Enlightenment Framework

9 pillar Framework to evidence your Awakening

The 9 pillar framework is a breakdown of the stable structures and alignment processes that operate under fixed laws. These laws cover how consciousness functions through our human neurology and psychology. They act as a guide. They cannot be avoided if one wants to excel in any human endeavour. For Awakening and Enlightenment there are extra traps for the spiritual student. Below are two overview videos discussing the 9 pillar framework. The top video is with the company of Grey Kangaroos. The bottom original video is second with the wild parrots. Watch both and monitor your Presence practice.

Can you apply some of these Pillars right now? How was your Presence during this video? Did you stay focused and learn anything new? What did your mind chatter say? Were you aware of your physical body? Being grounded is step 1 of Correct Presence Practice.

This 9 pillar framework helps address and minimise these traps so you can build the correct habits of being Awake. The 9 pillar does not address ingredient #1 What do you want and what are you doing about it. The entire second section of the Laws of Grace covers the specific mathematical nature of your spiritual drive and application. This gives you a definitive understanding as to your 1. you want and your 2. what are you doing about it. This will then help you to make that outcome real in your life.

Understanding and applying these 9 pillars will make your journey smoother and faster. It will cut down the suffering and frustration as you develop the correct habits so you get to live your spiritual aspirations. Each pillar has its own specific page with more detail.

The Presence habit is no different from tying a shoelace or a cockatoo learning a new habit. This is why Awakening is a mathematical and evidence based process. If wild cockatoos can learn a new habit in two weeks (some only take 3 days at 1hr a day), then you can learn to live in Abiding Presence within a certain time frame. It's as simple as undoing the bad habits of lazy attention and non-Presence.

Test your Presence Practice

#3 Evidence: Presence practice with the Chaos Masters

This 9 pillar summary video was recorded in 2021 before the #4 ingredient summary videos (which are on the Home page). It is pure grace, Thy Will, in action. It's hard to believe that these Chaos Masters, the Corellas and Cockatoos, are 100% wild! The timing of their actions defies belief. They follow my commands, fall over, fly in a semi-circle over me and more. It's as if they are being directed by an unseen angel, to prove the point with evidence. The intensity of the chaos with these crazy parrots is met with my demonstration of solid Presence. Test your ingredient #3 Evidence / pillar No3 Rules of Evidence as to your ability to practice and hold Presence while the magic dance of the video unfolds.

These videos have to be watched many times. Then you can unpack the layers of complexity and to understand the intricate dance of these 9 Pillars. This Grace-in-motion shows this Enlightenment framework is very solid and exact.

If you find the birds too distracting, that is feedback regarding your focus capabilities on the content. Focus ability is the evidence of your conscious volitional attention. Attention span and focus are discussed extensively in the courses. These core life skills will develop if you apply Presence practice correctly. As you watch, try and embody Presence, that will be your evidence (pillar No3) as to your current level of Presence.

So what was your experience during that video? Were you able to deeply focus, and experience what was being discussed? Did you follow any prompts to enter your body and feel the steps to Presence? Was your mind saying lots of things and debating what I was saying? Were you able to feel and resonate with my Presence? Note the birds, they certainly responded to it as visibly captured evidence. This is all feedback.

Did you see I sustained a deep painful bite during this video? What is the evidence I gave? How did I hold my Presence and continue? The "dull click" sound of my skin being punctured is audible. This particular sound is quite distinctive at 21 minutes and 33 seconds, as my left index fingertip is punctured by the parrot on the bench. The bird on my hand had followed my prompts beautifully in the prior 90 seconds as if it was a well-trained domestic pet.

As you progress into the levels of Presence practice you'll become a master at being deeply grounded with the Divine even in the most horrendous life experiences. This is why this framework is so bulletproof. You'll have the acuity and self honesty (pillar No4) to evidence this in your full neurology from your scalp to the tips of your toes. If you are serious, write in your success journal / Presence diary, the answers to those above questions. This is effort, evidence and insights build your Awakening making it real and durable.

The following pages in this Framework menu will now discuss each of the pillars separately. The top videos in each of the pillar pages were filmed at a beautiful lake during a snap lockdown. There are no birds to distract, just biting horse flies and the odd fish jumping. Treat this as a free course. Test it. Apply this to your spiritual practice to see where you can improve. If you can prove this Enlightenment framework wrong I'd love to hear from you. Pillar No7 is  there is always more so it would be great to find any weak points in the framework.

The Mastery Club has the Digging Deeper course where we explore the depths of the 9 Pillar framework and aspects of the Laws of Grace that club members want to focus on.

Laws of Grace / Presence Practice courses

Learn Correct Presence Practice with the 16 hour Correct Presence Practice course or the very extensive 50+ hour Laws of Grace course. Both include one or more personal coaching sessions to check you are forming the Correct Presence Practice and to answer your questions.

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