This helps develop your emotional intelligence. This is where you realise you need to be the owner, thus responsible for any emotion that arises.

Buying into the collective mindset: As your awareness deepens you will notice the subtle collective, family and group patterns. Do you play into them? The point with this is to see it. Be responsible so that you can be true to your own truth (regardless of what that is). Then decide do I play that game or not? It is then up to you do you speak up or go with the flow with the others in that group. Once you consciously address this in Presence you can your choices and actions are Law Zero. A simple example is do you walk across an empty road when the crossing light is red? You may get fined for jaywalking if seen by law enforcement. However, it's still a choice of following the collective unconscious mindset or a conscious choice.

CAUTION: Discipleship

to a Guru or teacher

Discipleship to a Guru or teacher: Many Gurus and some teachers weaken personal responsibility by saying or implying you hand over your authority or responsibility to them. If a Guru or authority figure says something like this then it is a fact that they are trying to control and weaken your self responsibility. Please keep your pillar No9 common sense. Learn the cult indicators.

Only you are responsible for your actions, attention and outcomes. If the Guru is truly Grace-based they will know that they cannot personally decide if God bestows Awakening on you or not. That is God's Will which is also termed Thy Will. To anyone who claims this ability is trying to violate your free-will which is the basis of your volitional attention. This is often how a manipulative teacher can set up a cult and manipulate. You do the work, God's Grace will assist. A Guru's or teacher's job is to assist you in mastering yourself.

If the Guru or teacher is genuinely Enlightened their Presence will assist with their bandwidth. Support is pillar No6 in the framework for this reason. Spending time with others who are practicing Presence supports you energetically. The bandwidth of a truly attained teacher/Guru will assist you to feel and become used to the vibration of Presence and the Divine. That is all.

Initiations, sakthiput (touching or blessing you) which zaps you with energy are just temporary phenomena. Your ability to maintain that Divine zap comes down to your Presence abilities you have developed. My personal example of this was my 2015 visit to Sakthi Amma in India in 2015. Her bandwidth helped me deepen from phase 5 Got it Lost it Transpersonal to phase 6 non-Abiding Transpersonal. On my return to Melbourne, I maintained that Divine Transpersonal consciousness for over 9 months by myself while active in normal daily life and society.

A real Guru or teacher will not want to take your authority from you. They will respect your choices as they will be living the essence of Law Zero themselves. Please apply the Rules of Evidence and see that they behave this way. Evidence does not lie, only humans do.

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Plain language Teenager version

pillar No9: Applies to all areas of life

Here is the student version a teenager can understand. This demonstrates pillar No9 is common sense. Self Responsibility applies not just to Awakening but to all areas of life. Listen to my language, it is free of spiritual concepts. This is why this website and teaching are firmly against vague language, truisms, theory and assumptions. Enlightenment specifics are easily usable once you ground them within the structures of the 9 pillar framework.

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