Bandwidth: Spiritual Evidence

pillar No3: Spiritual frequency/wattage

Enlightenment carries a bandwidth of frequency. Deeper the Awakening the wider the range of life situations Presence is held in life. The math of bona fide Awakened evidence becomes tangible. Those who have empathic abilities or have the bandwidth themselves can feel your vibration. Everything has a vibrational frequency as it's the measurable science of physics, and pillar No9 common sense.

When applying Correct Presence Practice you can be certain you are entering Presence correctly. As you do this over time your bandwidth grows as your Awakening incarnates. The higher frequencies of your esoteric structures become available in more of your neurology. It therefore incarnates and it is able to be felt in the body. Your neurology is the electric wires to your unseeable esoteric structures. Correct Presence Practice turns those electric wires on with your applied volitional attention.

You'll be more solid and viscerally connected in the different types of life situations. The more tough the situation, the more obvious it will be to you that you can be Present. Holding fight-flight responses in your body becomes possible. You will feel the accompanying emotions like anger, terror or fear, while you consciously go through and check the 4 steps to Correct Presence Practice. As you check and feel you get concrete evidence as to your progress.

You'll learn the art of allowance to just be with whatever of the 4 steps to Presence you arrive at. Then hold that focus with your conscious volitional attention. You learn to distinguish the difference between imagination or forcing and what is actually real. This grows as you develop your pillar No4 Law Zero of self honesty and self responsibility. As your Law Zero grows your acuity of what Is within your neurology and thus esoteric bodies expand. These topics are explored extensively in the Laws of Grace course and one-on-one coaching.

Bandwidth: Your spiritual frequency range

How big is your spiritual pipe?

My thousands of Awakening experiences had me totally convinced I was Enlightened for over a decade before it actually became real. Hence the Laws of Grace is measurable and evidence-based under the Rules of Evidence. Hence I say if noted correctly in a journal it could be used as evidence in a court of law. The Laws of Grace course makes this blatant and usable for all if they want the genuine clear path. This clarity helps you to come to real Abiding Awakening as fast as possible for you. This cannot be faked. Fake carries a bandwidth that is noticeable to an individual who is grounded in phase 3 Abiding Presence, as they have the bandwidth to feel the other person. Phase 3 Abiding Presence means you are incarnate. As you deepen your Awakening into phase 4 Matured Abidance you will incarnate further as your bandwidth grows.

If you have the fortitude and want to really know where your bandwidth is, then book a coaching session. I will tell you straight and gently and give guidance on your personal blocks and issues. We also explore this topic extensively in the Laws of Grace course. When one is incarnate and genuinely Abiding as Presence (Level 1 Enlightenment) the difference is black and white. Mind level, 3rd eye, crown chakra and above esoteric Awakening feels rather revolting by comparison. It simply is not real in the third dimension, where you are as a person in life. Yes, these Awakenings are 100% real, and you may have those, but it needs to be incarnated for it to be genuine as a human being.

Your spiritual / esoteric bodies

How they confuse things

Perceived Presence can also happen through experiencing the esoteric energy bodies. This includes the astral body, emotional body, mind, higher mind (Higher Self) and bliss body etc. While these esoteric bodies are real, they are not incarnate. Most mainstream human sciences still don't really accept these spiritual bodies exist, though spiritual/esoteric teachings talk about these all the time. What you believe and especially experience (Law Zero) is what counts here.

You are a human and this website and service is for humans who want real and substantial Presence and Enlightenment in their life. Technically, from a dimensional viewpoint, only the physical body is "3D", third dimensional. The etheric double body, emotional, lower and higher mental bodies are all outside the third dimension. Many spiritual seekers talk about 5D (The 5th dimensional plane). The secret is, you need to embody that here in your physical body through being correctly present, thus fully incarnate. To experience 5D one needs to be incarnate in 3D as they are held concurrently. To do this takes significant bandwidth, otherwise one is floating with the fairies.

If you are conscious of these non-physical bodies you may feel the indicators of Presence, the space, peace and bliss etc. The different types of dimensional time may be perceived if you are accessing some of your esoteric bodies. Unless you are anchored in your physical body, step 1 in the Correct Presence Practice, then can you discern the difference?

In my decades of observation and evidence of my own journey, this is not the case. Even I was mislead by my abilities to feel my different spiritual bodies. I spent twelve years feeling my spiritual anatomy and believing I was Enlightened, when in reality I was quite ungrounded. This is the value of coaching and I will be able to give you exact feedback. My blind spot of feeling my spiritual anatomy and its natural spaciousness and bliss cost me well over a decade of hell!

This is often a major blind spot that seekers fall into and they will most often be adamant they are right. It takes guts to live Law Zero and evidence the incarnation of these non-physical spiritual bodies. When they are incarnate one's bandwidth becomes much bigger and solid. That is the evidence, it is real and not an act of ungroundedness.

What's your Bandwidth?

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