Tolle 'Asking Am I Present is Presence'?

No! No! No! And here is why

Eckhart Tolle has a meme that says "When I notice I and not Present, I am". I've encountered so many people that believe this is also true for them. As you watch the video notice how deep you go or if you just hear and think but don't action what I am saying. Let's break this meme down and deal with the specific mechanics of Presence. Tap the picture to watch the video.

For the thought to trigger 'Am I Present?' is but a remembering to check one's state of consciousness. Then one needs to action the 4 steps to Presence so it is then actual and based on evidence within their body and neurology.  People get very triggered, ie: enter Tolle's pain body concept when I say that is not Presence. They speak and behave honestly as if they are phase 3 Abiding Awakening or deeper. Yet their bandwidth, replies, and lack of proof demonstrate they are completely lost to mindful and unconscious delusion. Let's deal with evidence so you truly Awaken and habitually live in Presence during your entire day. If that is #1 What do you want, then this is what you'll have to do about it. Then you'll know for certain.

So how did you do with your Presence practice? Did you make it all the way through the video? If not what is the reason? This feedback will help you to deepen and properly Awaken if you learn to monitor and apply Presence practice correctly. As you get better at Presence your volitional attention span will grow and its importance is discussed in many pages and videos. Attention span is also addressed in the Correct Presence Practice course and more extensively in the Laws of Grace course.

I'd recommend you put an entry into your Presence Journal as to some of the questions I asked. Note any nuances you experienced as I spoke and kept pulling you back, back and back again to re-check. Presence is a habit and it is mathematical. The Enlightenment framework and the Laws of Grace really are the mathematics. All you need to do is apply Correct Presence Practice as best as you can and as often as you can. It is worth the effort. If you need assistance the coaching services here and the Mastery Club will help you into phase 3 Abiding Awakening with greater speed and ease.

It is good to remove the myths around Awakening as erroneous memes like this hinder people's progress if believed. For Tolle and Myself, this is true as we deeply Abide in Presence, phase 4 Awakening or beyond. Until you are well established in phase 3 Abidance of Presence this meme is a tooth fairy belief pattern. It will not serve you to believe this vague and plausible meme-based nonsense. The cult page explains why vague statements are a form of brainwashing and what to do about it.

Please notice if my saying this has triggered you, stick to the evidence by performing Presence practice correctly, then you know it's real. Being triggered and wanting to defend is a sign to dig deeper and examine what is real. Evidence never lies, only the mind does by using reasoning, false belief and theory to justify. Learn to dig out the Enlightenment specifics over vague concepts, theory, truisms and assumptions. To action the 4 steps to Correct Presence Practice will always deepen your connection, that's how it works. Your effort will pay off if you build the right habit.

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