The 3 main Spiritual Paths

There are many spiritual paths: here are the 3 main ones

There are 3 main spiritual paths you can walk 1, 2 or all 3 paths as they lead to the same thing: the real you, Awakened Presence! The mythical Enlightenment is actually quite simple. It follows the Laws of Grace, which is mathematical if you adhere to Law Zero of self honesty and self responsibility. Once you understand your own mathematics to Awaken which you work though in the Laws of Grace course you'll clearly understand what will work best for you.

Find out which one is easiest and fastest and why by watching the video. Understanding this will help you move faster through the crap side of life and use the right methods at the right time.

Understanding the difference between these paths helps you to focus and progress, thus less pain and suffering, as you come home to awakening faster and in a more stable manner. It helps you get clear on what is a distraction, and won't help you Awaken so you can live in the Enlightened place. Being clear on these makes a massive difference in how you apply your volitional consciousness.

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Few are clear on the difference and assume they are all the same thing. They are very different. Lets define them, the video above covers that or there is the text below:

The two main spiritual paths:

1: Wisdom Path

The path of Presence, Stillness, the I AM, inner peace, Being.

This is known as the direct path. In the east it is called the Jnana (wisdom or knowledge) path. This is the least common path, but the shortest. Permanent Abiding Awakening can be achieved within a matter of years. With the Laws of Grace online course if you apply, per the multipliers discussed in the course it is easily possible for most. In this website all material related to this Presence path. Suffering is optional. The Laws of Grace course even defines the time frame as to how fast you can fully Awaken! All you need to do is apply and be honest with yourself! It takes the confusion and endless distractions out of the spiritual search. There is at least 2 personal coaching sessions with the laws of grace course to help you be clear and Presence practicing correctly.

This Wisdom path includes Great teachers like; Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Wei Wu Wei (AKA Terrance Grey the western Shakespeare of the wisdom path) Gautama Buddha, Sri Nissagadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, the Zen tradition, the Taoist masters like Lau Tzu, Confucius etc.

2: Spiritual, Esoteric or Healing Path

This involves that of spiritual healing energy work, light work, sacred geometry, spiritual practices, use of tools such as crystals and essences.

This also includes working with the Ascended Masters like Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, St Germain, Kuan Yin, the angelic kingdoms etc. This path is purely optional for those keen and find ‘spiritual matters’ dubious. Once you move to the second cycle of awakening, the Transpersonal Enlightenment you'll find that certain esoteric functions need to be understood as your consciousness is now more than just "you". Certain esoteric bodies like the various Merkabah's will be activated, they are discussed in the video in that page.

As most spiritual practices avoid Presence practice, or give it lip service it can drag out the awakening process. Spending time developing psychic skills and spiritual abilities has very little to do with Enlightenment. However, if you approach your spiritual practices with Presence being step one then it will empower the spiritual activities. Watch the bandwidth video to see why this is the case. The angels would rather chat to an Awakened person as they have a bigger energetic pipe to pour energy through. Greater your Presence greater your bandwidth.

Energetic healing practices are in this path. Again if you are corretcly Present first your healings for yourself and others will be more effective. This is because you are aligned from you DNA to your Soul. I teach the Golden Ray and Reiki as online courses, and they are taught with being Present first. Energy healing is a great addition to Presence practice, it helps you to develop your sensitivity and Law Zero.

3: The less obvious 3rd path – Inquiry

The Inquiry Path is where one seeks to understand oneself to unravel the bad habits the negative beliefs and behaviour patterns. This is most often seen in western cultures as any form of counselling, belief changing, emotional work or alternative therapy. The great thing with Inquiry is that it can use any of your self change processes, all you need to add is Correct Presence Practice. Correct Presence will help you to be in touch with the aspects you are working on. Presence allows you to feel those unwanted emotions so they can be released more easily.

When undertaken with Presence is fits in the Wisdom Path. When done from a healing or personality viewpoint it is part of the spiritual path. This is because Presence typically isn't a focus and base from which the therapy or change processes are undertaken.

Inquiry techniques undertaken from the place of Presence are ten times more powerful and permanent, as it sinks through all the levels of your being. More explanation of this is given on the webpage Inquiry: the Powertool! There are 3 other webpages on Inquiry that explain and give instructions for you to try. All of the online courses have meditations where Inquiry is used so you get a taste of how to do it for yourself.

When done from Presence Inquiry embodies both the masculine and feminine principles. The Yin aspect as Presence is allowing in nature. Also Presence is full neurology and brain activation so that includes the right brain hemisphere and the left side of your bodies neurology. The Yang is then embodied in the Inquiry process as you use your acuity, mind and volition to work and hold the material you are transmuting. Likewise the Left side of the brain and right side of the bodies neurology is activated with Correct Presence Practice. Thus the balance of Yin/Yang or Feminine/Masculine is achieved. Perfect!

Inquiry paired with the Wisdom path allows Grace to act and transform you with minimal time. Then the Spiritual aspects can be added, if that is your thing, to add more Grace.

Bridging the 3 paths accelerates Enlightenment

When you understand each path you can build bridges between them, and Awaken faster. The strengths of each process or path can be used to help the whole. In some situations a spiritual approach may shortcut you home. In others it may drag you away and it will take longer. Sometimes the gift of Grace or techniques that are beyond the mind can help a breakthrough to occur.

As already mentioned above, Inquiry is the power tool if used with Presence. this will help integrate you faster then just using spiritual techniques only. As your Presence deepens you will shift material faster. So apply the 9 pillar framework to your practices, note what is more effective and when.

Relating To nature & Life Skills

A 4th path with no spiritual words

The 9th pillar in the framework is common sense. Presence and Awakening is as simple as being Present. It is a neurological state and I teach this same Presence process without spiritual jargon to help people relate to nature. and the Whispering 101 course teaches this same skill. The language is grounded and based in plain language as I demonstrate the Whispering State, which is the same as Presence.

The Whispering 101 course is simpler but contains the same basics as the Correct Presence Practice course. It is a good introduction to those that find this precise language and spiritual path a bit burdensome. The 9 pillar framework is applied to help all people of all ages understand the core of Awakening that we call Presence in this website. It helps develop these core life skills so life is much more enjoyable in our new post pandemic world. The reality is the spiritual path has far too much nonsense and false myths that slows seekers down to a real substance based Awakening. To relate and enjoy nature can make it simple and more relatable to others.

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