Enlightenment Framework

Unbreakable Enlightenment Framework to evidence fast & smooth Awakening.

This 37 minute video summarises the 9 Pillars of the Enlightenment framework. It is pure grace, Thy Will, in action. It's hard to believe that these Corellas and Cockatoos are 100% wild! The timing of their actions defy belief. They follow my commands, fall over, fly in a semi circle over me and more. It's as if they are being directed by an unseen angel, to prove the point with evidence! The intensity of the chaos with these crazy parrots is met with my demonstration of solid Presence.

This video really has to be watched many times. Then you can unpack the layers of complexity and to understand the intricate dance of these 9 Pillars. This Grace-in-motion shows this Enlightenment framework is very solid and exact. 

If you find the birds too distracting, that is feedback regarding your focus capabilities on the content. Focus ability is the evidence of your conscious volitional attention. Attention span and focus are discussed extensively in the courses. These core life skills will develop if you apply Presence practice correctly. As you watch, try and embody Presence, that will be your evidence (pillar No3) as to your level of Presence.

So what was your experience during that video? Were you able to deeply focus, and experience what was being discussed? Did you follow any prompts to enter your body and feel the steps to Presence? Was your mind saying lots of things and debating what I was saying? Were you able to feel and resonate with my Presence? Note the birds, they certainly responded to it as visibly captured evidence. This is all feedback.

Did you see I sustained a deep painful bite during this video. What is the evidence I gave? How did I hold my Presence and continue on? The "dull click" sound of my skin being punctured is clearly audible. This particular sound is quite distinctive at 21 minutes and 33 seconds, as my left index finger tip is punctured by the parrot on the bench. The bird on my hand had followed my prompts beautifully in the prior 90 seconds as if it was a well trained domestic pet.

As you progress into the levels of Presence practice you'll become a master at being deeply grounded with the Divine, in the most horrendous life experiences. This is why this framework is so bulletproof. You'll have the acuity and self honesty (pillar No4) to evidence this in your full neurology from your scalp to the tips of your toes. If you are serious, write in your success journal / Presence diary, the answers to those questions. This is effort, evidence and insights that build your Awakening, making it real.

The following pages in this Framework menu will now discuss each of the pillars separately. The top videos in each of the pillar pages was filmed at a beautiful lake during a snap lockdown. There are no birds to distract, just the odd fish jumping. Treat this as a free course. Test it. Apply this to your spiritual practice to see where you can improve, or if you can prove this Enlightenment framework wrong. I'd love to hear from you if you can find any weak points in the framework (pillar No7) there is always more.

The Mastery Club has the Digging Deeper course where we explore the depths of the 9 Pillar framework and some aspects of the Laws of Grace.

Enlightenment Framework formation

Nine bullet proof unbreakable Pillars hiding in plain sight

This below video makes a general introduction to the Laws of Grace course. It was made in the midst of a long hardcore pandemic lockdown in July 2020, the 9 Pillar Enlightenment framework was not developed as focus points at this stage. The 9 Pillar was formally developed 7 months later in February 2021 and by then the Laws of Grace course had over 90 videos recorded for it, with more pending. In this video the main structural pillars are clearly spoken, though they had not been assigned numbers to be part of this structural frame. This is the case even from my first attempts at making videos from 2017. Thus pillar No3, Rules of Evidence, is met regarding this framework, as it has been tested for years for its stability and structural soundness.

The focus is the Correct Presence Practice habit, but the Pillars are discussed. The local parrot flock had only just been befriended, and I speak to that as an example of a new habit being learned and how Presence assists in that process. Watch and learn why the Laws of Grace Enlightenment Framework is so powerful. In this video I discuss Awakening as a habit you learn, that integrates within all of you both consciously and unconsciously.
The Presence habit is no different to tying a shoe lace, or a cockatoo learning a new habit. This is why Awakening is mathematical and an evidence based process. If cockatoos can learn a new habit in two weeks, then you can learn to live in Abiding Presence within a certain time frame, as you undo the habits of non-Presence.

Can you apply some of these Pillars right now? How was your Presence during this video? Did you stay focused and learn anything new? What did your mind chatter say? Were you aware of your physical body? This is Step 1 of Correct Presence Practice.

In the latter half of this video I discuss the fact that your mind can never grasp what real Abidance of Presence is like. This is still true for me today. My mind just can't get it. However, my mind and personality does trust the structure and process now. The 'ego" does learn to work with Abiding Presence as it is a nicer state to be in when life is not going so well.

Why 5 Years for Abidance

Permanent Awakening is a habit, thus it is predictable.

In this video I share how I achieved Abiding Awakening in 5 years. To be consciously and unconsciously Present, your default habit requires certain actions. I explain how I did it and where I failed badly. As a human we run just like a computer, and as such we need to change our inner code to operate in a different way. This is what Enlightenment is. Once you flip your conscious and unconscious mind to the default of Presence entry as the resting default, then that is Level 1 Enlightenment as defined in this website and teaching.

The tricky detail is what does it take for that default habit to change from "non-presence" to Presence? That is the basis of the 9 Pillar Enlightenment framework (the free video course on this Framework drop menu in this website). The Laws of Grace course and other services are built within this structure. They're here to give you exact feedback on what is required so you are 100% at choice. This is a remarkable level of clarity in this spiritual genre. With the Laws of Grace you get the maths and you decide your own timeline.

What do you want? Is that demonstrated by what you do with your time and attention? Re-watch the video about what do you want. Law Zero (pillar No4), be self honest and the be self responsible and ensure your wants are met.

Laws of Grace Framework courses

Learn Correct Presence Practice with the 16 hour Correct Presence Practice course or the very extensive 50 hour+ Laws of Grace course. Both include one or more personal coaching sessions to check you are forming the Correct Presence Practice and to answer your questions.