Enlightenment includes ALL of you

Pillar No2: Ending the internal war with your ego, emotions & mind

Your psychology, ego, mind and emotions are here to serve you. The typical spiritual approach to treat ego, mind and emotions as bad and evil, merely sets up the internal war to hold back Presence, peace, joy and all that good stuff! These structures are here to help you Awaken. If you want to see how, watch the video below.

Being at war with yourself is the second greatest block to Presence and your permanent Abiding Awakening. Presence and God have no problems with any part of you, as they both "allow what is". Resistance is mental or emotional war with parts of yourself. Presence is wholeness and allowance of all of you. Step 4 in the Correct Presence Practice is connection with the impersonal Divine, who certainly loves and allows all of you just as you are. Thus Pillar 1 Correct Presence Practice is the simple cure, as you feel your resistance, chatty head, emotional issues in that allowing space that you are. Sounds simple, but it does require proper application to enter Presence and the allowance of the Divine at Step 4. This conscious action of being in Presence is the greatest healing balm there is!

There are numerous spiritual myths and beliefs propagated by teachers and spiritual methodologies that are incorrect or impossible for most people. Choose a system and practice that gives you the ability to move forward, rather than set expectations that are impossible. This Enlightenment framework is based in real life and things you have control over. Your Presence skill set will grow as you nurture it. Yes, feeling the not nice things is a requirement, but you can be at peace as that happens, as that is what Presence is. You grow this muscle with correct Presence to be here with it all.

Where is the war within you?

If you examine the 4 Steps to Correct Presence Practice you will notice that the internal war is typically within Step 2, "The inner body", as Eckhart Tolle would term it. Thus the conflict of a desired outcome not being met is in your emotional body or mind. If you want to take the spiritual approach perhaps a chakra (etc) or some other esoteric structure is where the problem originates. This is still Step 2 in this Presence process. This then impacts your Step 1, the body. It creates tension or pain and maybe even sickness.

Keeping up the resistance by judging it as bad helps to maintain discord. Healing and resolution is then much more difficult. The trick is being persistent with your Correct Presence Practice and entering Step 3 Presence as best and as often as possible. The mere allowance of your greater you to "let it be", gives it a chance to resolve through it being felt 100%. Yes, to feel emotions, limiting beliefs and nasty internal dialogue is unpleasant, but your Presence is very accepting. This is the magical alchemy of Presence.

If you want to speed up the peace treaty to end the internal war with the current issue, then inquiry will help speed it up. I term inquiry as the power tool, as it uses your Presence to heal all layers vertically, all at the same time, from higher-self-lower-self (ego, emotions and psychology) to the body and DNA in one hit. If you want assistance then book a coaching session.

Dispel silly spiritual myths

There is a long list of impossible or difficult myths that pervade the spiritual community about what is required for Enlightenment. Most of these are pure fable, or may well be true for extremely advanced cycles of Enlightenment. Most of these extreme fables and popular meme based beliefs are well beyond Transpersonal Awakening, the 2nd cycle of Enlightenment. Given the extreme rareness of Enlightenment Level 1 as defined here on this website, it is best we stick to a measurable reality that anyone can attain.

This is why this 9 Pillar Enlightenment Framework is here, free, as a course for you to evaluate and test. With this framework you can truly get a specific grasp on your progress, assuming Pillars No4 Law Zero and No8 Blind Spots are considered. Clarity of outcomes and specific steps help you form the right habits and give the feedback loop for you to improve and deepen.

Let's consider one of the "fairy stories" that are spoken as if valid: You need to have a silent mind. While you may experience this, ask yourself the question. Does Presence and Grace (God, Step 4) allow these? If so then just practising Correct Presence Practice is the short and easy solution. Needing the mind to be silent sounds good and plausible so people believe it. Yet if you are performing Step 1 of being grounded in the body it is impossible to be stuck in your mind chatter, and your Presence allows it. Mind chatter, or thinking, is a tiny subset of your Step 2 inner body and Step 3 of your Presence. Yes, when the mind is silent or quieter it is a nicer experience to have. A silent mind is not required for Enlightenment Level 1 as defined in this website. You being consciously Present is the measurable evidence in life that proves this toot-fairy fable to be wrong. To ignore or bash your mind is unhelpful. Your mind gives you easy access to what is buried in your unconscious mind. To be in Presence means you can observe, feel and heal it by just being conscious. Activities to squash the mind into silence is manipulation by the personal will. This is pure ego-mind activity, thus it helps keep you locked out of real Presence and away from the real Awakened state.

This Laws of Grace Enlightenment framework gives the specificity for you to measure and gather the evidence for yourself. What any other person or teacher says is irrelevant if you have personal evidence, assuming it's based from Correct Presence Practice, or it may just be a mental creation you think is real. A major hurdle to most humans is the discernment of imagination (mind predominance) versus sensory based outcomes. This process is examined deeply in the Laws of Grace course.

A Spiritual Myth example

Trigger warning - be real.

If you are willing (Law Zero), lets take a look at the myth of needing to silence your mind. Is this true? You can be Present and fully blazed out with God while your mind chatters. Have you tested this myth? Yup, it's nicer if the mind is quiet, but if it's noisy so what? Correct Presence Practice makes it obvious if you are doing step 1 of the 4 steps to Presence correctly, then chatty head is secondary and of little importance.

And yes, in the Laws of Grace we examine the role of what internal chatter and emotions have to say. Your mind chatter is often a reflection of emotions that are being avoided. Emotions are the messenger of the unconscious mind, which is your inner 5 year old that is the bulk of you. It's important to take note of the noise in your head while practising Presence. This dynamic is explored and made okay in the Laws of Grace course as it may well be an important aspect of your healing and deepening process.

Memes are often posted on Facebook by well known spiritual teachers on this matter, that actually hinder you and put you into a place of impossibility. The reality of it is much deeper. What is your evidence on this matter? Plausibility is not reality. Plausibility is the tool used to hypnotise the bulk of humanity. Test this by doing Correct Presence Practice and re-evaluate. When you are truly Present, is a chatty head an issue? No it is not, but what is important is how you work at a structural level. If your head chatter pulls you out of Presence then you need to redo the 4 Steps to Correct Presence Practice. Then inquire as to why you gravitated out of your real grounded Presence. Is this not obvious?

If you fall out of Presence due to the gravity of your old bad habit being the default of being lost in non-presence, you cannot blame Presence as being wrong. Can you? Thus the 9 Pillar framework and the Laws of Grace are about the process and structure. It is not about badges of attainment like a quiet mind. Chasing an illusion stops the bulk of spiritual seekers. Examine these common sayings and test them. Their prevalence really hinders you as it normalises the lost state as it makes Presence and Awakening impossible.

Be Present correctly first, then see if a chatty mind is an issue. If it is, then ask why! Examine this deeply. Evaluate and check your steps to Correct Presence Practice. Find the truth through evidence, not plausibility of our lost meme culture. This is why so few really Awaken to Abidance, the myths are so huge it keeps you lost. Plausibility and nice sounding fluff sells, but it does not Awaken you, it actually keeps you lost.

Stopping the War with Ego & Mind

Prime Directives: Train it don't fight it!

They key is the 9 pillar Enlightenment framework where firstly you follow the four steps of Correct Presence Practice. This helps you to accept all of yourself, which is the pillar No2 in this framework. Thus you can observe and experience the signals given by your mind, physical body, pain body and emotions? These give the clues as to what is needed to be brought into the unconditional allowance that is genuine Presence. From this place the belief, emotions and behaviour patterns can be released. You'll go through the healing process of bringing these aspects of your personality back into the wholeness of your beingness. This is true healing, and what eventually leads to level 1 Enlightenment, that is Abidance of Presence. When enough of you is 'home' as Self, your unconscious mind and spiritual bodies flip into Abidance.

Don't worry, pillar No7, there is always more to Awakening and healing as this journey never stops. But once you are in Abidance of Presence the journey is much easier and connected, as Presence is now the default habit of how you operate.

Laws of Grace Framework courses

Learn Correct Presence Practice with the 16 hour Correct Presence Practice course or the very extensive 50 hour+ Laws of Grace course. Both include one or more personal coaching sessions to check you are forming the Correct Presence Practice and to answer your questions.