What do you want?

Enlightenment is easy with the right habit

Decide what you actually want, then let's take the fast path by learning the correct habit. Deciding what you want then means you can set a path to get there. This is the first ingredient of four to ensure your Enlightenment happens. Every second of the day we are running a habit. Is it the right Correct Presence Practice habit is all that matters if Enlightenment is what you earnestly want. The wrong Presence practice, thinking, vague theory or worse claiming Enlightenment with no pillar No3 Evidence will only keep you in suffering and missing out. It's worth learning the right habit, the evidence in your life is easily measurable and blatant. It takes guts and application. There is no free lunch. God's Laws (the Laws of Grace) limit the impacts of erroneous ways for the safety of yourself and those around you. 

What level of Enlightenment do you want, and how fast? This is the Google Maps of Awakening. Clearer than Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now teaching you can easily reach the level of Enlightenment you want if you simply do what is required. That being the correct habit so it becomes the default habit unconsciously. Evidence based definitive Enlightenment is a matter of learning the correct habit. Awakening is easy with Correct Presence Practice. No different to tying a shoelace then it imbeds and becomes durable in all life's horrid events. 

This is how you operate at a structural level as a human being up to your spirit. Neuroscience and Jungian psychology-based fact makes this plain and concrete, so the only question remains, will you give it a go? This is where your wanting to be Awake turns into walking the talk.

What habits run you?

install the habit of being Awake

How often do you check if you are properly Present? Do you check the 4 steps to Presence? This is why I say Correct Presence Practice, not Presence that most people talk about. Real Presence has definitive indicators that you check with your conscious volitional attention. Thinking or believing a theory isn't evidence. Well it is evidence, of mental activity only and that is not ALL of you. Mind activity and beliefs are just a small part of your left neocortex and egoic thinking. Enlightenment includes all of you (pillar No2).

Learn to practice Presence correctly so it becomes the default way you live. Here the courses, coaching and Mastery Club for community support give you everything that is required if you are serious and want it. This level of precision is difficult to do by oneself when everyone around you is unawake and can't be precise about Awakening and its complex journey. By default humans are unconsciously not-Present. This is a deep habit to shift. How do you install Correct Presence Practice to being your (pillar No5) unconscious mind's default? This requires you to master it unconsciously and re-affirm it consciously. It is a learning process to do it correctly. Bad habits give bad outcomes. Habit is how any DNA based lifeform functions.

Just observe your human community, animals and even the plant kingdom. They all run by habit, be that DNA based, unconsciously or for us humans either by conscious choice and unconscious habit. This is pillar No9 common sense. Hence the Laws of Grace and this 9 pillar framework is precise and clear to give you the best assistance.

What do you want? And most importantly what will you do about it? Action and application of your attention is pillar No3 Evidence that demonstrates its importance. Otherwise it's your mind lying to you. Listening to your beliefs and mind chatter is a lack of pillar No4 Law Zero (self honesty and self responsibility) and the resulting lack of evidence in your life.

What's great about this teaching, the Laws of Grace and services is they put you back in charge of what is tough to change. The evidence becomes blatant in every second during your day. Law Zero of self honesty and self responsibility is your inner Guru that makes it plain to check the evidence (pillar No3). Then you know it's real and bona fide.

The 9 pillar framework gives a solid structure of how you operate so it can't be fudged by erroneous popular thinking, egoic claiming and vague spiritual hypnosis. The 9 pillar framework is available free here on the website. Many of the 9 pillar framework videos are only public on the website not YouTube, so check out those pages.

Study and test it. It's pretty bulletproof. I'll pay you for coaching if you can break it and give pillar No3 evidence as to where it is not true. The Google Maps of Awakening can only be improved.

If you really want it

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