Matured Abiding Enlightenment

Phase 4: Deeply settled Abiding Awakening

Matured Enlightenment, phase 4, is where you hold consciously your Divine connection to God / Grace. Your habit of being Present is now default unconsciously. Enlightenment is definably measurable by the depth and consistency of your Presence. Once you enter phase 3 Abidance and beyond you will have a defined acuity and awareness of your state of Presence in all life's events. You'll be able to gauge this from the cells in your toes all the way up to your Spirit / Soul. This is the outcome of doing the 4 steps of Correct Presence Practice. Abiding Awakening will deepen with substance if consistency is applied. Real Awakening leaves evidence as life tends to dish up challenges.

I call this phase 4 as Deeply Settled Abidance or Matured Abidance. I've borrowed both of these terms from Adyashanti and Nisargadatta Maharaj. This definition is suited to this website's teaching and that of Adyashanti's. While Adyashanti's original meaning of these words may differ a little from mine they point to that same state of stability of awareness that is durable (evidence based) through life's good and tough times.

This top video explains some of the indicators of what it is like to be in this second stage of Enlightenment and phase 4 in the journey. The second video further down the page was made in July 2019. It's me talking about various tests and about how life is experienced as I talk from that place of phase 4 Matured Abidance. This second video is a bit of a pep talk to help you decide if you want to put in the effort. What do you want, and what are you going to do about it? I'm a straight shooter so to state the obvious your attention and time are yours. Enlightenment is mathematical, thus it is all 100% up to you by your choices and actions.

As with any video of mine, notice and practice your Presence. Notice what stops it, drags you away, your judgments etc. This is all great feedback and evidence for you. Then you are at conscious choice to action your Awakening or not. This video was made a year before the recording of the Laws of Grace course and the 9 pillar framework. But as you listen these principles are in there. This can be said so many ways, it is good to hear it from many angles to help glean new personal insights.

Your bandwidth will grow so you can hold Presence, perhaps the Nothingness/Divine, during tough life situations of trauma, pain, conflict and emergency events. This builds the evidence it is real. The habit to consciously and unconsciously action Correct Presence Practice means all events happen within your Awakened consciousness. You are solidly grounded and feeling all the good and bad concurrently. Concurrence is the key, that is both at the same time, it is not one or the other.

You will evidence this for yourself and it will dispel so many silly spiritual myths that many seekers hold as a belief. Those erroneous beliefs, truisms, vague memes people use will be seen for what they are; evidence that they have not experienced it enough for it to be stable for them.

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Abidance to Deeply Abiding?

Maturing your Abiding Awakening to rock solid

Phase 4 of Matured Abidance will take a minimum of 5 years to integrate through your neurology and unconscious mind. Most of your old habits will have a refurbishment with Awakened Presence. As I have stated elsewhere on this website and videos that Adyashanti has said often that this phase of Awakening will take 5 to 20 years to settle. What slows it down is distractions, spiritual myths, laziness and lack of Correct Presence Practice after one hits the ability to maintain Abidance. It is easy to slacken off when one lands into Abidance, as it's just here. The effort it takes to get here one does want to holiday, but it can be lost. Your older stubborn habits will test you.

The old mind and ego tricks still play out until the habit is deepened at all the other levels. Hence pillar No7 is it never ends and that it is the structure and process not the outcomes of feeling a state. The structure of the habit is the kingmaker over outcomes. Consistency and bandwidth continue to grow. If not then you have a problem of laziness, lack of No4 Law Zero or incorrect method. The 9 pillar framework applies at all levels of lostness or Awakening.

Consciously learning at each life event to hold at least step 3 of the Correct Presence Practice will be experienced. The Divine, step 4 in the Presence practice will happen more and grow. Step 4 the Divine (the Nothingness, Void, Grace and the I Am Presence) will become more visceral as time progresses. Your neurology and psychology learn to operate in this oxymoronic contradictory state of Divine connection.

You'll do this easily and consistently while you can feel the depth of pure horrible events and feelings. Unless this is your repeated experience for extended periods this may seem to be unbelievable. It is a very strange experience to have the Divine blazing in your body while you experience things like trauma. The mind just can't understand how, yet the mind and ego do get used to it. The I want of the ego decides Presence is a good place to hang out when crap is happening. How funny is that? Law Zero which is self honesty and self responsibility, backed up with the rules of Evidence means this fact becomes true by living it.

Deeply Abiding Enlightenment is effortless

It's still a DOING: Smashing the non-doer myth

This separates the claimers and thinkers who have erroneous beliefs about what Enlightenment is really about. Believing any teacher's theory on Enlightenment when it is not validated as true through consistent experiential evidence by the student means it is NOT fact. To live in deep Presence in all of life's good and bad times as a conscious and unconscious default habit is 100% measurable.

This below video is a legacy talk from July 2019 before the Laws of Grace course and 9 pillars were recorded. What is great about it is I accidentally explain what life is like when living in phase 4 Matured Abidance. How step 3 Presence and step 4 the Divine, of Correct Presence Practice, is rock solid in all of life's situations when one is in Matured Abidance. I'll ask you some serious questions, and action at my prompts to feel and tune in for your own evidence of your Presence depth and consistency as you watch this video.

The definitive action of the 4 step Presence practice being applied with your volitional attention means it is real. You experience the evidence at each step, thus it is validated for you and your understanding and ability to discern differences grows. As one deepens into this fourth phase of Awakening; the second of Abiding Enlightenment this process becomes extremely automatic. There is still a 'Doer' that uses volition, thus nonduality is incorrect regards what needs to happen and misleads many. There is very little effort involved. The volitional attention used to check the steps become lightning fast.

But the myth that life is all bliss and good stuff is a half-baked tooth fairy level belief. As a human you will endure pain, conflict, pandemic imposed restrictions, inappropriate and old psychological programming while you also hold the Divine yum-yum. If this is not your personal evidence, then that is something you can achieve if the Laws of Grace are followed. The mathematical basis of the Laws of Grace is bulletproof as habit formation happens with conscious attention and repetition. You will continue to undo the old restrictions in your psychology and neurology. Our neurology can be likened to the wifi to the Universal Wide Web of God's Grace.

God's Grace is your Impersonal Nothingness and Impersonal Everything-ness. It is a no-person yet as you settle into Matured Abidance you know that is the real you. The non-dual saying there is no doer becomes a felt realness. I speak to that in the Nothingness video.

Deeply Abiding Enlightenment is definable

It's still a DOING: Smashing the non-doer myth

This is a definable step in your development. As with the Laws of Grace and the 9 pillar Enlightenment framework if you apply these principles you will move in this direction. Abiding Awakening is merely a best practice habit. If a Cockatoo can learn a habit in three days, then you can learn the correct habit to reach Level 1 Enlightenment, which is phase 3 Abiding Presence. How fast you install that habit on this Awakening path depends on you and using an effective approach. The online home study courses, Mastery Club and 1on1 coaching all help your learning to live in this state of habitual Awakened consciousness.

Test it. Notice that each second of your day you are running a habit. Is it a desired habit, or non-presence, mind chatter, wanting approval on social media, or a cup of tea? We are but habit machines, so notice the habit you are running now. Is it you checking the 4 steps to Presence? It will get easier so it becomes and effortless default habit, but you'll still need to exercise your volitional attention. It's no different from learning to drive a car, a complex effort for a while then it gets easy and automatic, but you need to stay aware. That volitional attention is yours, and yours only to direct as you want. The effort I speak of is so worth it. What do you really want and will you decide to apply your attention to meet that want?

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