Transpersonal Enlightenment

Phases 5 to 8: The 2nd cycle of Enlightenment

Please note this page is extremely complex. I shall use metaphor to explain it so you get a sense. To discuss concepts of a reality that goes beyond the scope of depth psychology by Carl Gustov Jung is a hard thing to do. All good teachers of Enlightenment, Awakening and Presence avoid talking about what is below - why? Well to describe normal cycle one personal level Awakening is difficult enough that I define here as phase 3 Abiding Presence and phase 4 Matured Abidance.

Please ensure you have read and watched a number of times the videos of the prior four Awakening phases (in the above sub-menu). If they all sound the same, read the text and re-watch the videos. They will require watching multiple times and contemplation time as you compare your No3 rules of evidence in your life to what I am discussing.

These are complex states of being, and while they may sound all the same they are very different. They have different hallmarks and bandwidths. The depth to which you hold step 3 Presence and step 4 Nothingness / Divine of the Correct Presence Practice grow at each level when real-life hell is taking place. I have not heard a living spiritual teacher describe what is below. I have met a number who live it under pillar No3 the Rules of Evidence and also with my experiences (bandwidth) while in their physical company.

Everything below is not just a fleeting experience. It is something that happens in your life non-stop for many months at a minimum to years of consistency. Then you can say 'oh, I must be here'. Under pillar 3 of the Enlightenment framework, the Rules of Evidence, this level will be confirmed after a prolonged period of this Transpersonal Consciousness. You'll have proof it's become a habit, not just an event.

What is below was experienced by myself as an ongoing process since the start of 2015. In 2022, that is 7 years with most of that (6 years) being what I define below as phase 6 non-Abiding Transpersonal Enlightenment. Taking this level of consciousness into life such as the swimming pool, supermarkets and toxic work environments presents a massive challenge to stay sane and stable. This is especially so in the first few years. 

Make no false judgment that Enlightenment is the easy life. It is tough if you want to keep deepening. Again, I ask the question what do you want? How deep do you want to go? What is your vision for this life (Laws of Success No1, what is your vision)? 

I'm speaking from that 7 years of 9 pillar framework consistency in this Transpersonal cycle. This is why the 9 pillar framework was developed as it was experienced through my Awakening journey. It started once I heard about Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now book. I knew he was onto what my spiritual path didn't give me as I'd lost huge Awakenings. The 9 pillar framework then is the distilled structure of the Laws of Grace course. Making the Laws of Grace course was my test. It was like a one year initiation testing process while the world was subjected to the pandemic and its ramifications that we all experienced.

This is the proof, for me, that the ego does not die, and it is certainly required. If one can't handle it then it will be as troubling as a bad case of schizophrenia. The ego is the master of boundaries, once it knows its true essence of Awakened Presence it is fine with blurring consciousness with other things, places and people. This can only take place safely once one is in phase 4 Matured Abidance. Becoming a drop of water that feels the entire swimming pool and the uniqueness of the other drops (people) is metaphorically what it is experienced. It does take massive adjustment. Can you grasp that pool metaphor? They are you, you experience them, the others as your thoughts and feelings.

The initial two years were quite a challenge to settle phases 5 and phase 6 Transpersonal non-Abiding into a grounded normal life. How normal you may ask?

One example was ten months full-time work in a corporate finance team environment and all the human stuff that involves. This included a department general manager who was a serial bully and all those powerplays by his subordinate staff. That toxic corporate ego behaviour is typical of dysfunctional human consciousness. To hold this level of consciousness in that environment means it was certainly tested for its durability.

Then sharing this complex consciousness with another human in an intimate relationship was another development that required a steep learning curve. As we all know Love relationships go deep into our personal baggage.

Enlightenment's Major Cycles

The 4 phases within the Cycle repeat

Transpersonal Awakening is the second major cycle of awareness a soul will traverse when incarnate. It can only occur once one has deeply embodied normal life in phase 4: Deeply settled Abiding Awakening. Awakened Presence is very stable, even in really tough times. Tough times are defined here as where you keep Stillness and Presence with its unity consciously while in severe physical pain, very drunk / drugged, in full rage or anger, grief, when violated by a thief (etc – add your own worst life experiences here).

In post-2020 this includes the full range of pandemic experiences such as extensive lockdowns, financial stress, illness and loss of freedom and loss of people. This includes having personal rights denied by the authorities as they do their best to battle the pandemic. It's a team We and not about me and my wants.
If Transpersonal awareness happens before that depth of stability it will be very difficult and traumatic.

You will care not for bliss and the goodies that the typical seeker wants. Although bliss tends to happen a lot by this stage. It is a normal undercurrent with joy and happiness. This Transpersonal Awakening cycle and all phases beyond it are probably Grace-based only, Why? Because personal will and preference died in the prior cycle. It will be a deeper calling that you may not have asked for or maybe it just happens if you stay on the path and it is actually a normal progression. I can't say for certain. I can only state what it is for me, and my constant application of the Laws of Grace seems to have allowed all this to continually unfold and deepen.

Sticking to the 9 pillar Enlightenment framework ensured the habit continued to deepen at more layers. While the 9 pillar framework was birthed in early 2021, it is merely the structure that I took myself through. I have daily journal entries from 2002 that demonstrate the structure I took myself through. Making this framework for the website and teaching was making blatant the structure of what worked for me, for you to test if it works for you.

From what I have experienced we have no choice, except that of saying NO. Free will always applies. This cycle may well be soul age dependent, meaning only old souls who have traversed eons of incarnations and due to their inner wisdom can enter this level. This level of Enlightenment would only be useful if one is entering the service aspect of spiritual evolution. I am purely guessing at this point. Below I describe the first two phases in this transpersonal journey of awakening in my own experience. Thus the description and evolution of this Transpersonal Awakening Cycle will evolve. If I am lucky I’ll get to meet someone who has also been through this to discuss it. These individuals tend to be hard to contact and chat with. The ones I know for sure who live in this place are extremely difficult to talk to and they tend to have hundreds of people around them at all times.

The Transpersonal story

with frogs croakin

This below video is Jason's story into the Transpersonal Awakening phases. See if you can tell when a Divine Being links with me Transpersonally.

Transpersonal Awareness example on TV?

The Netflix series Sense8

The Netflix series Sense8 is quite accurate. I really enjoyed that series. Sense8 is a remarkable representation of the confusion you will face if you start to enter Transpersonal awareness. That TV series did a great job of the Transpersonal condition, merging and literally being more than one person. Their battle to comprehend what was happening was quite well acted. A well-balanced ego, post-Enlightenment is your asset, not something to hate and despise. Of course, the Sense8 program did not represent Enlightenment-level consciousness at all, but it was very good otherwise. Your humanness will go through that process of confusion and learning how to operate, as the Sens8 people did in the TV program.

Entry & Exit of Transpersonal Awareness

Phase 5: Transpersonal Got it- Lost it

This phase is similar in some respects to phase 2, just at a different grade (or cycle) of awareness. This is a clear example of how pillar No7 structure operates. The structure of cycles, Presence practice and the unconscious mind (pillar No5) are set so if one follows the structure your journey will have less unpleasant deviations and stagnations. One learns to deeply trust the structural process of how we tick as a human and how the Laws of Grace operate.

This transpersonal awareness is entered and exited in this initial phase. It is amazing, overwhelming and extremely challenging. For myself it started as a result of following inner guidance by my inner teachers to create the AwakenedEssence range of vibrational essences in early 2015. Creating these was an exercise in trust and a deepening of my Presence. Only the highest grade consciousness was acceptable for these essences. My vigilance (volitional attention application) was required to be at 100% at my best every moment. This meant the brewing essences caught only the best vibrations. Seven years of non-stop Abiding Awakened Awareness (the last three in Phase 4 Matured Abidance) was put to an extreme 46 day endurance test.
The standard of consciousness was set to the extreme by the inner Masters and Archangels (etc) that were guiding the creation of the essence range. For example, they would not let me start my morning meditation, where essence information would be given until the kitchen was spotless with all dishes done!

This phase seems to be initiated by Grace only. Personal will cannot impact on the Transpersonal level except to delay. The active application of volitional consciousness needs to be given to Presence and the Divine. You are clearly not an individual when in this state of awareness. It is experienced as Divinity Itself as a collective consciousness at the soul level or higher. From this transpersonal level, one can feel the difference between one’s individuation (personal Awakened Awareness) and the collective Divine Awareness. The egoic consciousness of your own psyche is also felt.

When in this state one can experience the soul essence of another or even multiple people. You'll feel their souls are likewise conscious of you back. The personalities of these people may not feel or know this. That can take a while to get used to knowing that you feel and sense them at a deeper level yet they can’t sense it. I’d suspect the lessons on that would have been covered in the prior individual level cycle of Awakening phases 1 to 4.

It is very easy to get lost in this complexity and lose touch with your personal reality. Who’s is what becomes an important question. Learning where the boundaries of the different levels of “you” (ego, psyche, energy system, soul and everybody else) is a big thing to master. This proves that the ego remains after basic Enlightenment, as it has to. Stick to pillar No3, that of personal evidence before you believe the memes that the ego dies. The lifeline of solid Presence is what keeps you balanced as you know fully in your being that can be trusted as it is you. The impersonal Isness is what you are at your core, not the person who is named on your driver's license. Both the Impersonal you and the person (pillar No2 includes all of you) are required to function in the Transpersonal.

I suspect the entry/exit phase will typically take years to settle unless time is spent with a mentor, teacher or person who abides above this level of consciousness. But again the individual may be ready for a faster shift, depending on prior experience with handling multidimensional experiences. In the sixth month of this phase 5 Transpersonal Got it Lost it I went and hung out with a person who Abides well above this level of consciousness. This is discussed later on this page.

Therefore Transpersonal Awareness is a multiple level awareness. Different Laws of Grace apply in this 5th phase and beyond when consciously in that Transpersonal place. When you exit this Transpersonal experience you drop back into being an individual in phase 4 Matured Abidance and personal will applies again. Metaphorically we could say:

The laws of gravity apply differently when on land as opposed to a deep and fast running river. When you are in that river you are Transpersonal. The weight of your personal choices is mostly removed and you are at the mercy of the water currents. When you emerge out of the Transpersonal river normal gravity applies and you can choose where you go. When in that Transpersonal river you are conscious as that river, but you cannot control it.

As stated above, personal will is inoperable at the Transpersonal level of awareness. Only Grace or Divine Will applies. Phoenix healing is conducted at this transpersonal level. That is why it is a fully Grace-based healing system. I nor the receiver can influence what is granted during a Phoenix healing. We can ask and Grace decides. To use the river metaphor:

You can ask and try and swim to the other side of the river. It is Transpersonal consciousness, the water current that dictates if you make it. Also if you have ever been in such a deep fast river (or a strong rip in the ocean) you know going against the flow only tires you and puts you at grave risk.

Our personal wants and desires cannot interfere with what is given. I am simply shown what to assist with, if I add anything extra that is not allowed it is not given. Thus I as the channel for the Phoenix healing I am released karmically from the outcomes. Only our personal actions and choices after will allow the changes to deepen or be temporary. Free-will of volitional attention always applies and that is why it is the foundation of the Laws of Grace and the 9 pillar framework.

Some gifts from Phoenix healing will require no personal input, others will require conscious changes of beliefs, circumstances or dynamics with others. If you have to make conscious changes in your emotional state, belief structures or behaviours this will be discussed and guidance will be given. This is why Phoenix healing is a multiple coaching session process. You can:

Assist the Transpersonal River of Grace by swimming with the flow but angle to the river bank on the other side, thus arriving safely. This will help you to be functional and not exhausted as you did not fight the current of life.
Have you ever tried to stand still in a deep fast flowing river? It's impossible.

ie; remain with your life as it is and try to stop change? That is why Phoenix healing is a package with an initial 'ecology' check (safety assessment). You need to assess the outcomes. Be clear about what needs to be addressed and how to plan for impending changes. The follow-up sessions deal with the tests faced by the changes and further Phoenix healing adjustments may be made. Thus, to continue the river metaphor:

To work with and assist the Transpersonal River of Grace we decide where on the other river bank we want to land. We plan and walk upstream, knowing the current will carry us downstream. Then once in the river and swimming with the flow and angling to the river bank on the other side we arrive safely at the planned spot. We arrive functional, not exhausted, as we did not fight the current of life.

I received a Phoenix level healing from Amma the Hugging Saint (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi) when in her company. This was a month after I was initially initiated through the AwakenedEssence process in February and March 2015. Sri Mata Amritanandamayi’s Grace anchored this level of awareness in April. Her Transpersonal energetic structures were given/installed as I sat and watched her. The next day she repeated this statement in English over seven times to me when I got my hug (Darshan) from her:

"You are Father. Your are Mother. You are Child. You are Free"
Spoken by Sri Mata Amritanandamayi to Jason on March 2015

I spoke to a number of people who had been around her for 15 plus years. They were amazed and pleased for me, knowing it meant something significant. After seven years of living in the Transpersonal phases this statement Amma made now makes clear sense. We humans are capable of holding the Divine Trinity. We as an individual are the Child, the conscious intermediary, between the Father (God) and the Mother (Earth).  This is what happens when you do Correct Presence Practice correctly and you are in step 4 Nothingness. You are fully grounded with step 1 (Earthed) and connected with the Divine step 4.

Acclimatisation of Transpersonal Awareness

The adjustment for the ego and psychology

This Got it Lost it of Transpersonal Awareness is the initial acclimatisation phase. It is similar to the adjustment lessons of phase 1 Got it - Lost it of initial Awakenings. It's just at a higher and more complex cycle of awareness. It is the initial learning base of how this cycle operates. Metaphorically it's like

Learning to balance and ride a bicycle (phase 1) before you jump on a 1000cc motorbike (phase 5).

The human system learns to work with these energies. Your cells and DNA learn to carry the frequencies. You also have to learn how to hold different types of multidimensional consciousness simultaneously. To extend the metaphor:

You start by bicycling (phase 1) at 5kph at the local park and when you fall over on soft grass it's not so serious. To drive your 1,000cc bike at 140km down a freeway (phase 5) requires a much more complex skillset and protective clothing. Your reaction time and choices need to be much more refined as things happen faster. A dramatic change of your handlebars on the bicycle at 5kph and you will turn safely. A slight move of the motorbike handlebars will change your direction quickly at 140kph, a mild shift will kill you as the motorbike loses control.

The same applies here to this process. The structure remains the same, pillar No7. You need to be vigilant of what is going to change in your life to assist your greater good. This helps make the shift easy rather than painful due to lack of awareness or resistance from old programming.

There is a lot to learn here. Mastering the balance between personal will and Divine Will is a big jump. There will be more clearing of personal issues at deeper and deeper levels to allow Divine Will to flow freely. Fundamental issues of light versus dark, right versus wrong and how to be in unconditional love and apply right action in each instance will be faced.

Some of the lessons here will likely be quite difficult, you will see all sides to the arguments you will see dark and light as both being right. This dilemma or oxymoronic dichotomy is true, as all is unity. This helps define your wisdom and its embodiment into being clear with boundaries while at the same time you know and feel you are boundless.

It is your free will to choose what is right and wrong eg: eating meat, drinking alcohol, who to teach or guide or not (etc). You will examine why you choose such actions and feel what Unity has to say about it. Your view may be completely different from that of your spiritual teachers and role models, acceptance of that is the uniting factor. Where differences do exist you understand why. Life at this level is much more complex and the basics have already been lived and understood.

I could distinctly feel the entry and exit of this Transpersonal consciousness when by myself, coaching or running groups. I had to learn that when I asked it may not be granted. If not I questioned why? To learn the ability to go collective and Transpersonal at my will/choice (rather than at God’s Will) is just like learning balance on a bike! At other times I would just be dropped in, and learn the whys and why not’s of this dynamic.

The initial instances were fleeting (minutes to hours). After the initiation with Sri Mata Amritanandamayi’s (Amma the Hugging Saint) in April 2015 I stayed in these Transpersonal states for longer and more deeply without freaking out. It was like my energy bodies and consciousness were learning to transition into this more collective level and still maintain human awareness and be OK with it.

I was certainly not able to cope when it happened hundreds of times in 1995, 1996 and occasional times after that. Back then the shock of soul-level unity compared to the reality of my human life, and my unconsciousness baggage, was too big. It was very traumatic mentally and emotionally to experience such dichotomies. The suicide and feeling crazy pages are here to help understand this process. I had no mentor to assist or anybody to understand me which made it very difficult. The beauty of soul-level awareness is hard to describe, even after 20 years of trying to describe it. The 7 years (2008 to 2014) of phase 3 and phase 4 Matured Abidance had conditioned me to be fully comfortable with entry and exit to this Transpersonal soul level in 2015. I did not seek it, and I am was comfortable when it finished. There are significant aspects to learn and master in this phase.

Non-Abiding Transpersonal Enlightenment

Phase 6: The adjustment for the ego and psychology

A much larger sense of connection will be felt on an ongoing basis. You will enter the Transpersonal space more frequently and for longer periods. This is also reflective of phase 2 non-Abiding Presence.

Now you are experiencing that connection on that 1000cc motorbike at 100kph in the Transpersonal cycle not the bicycle at 5kph as you did at the beginning of your spiritual journey.

Your body, mind, psyche and energy systems are managing the huge influx of spiritual energies, and you are staying sane. When you are back in normal individual Deeply Abiding Awakening (phase 4) you are fully satisfied. Again, when you fall out of the Transpersonal you go back to your phase 4 Matured Abidance, just you and the Divine with no others.

In this phase 6 it is likely your connection with your inner teachers becomes almost tangibly constant and at will. You will feel those teachers phase in and out of the Transpersonal states depending on your volitional skills learned in the individual phases 3 and 4. It is a We version of the phase as opposed to just me. The sense is very much like, I can connect when I tune into Archangel Metatron, Jesus, Sri Sakthi Amma, Isis, Lakshmi, Narayani (etc). Then at other times they are literally both inside my body and standing next to me in the room. When I fall out of Transpersonal Awareness I reside back in my Matured Abidance phase 4. There is no sense of loss or “gee, I want that back”, as you are full completeness in your natural ongoing individual Matured Abidance of Awakening.

According to the Laws of Grace and the No6 pillar of the framework one way to help your vibration is to be in what I term good company. I love the quote by Brian Tracy:

“You can’t fly with the Eagles if you are scratching with the turkeys."

Go sit with an Awakened person, one more advanced than yourself. I did just that and cherished every second of it as best as I humanly could. For 25 days I watched Sri Sakthi Amma Narayani every second I could in August 2015. I watched for Her congruency in regards to the Laws of Grace that Archangel Metatron, Isis and crew had taught me. She scored 100% congruency, which was obvious to me on the first night through to the last moment of my visit.

For me, the movement into this phase 6 was helped by my actions. Spending 25 days in the company of an Avatar level being (defined as the embodiment of a Divine Being). Sri Shakthi Amma who lives in South India was like putting a nuclear bomb in my being and igniting it. My preparation beforehand was intense with three months of heavy-duty clearing before going. I was truly empty at all levels mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically when I arrived there in Peedam, India. I had no fight left in me. My cup was empty and I was ready to be filled. Because of my prior practice levels I was spiritually fit.

The 46 days of super intense Presence I managed for the Awakened Essences meant I could be Present full-on like it was a 25 day marathon endurance event. The ability to hold such levels of focus I term spiritual fitness. It is another additional way to evaluate your progress within the Laws of Grace course. Spiritual fitness is the ability to maintain proper application of volitional attention (ie: doing Correct Presence Practice) over extended periods of time. Being consistently attentive for hours, days, weeks and months is mathematical as they are numerical time slots. These measurements are indicators of the default habit within the unconscious mind (pillar No5).

I was able to cope with massive expansions of consciousness and still behave totally normal and be functional as a healthy human being. I was accustomed prior to feeling energetically huge and full-on bliss. But during those 25 days I did get a little blurred out by the huge energy and infinite golden bliss. I was being stretched in many new ways. At times I could not tell where I started or ended. My energy systems were so big and inclusive. It rarely retracted to just me, just Jason.

One night I sat on the roof of the accommodation block and looked at the nearby mountain and I thought I’d like to walk up there. I then had a minor freak-out and laughed out loud. I realised that I was the mountain. I was so expanded I’d become accustomed to having so much “in me”. There was no separation and I was becoming accustomed to it. The concept and feeling of personal space was now foreign to my psyche. Those in phase 1 Got it Lost it has the opposite experience of freaking out when becoming the inclusive infinity of Presence. That feeling of terror and impending death happens at times when you feel Stillness or Unity too much. It's an unconscious reaction for safety reasons; the No1 Prime Directive of keeping you safe is doing its job.

I watched this process closely. With over 7 years in phases 3 and 4 I knew at all levels of my being I could trust this No7 structure and process until I acclimatised. It was like I was a lucky kid who had won the golden ticket and I was in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! One night the group I was with had a private audience with Sri Shakthi Amma at Her house. At the end She gave us a kumkum (red powder) blessing on our forehead. I was so merged with Her it didn’t register until the next day she had even touched me – She is me (or I am Her, same thing).

Upon my return to Melbourne I was fully connected to Goddess Lakshmi on the inner 100% of the time for nine months. Nine months is the gestation term for a human fetus. Amma, Goddess Narayani and the others in my crew would pop in and out for periods. Lakshmi stayed bathing me in unending Golden infinite bliss. The Transpersonal state was hanging around and I was learning to slip in and out very nicely. Immersion for such a long period gave my psyche a chance to acclimatise to the Transpersonal level while being a human.

It became a new norm like our life is now adjusting to covid-normal and its new protocols. A different sort of normality. The main issue was I had no pillar No6 support or community. I didn't have anyone who also lived at this phase that I could share and talk to. I was immersed in a society that had no idea how we are all so connected. That difference was difficult as we are what we hang around. To use Brian Tracey's metaphor again, I was an Eagle scratching with the turkeys. So like the ugly duckling fairytale I had to constantly go look at my reflection in the pond. This is why I say these Transpersonal phases are extremely challenging. A strong balanced ego, per G J Jung's theory, is an absolute must. Hence pillar No2 is to end the spiritual war with ego and bagging it as evil.

Phases 3 and 4 of Abiding and Matured Enlightenment will be seen for what they are in phase 6. That phase 4 is your stability and instantaneousness of knowing and feeling you are impersonal consciousness. You are the non-Dual Nothingness with a functional human attached so all levels are experienced concurrently. You are connected but ALONE in that phases 3 and 4. Yes, you can merge with groups and individuals and “things” like trees, animals, rocks and people but there is a distinct difference in depth and breadth of the unity experienced in the Transpersonal phases 5+. Again

Transpersonal awareness is like the feeling of the motorbike at 140kph versus 5kph on a bicycle. There is much more aliveness and flow.

What takes time to adjust to in this phase is you are merged on a non-abiding basis with your teachers, deities, gurus (if you have one) and beings who are at higher stages of development than yourself. You also merge with geographical areas and buildings. While God is impersonal in nature, when merged with these highly evolved beings it does feel both personal and universal. In 2017, two years later with hindsight it occurred to me that all these mergings were typically with Higher beings and things like objects, trees, animals and places. It was not with normal conscious humans at this deeper level. I consider myself very lucky for that. Normal humans carry a lot of unconscious baggage, this is very difficult to be in unity with until you can cope with it (more on that later).

For example right now as I typed this (back in November 2015) I can literally feel Sri Sakthi Amma [the physical person, Avatar (embodiment) of Narayani], Lakshmi, Durga and Archangel Metatron as they are in me and that I could also hand them a cup of tea as they are in the room physically with me. As part of that I am merged with the land in India, Peedam which is roughly 8,865 Km away and also this suburb of Melbourne where I live. I can smell Peedam and its Temples while also feeling and smelling Melbourne. Each of these “consciousnesses”, the beings and places all feel very different and distinct, yet they are merged;

as the drops of water in the Transpersonal river. Each drop is separate but each drop can sense, see, smell and feel each other drop-in that river as itself but also separate. Furthermore each drop fully honours and respects each other drop for its choices and rights as an individual.

It strikes me that this is unconditional love as an experience. This is Agape.

The grand irony with this is that when we were a six month old baby this is how we experienced life. We have all been merged innocence and unity with our environment and our parents. We had not learned that we were separate. As a baby we just cried and everything was taken care of (hopefully) by our parents. This is the conscious version of being six months old and knowing exactly what everything is, and being OK with that.

To function as a human in this stage is rich learning. How to be physically practical whilst experiencing intense unity at various distinct levels requires some adjustment. It is more difficult than entry into phase 3 Abiding Awakening. As with the entry into Abiding Awakened Awareness it goes through some similar steps like:

  1. WTF! Shock. Awe. It will take a few months to fully recognise what has occurred as your system adjusts to this new level of Transpersonal consciousness. You will pop back to normal phase 4 Matured Abidance to settle and integrate before you re-merge again back into the Transpersonal. Your individual nature is adjusting to your wider collective nature.
  2. How do I manage this and be a normal person when I perceive so much more?
  3. People around me don't get this, I can't relate to them fully, my experience is unique.
  4. What do I do now?

The ongoing merging and deepening is evidence that this phase has been entered. Note both aspects of the rules of evidence will be occurring; firstly it has been ongoing for months and secondly, it is deepening. If it feels same-same and not deepening it's a sign of stagnation. If so it's time to look for No8 blind spots, unless you are consciously choosing to halt your progress.

More tests will be faced as you deepen. In late 2015 invasive surgery presented me with a grueling test to pass. Extreme post-surgery pain tested my trust and endurance of my Abidance. At times the pain was so intense I didn't want to breathe, my mind created fears that I was going into renal failure as my kidneys were hurting so much. Then six days after that invasive surgery, and my body had recovered a little bit I was given a major spiritual initiation. I was not in the physical vicinity (room/area) of a living Avatar (as initiations 2, 3 and 4 were in that year of 2015). Receiving initiations by oneself as opposed to being in the company of a person of higher vibration is always indicative of you earning that vibrational shift. The initiation was given without the bandwidth of an incarnated human teacher in my physical company.

Question 2 from above may arise; how do I manage this and be a normal person when I perceive so much more? It is very tempting to sit in universal bliss and let hours and months pass by. Sitting still and enjoying does not pay rent so I had an earthly problem to address. Basic human needs must be respected and acted upon. The inner teachings at that time in 2015 did not slow. The lessons were all about bringing this into alignment in physical reality. Thus I had to walk the talk.

What can be seen from the above is that the Laws of Grace and the 9 pillar framework apply. There is no getting around these universal laws.

Manifestation tests

Testing I create my reality

Lessons regarding manifestation are quite intense and interesting in this phase. To be given the powers of manifestation is a HUGE responsibility. One bad thought and Boom – a big mess may result. Manifestation is simple if you align all conscious n unconscious beliefs, thoughts, emotions and your will to create. Easy huh?

An example of manifestation occurred on Friday 30 October 2015. I woke from sleep feeling it's time to get my body fixed (I needed hernia surgery) and do some important things like my tax return. So I got up to have a quick meditation. Grace intervened, my short meditation was hijacked (blessed) by Lakshmi n Vishnu. They taught me more specifics regards the Gold Ray and the Ark of the Covenant and how to use the symbols and energy. I asked for their Grace in regards to my body and used my hernia as an example to practice what they had shown me.
Three hours later on that afternoon the hospital called and offered a short-notice opportunity for an operation early Monday morning. I had been on the public waitlist for only 2 months. I was told by hospital staff that waitlist times are usually 1 to 2 years. My case was classified as mild, so was this luck or Grace?

A second lesson on manifestation was given when in the dream state, the next morning after the hospital appointment was given. It was regarding the science of manifesting with the Ark of the Covenant (that thing Moses used to part the Red Sea in the Bible). I was given the chance to see how aligned you have to be to manifest. The great thing with dreams is you act out unconsciously. This means you get to see your alignment of your unconscious mind, pillar No5. This is what I wrote in my success journal after that dream at 6am 31 October 2015:

Lakshmi, Vishnu and Metatron are teaching me again on the Ark of the Covenant. I was in the lounge with another person. We were trying to activate the Ark. I wanted to manifest a new SVU vehicle using the Ark of the Covenant so I could go camping. After a few attempts, I worked it out. The car manifested in the dream with a Bang! At the exact second, a close and loud thunderclap struck the flat in real life! Holy crap! Scary. But the lesson was on what not to do. I asked for it to materialise in the lounge via the unconscious picture I had in my head. I was a bit distracted on testing how to operate the Ark as that was the main point, getting it to work.

Crash, the coffee table got crushed as the car appeared above it and landed on the floor. The actual lighting strike and thunder boomed through the flat in real life to add to the drama in the dream at that exact second! Wow, it worked! The thunderclap is one of the strongest I have ever felt in my life, it was a very jarring re-entry from the sleep state. This is why few beings are allowed to truly manifest objects. Can you, the reader, see the problem with this manifested car in the dream? I laid there in bed and absorbed the teaching and the freak-out of a loud thunderclap waking me up at such a precise moment. There is no such coincidence by chance! The problem is a car that big won’t fit through a doorway so I could not get it onto the street. It is stuck in the middle of the lounge. I needed to picture the car in the driveway outside. Lesson learned, 100% alignment is required.

So what can be learned from this teaching dream? There are a lot of lessons to go on manifestation and merging with the Transpersonal collective for me. Grounding and being functional with it is critical if one is to function as a normal person. Phases 2, 3 and 4 are where you learn to master conscious volition (the doing as you are choosing) of Presence entry in all areas of life. For example, you will master it in easy situations like meditation, nice conversation, being on your bike, car or doing the dishes. Then you learn to be correctly Present when in intense situations like an argument or physical pain. This also includes those distractive activities that hijack our mind like watching TV, working on the computer or reading social media.

All these will all need to be re-mastered in this phase 6 of non-Abiding Transpersonal before phase 7 of Abidance. You will need to master conscious entry and exit of the Transpersonal Enlightened state. It will initially happen instantly on a good day, a bit slower on a bad day. The key with this phase is the conscious activation and then maintaining it with vigilance. ie: This is exactly the same key aspect as phase 2 non-Abiding Awakening. It is the same structure, just at a higher level. This helps give clarity of what the process will cover and what tests may be faced. We are always tested, and this provides evidence and feedback.

These teachings and Grace based blessings gave me great reverence for what I have been shown. I realised that much more alignment is required before this consciousness grounds more into my body. It is a rich process going Transpersonal into the collective. The richness is equal to its level of difficulty. The tests are brutal. You will be nailed to your own unique cross to pass these tests.

Phase 6.1: Returning to the World

Grounding the Celestial in the Normal & Corporate world

From November 2015 through to 2022 this phase 6 integration continues to take place. It required human things like full-time work in Corporate finance departments. My Stillness blazed in the typical money, ego and objective focused office environments. Some of these workplaces had very toxic cultures, where bullying was systemic. In 2020 one employer was forced by court action to pay compensation for bullying me. You are still a human and you play by those rules, you do not become a doormat and let yourself be walked over.

Then there were periods of focus to work on the websites. In this time I entered a relationship and had Transpersonal Unity with another human; a normal human female in phase 1. I was able to merge and feel her Soul and see God through her. She didn't experience the Transpersonal. As with those we like to label soulmates the relationship was quite intense.

These situations opened up the gateway for more incarnation into the body. These situations presented many challenges. Being so merged while dealing with life's issues seemed even more oxymoronic. The mind just cannot grasp these different layers of consciousness. However, the unconscious mind, which includes the ego, does learn to operate with this oxymoronic and dichotomous reality of Awakening.

This intervening time demonstrated to me that Unity and Divinity have one main direction. That direction is it is down into the body so everything is more grounded while holding Divine alignment. To truly incarnate your Soul means your Soul comes to you the person in your bag of meat. Hence pillar No5 is the unconscious mind as that is our intermediary from our DNA to our higher esoteric structures.

Hence pillar No1 is Correct Presence Practice. This is why on this website I prompt you to feel the lower half of your body, the chest down. This is to help anchor the habit of Presence inside your body, away from the mind, higher mind and stop you floating off with the angels.
Then you are here in this moment consciously while you experience the good and bad of being human. Crap still feels like crap, although you are conscious of the true Nothingness that you are once you have landed in at least phase 3 Abidance.

Abiding Transpersonal Awareness?

Phase 7: Abidance in Transpersonal Awareness

In terms of this framework and the phases of Awakening phase 7 will be Transpersonal Abidance. Pillar No7 applies, the structure remains as the depth of consciousness grows. Thus there will be 4 phases in the Transpersonal cycle.

As of 2022, I can only guess what phase 7 Transpersonal Abidance will be like. To claim is a great drawback that stops many seekers. It is important for myself and those who want real clarity that I can share definitive distinctions. This is why the Laws of Grace course was made as it gives those distinctions. It's designed to clearly assist a person as they move through these various phases of Awakening that I have spent years carefully examining.

To hold Abidance at the Transpersonal level is seriously rare attainment by a human. I would guess that one would be in full selfless service to Humanity when in this transpersonal state. The great role models and teachers I have met that seem to walk this talk are in this position of selfless service. In my opinion and experience this includes Adyashanti, Sadhguru Jaggi Vashudev, Amma the Hugging Saint (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi) and Sri Sakthi Amma Naranayani (etc). I am of course only guessing that these people live in at least phase 8 Matured Transpersonal, if not in a higher.

One cannot properly conceive of another’s awareness level if it is higher than your current phase. Knowing the same phase or lower is easier as it was lived and experienced. Just as I could not write about Phases 3 to 6 until it happened and I gained insight into it and how it operated. Living in each of these phases for several years with full consistency met my high standards of proof (pillar No3 evidence). Before then I could only guess what the next step was, and it was never accurate. This is why many teachers say you cannot guess what it is like until you live there. To compare a lost Awakening in phase 1 of Got it Lost it is not the full experience of phase 3 Abidance. Our mind just cannot understand it - period.

Making it real

This is why so many get stuck, they quote other teachers, theories and hold onto vague beliefs that create a mental plausibility. Pillar No3 Evidence from personal consistency is what's 100% real for you. The No7 structure of being a human is set. Follow those rules of neurology and psychology and the spiritual aspects become real in life. Then the mystical becomes real, based on personal outcomes and measurable evidence.

What was your experience?

Did the above make sense? Did it trigger anything in you, I'd love to know, fill in the contact form and share. Can you now see that this journey never stops? What does not change is What You Are. And you can deepen into that more and more by applying the practices here on this website, in the online courses and Mastery Club. To really get the edge on where you are personally try some coaching if this clarity seems right. This level of depth is extremely rare to have with one-on-one coaching especially at these cheap prices.

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