Enlightenment Specifics

to avoid vague brainwashing

Vague language causes brainwashing, bad habits, laziness and stagnation. This stops swift evidence based Enlightenment. To Awaken so it's 100% real in your life you'll need specifics so you can practice and enter it with exactness. Then you can improve your connection to the Divine. Focus on the exact details, hunt them out then test it. The only thing that counts is your No3 Evidence you experience. This can be a real challenge. Coaching by an expert can assist you the most to master your Awakening journey.

Habitually Specific

a great habit to develop

There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Find exact methods that you like and test them. What are the evidential outcomes when life presents lessons? You will be tested. Your ability to deal with a situation and get the best outcomes is proof of your progress. To use your ingredient #4 volitional attention to experience your depth, durability and consistency of Correct Presence entry demonstrates your Awakening.

Your unconscious mind accepts delusional nonsense very easily. Vague theories, truisms and generalisations play into how the unconscious mind works. Your unconscious mind, pillar No5, is the majority of you. Your unconscious mind thinks and behaves like a 5-year-old child. Hence unless you apply volition as an adult you'll fall asleep. This is our pillar No7 structure to operate this way. Thus you need to be the volitional adult and nurture your unconscious mind into the right habit.

Thus you need to relate to the majority of you as if it is a 5 year old child. Regardless of how Enlightened you become while you have a physical body the prime directives of the unconscious mind will determine your default habits. In the legacy video mind mastery, I make it clear your mind is merely a toothbrush. Use is as the tool it is rather than having that tool run you and keep you in suffering and bad habits that are not Awake and volitional.

In the Inner Engineering book video, narrated by Sadhguru Jaggie Vasudev, he labels the non-volitional state as cabbage-hood. Sadhguru equates this to having a lobotomy (at 4 minutes into his 9 hour audio book). What a fantastic phrase cabbage-hood is as vegetables do not have volitional attention. This is a stark label and illustrates beautifully why this AwakenedEssence methodology strongly points out vague and dangerous linguistics.

It is your own Law Zero, especially the self responsibility aspect that requires you to actively acquire the specifics. You need to examine your spiritual practice and your teachers' words and actions. Then you apply your volition to master it so the evidence happens in your life. The level of this correct habit being easy and default (ie: unconscious habit as the reaction) is the measure of your success. Hence Enlightenment is no different from tennis. The difference is anyone, if they apply this framework, can win the Grand Slam Melbourne Cup trophy of phase 3 Abiding Awakening and phase 4 Matured Enlightenment.

This video shows I had recently been tested as my thumb is bandaged up. I accidentally tried to cut my thumb off. This event tested me for my Presence depth and ability to work with my body's shock process, adrenalin and problem-solving while bleeding. Then to use my Presence to assist the process of getting medical help smoothly and safely. To add complexity to this event I recorded it. Make it real so it's not just a theory on Enlightenment. It is the practical nuts and bolts of being a human. That [coming soon] page and video explore my internal processes and how I use my spiritual practice in action.

Assume = Ass-U-Me

Assume = Ass-u-me
Assumptions make an ass of yourself & others
An assumption isn't evidence
Assumptions need to be tested for evidence

Assumptions are the unconscious mind's way of dealing with confusion, context and creating meaning. We are hardwired to assume. Generalisations, vague language, assumptions and plausibility allow us to function in the world.

However, if genuine Enlightenment or just plain happiness is your drive then the implications of assumptions are critical. Be specific so you know you are entering these desired states of consciousness. Many spiritual assumptions are challenged in this website and videos for you to test.

To not assume but to check the specific steps of Correct Presence Practice means it is an actual fact in your life. This is the specific doing. Assuming like non-duality does that you are already God, for example, makes a complete ass-of-u-and-me as it simply is not true unless validated.

This word play illustrates something profound. Mull this for six months, test it. Then you'll have significant evidence if this section of text is true.

Vague is Dangerous

SAFETY FIRST then enjoy

Vague language allows brainwashing to impact you. Our unconscious mind, pillar No5, has the mentality of a 5 year old child. This psychological fact has massive implications. As an adult, it is easy to discount this hardwired response, but it still plays out at the unconscious level. Plausibility, truisms (eg: there is only now) and good-sounding things are taken on by our most important 5 year old, the bigger us that is our unconscious mind. Structure always rules content. The content of your mental and emotional bodies obeys your structure. This framework works with your structures.

It's just a matter of #1 What do you want and the motivation aspects to apply until it's the default habit.

Repetition creates habits. Our prime directives, which are our unconscious mind's operational laws, ensure these incorrect habits happen until you learn and install a better one. Our consciousness is mathematical. The most used habit is the default setting that happens first and most easily. Reflect, this fact is pillar No9 Common Sense and its implications are profound.

So enjoy this video on vague language, as with any of my videos it is unique. I don't script I speak from my unconscious mind and its alignment with Presence. Hearing all this material in its many different ways and repeatedly helps it to sink in.

Undoing your internal hypnosis requires consciously applied repetition and application. This overlays the bad habit with your preferred inner truths so you operate from wisdom.

Give time to your Correct Presence Practice. Also listen to audio, videos and reading material aligned with your #1 desired what do you want outcome. Your unconscious habits take time to undo. These current habits have been your operational software for all your life plus the 9 months of womb time. So how do you change these deeply ingrained habits? Of course, Correct Presence application is the answer.

I have stated since 2012 when this website went live that five years or less to phase 3 Abiding Awakening is attainable for most. This is pillar No9 common sense outcome if the correct habit is practiced enough. Learning a new habit deeply if done intensively takes less time. If a student is lazy and does not practice enough the deeply default unconscious habits remain predominant.

These mathematical implications are a research topic in the Mastery Club. I do suspect that the more intensive a person is, if doing Presence correctly, the faster phase 3 Abidance will be. Conversely, if a person does not apply Correct Presence enough the time spent doing the ineffective will be much greater. Thus it's a very long path of decades to lifetimes. My observations over the past two decades confirm this proposition regarding many do enter phase 2 or phase 3 of the Awakening journey.

The 9 pillar framework also points out the stumbling blocks. Law Zero of being self honest and self responsible is the first big factor. This is required so you learn and apply Correct Presence Practice. Humanity is trapped in blaming others and making everyone else responsible. The pandemic demonstrated this extremely clearly in many ways. Most seekers of Enlightenment may use words of ownership, but their conduct is evidence to the contrary or vast numbers would be in phase 3 Abidance. Enlightenment is no biggie, it's just very rare.

Pillar No8 blind spots may also be a big stumbling block to phase 3 Abiding Awakening. These denial-rich deeply ingrained habits can be a significant hindrance. I've certainly seen blind spot dynamics holding back very capable people from a fast journey to Abidance.

The mathematical computations in the Laws of Grace course make this a blunt reality. Interpreting the mathematics of your Laws of Grace course requires a personal session with me to interpret what they say. It is important to contextualise what these mathematical indicators mean, then you can adjust your ingredient #1 What do you want - so you can do it. This is why the Laws of Grace course has at least 2 sessions included in the purchase price.

One-on-One Sessions: Personal Feedback is best

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