‘Who Am I’ Ramana Maharshi

Who Am I? Your answer to Ramana Maharshi’s famous Self-Enquiry question can tell you a lot. This question can cause Enlightenment. It tests your Awakening. It shows mindful answers that are not it. Tap/click (touchscreen computers tap screen) the picture below to watch me describe what we do. Follow my prompts to start this habit of becoming the Real I Am. It’s a journey.

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Who Am I question defined

It’s a real experience to genuinely feel that Enlightened knowing that I am an empty nothing, that never changes, never dies but yet is everything. That is what is great about Eckhart Tolle. He brought this same simple concept to ten’s of millions of people. Tolle’s answer is of course, you are Presence.
An answer of “Not I” isn’t it, that many retort to Ramana’s question. Some use as a retort “Who is the asker” to demonstrate more lost mind and ego misunderstanding that is based in separation. Sometimes this “Who is the asker” or “Who is the owner” is used as a weapon that shows a complete lack of real experience and attainment. Visit any Adyashanti or Eckhart Tolle facebook groups and you will see these comments frequently.

Read both these pages Awakening defined and 2nd Level Enlightenment, you will see clearly how I discuss being grounded and having a strong Ego is completely required or you will go insane. These two pages will need to be studied and re-read, especially where I discuss Transpersonal Enlightenment. If this is wrong please contact me and we shall discuss this, as Self Honesty is a key Law of Grace. I am happy to be 100% wrong, as we only grow and deepen through insightful feedback, be that with our own self observation or that of an outside person (preferably one who walks the talk).

Presence, space or Nothingness is of course the real answer. But what is that and who is the chooser? In this ad-lib chat video I explore how one can see where one is in relation to “Who Am I?” As your Eckhart Tolle Presence practice or Adyashanti’s “allowing everything to be as it is” deepens your relationship to this question changes. The chooser and the “I” kind of melt.
I explain what happens as you enter the Abiding permanent, phase of Enlightenment and this “ownership” of consciousness changes. It isn’t a head answer but a deep knowing that there isn’t anyone there – but it Is….. I Am. Dang! And well I am stuck with this human person.

This trip to Enlightenment can be fast and measurable if you are willing to practice the habit of being what Enlightenment is. Make it fast by getting out of the mindful places, see the myths and distractions for what they are.
Distractions and anything in life is fine just be ‘Present’ as you do it. It’s easy to say, but to do? I know I did it and I watch so many people who don’t do what is required. So make contact and with mentoring this trip will be measured, and definable in a matter of a few years.

It only took me five years to arrive at the Abiding place of Enlightenment, where Who Am I is always obvious regardless of what Jason thinks, feels or behaves. It’s an odd place and takes adjustment, as I say in the video. The fact is, few live here and the mind is so powerful most Awakenings get “lost” (as I say in the video). So having a guide who has made it through will help you know you’re doing okay, and that the potholes will be navigated with much greater ease.
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This video has many complex insights, so send a question to make contact for Mentoring and I’ll help you find this place of Joy that can be felt even when life isn’t so great or full of severe pain (like Ramana had before he passed).

As one enters more into Abiding Awakening the Stillness of the I AM also deepens and establishes itself as normal. It’s a process, and an unusual one, as few humans go through it. It is quite a lonely process as unless you know other Abiding people nobody else will get your internal experience. This is why I recommend a mentor, like myself who has been in this place for well over 5 years. Those first 5 years are critical. You will literally need to learn to live all over again – everything is different.

If you have ever “lost” an Awakening, you will know what I mean! To want to feel the same way as that Awakening did, and it isn’t 100% now, in this moment, is an indicator that it “was” a past event, and is lost. Stable Awakening is where the I Am is never lost and is the abiding of Stillness, Enlightenment…. It still requires vigilance and conscious choice as it roots deeper and deeper into your being. This process never stops.

Enlightenment clearly defined throughout this website is so Awakening can happen fast. Presence, Stillness and how to use your awareness to Awaken and live in that place like Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle and Ken Wilbur etc talk about. Your true nature is easy to find, instructions and simple steps to enter Presence are in this and most of my videos. Be sure you actually feel and do what I say at the prompts, as doing this in your mind will never liberate you.

This video has so many complex aspects it may trigger a response in you. There is a series of videos to explain each little bit. But only one thing really matters, and that is; are you Present now? Presence that is based in the body and out of your mind.

Living in Awakening is definable

To live in the Awakened State, Enlightenment has certain hallmark characteristics. They cannot be faked. It is an ongoing experience that I Am a nothing that is Present. I am definable yet I am not. I am all that is, yet I am stuck to this person.
The ego and its relationship to this real identity that you are, takes time to align and adjust. The ego is often portrayed as evil and bad in spiritual circles. Yet it is vital to our life. I use the metaphor of software to separate the ego from you and I Am which has no words, beliefs or behaviours. Perhaps a better term for this would be the separation mechanism that may not be ego but isn’t in unity as Nothingness. This separation mechanism will adjust to being in unity with your true identity, the I Am (the Nothingness).

True honesty with yourself and openness to always dig deeper will allow you to move to deeper and deeper levels of the true I Am. How do you be that honest? See footnote (1) for the video on that [webpage coming soon]. Your ego, or separation mechanism, slowly adjust to this and your relationship to this most fundamental of questions will change.

The Laws of Grace that are core principles of how we come to live in this place of Enlightenment is how all this is done. There is a doer! You the person, ego, separation mechanism have to apply and become accustomed to this dichotomy that you are emptiness dancing. Yes, emptiness dancing is a title of Adyashanti’s book but this beautifully indicates through the metaphor of the dynamics of consciousness movement. You do indeed engage in a dance with me and I. You are both, just as you are conscious of both and are both?

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(1)  Honesty: Enlightenment, Awakening can only occur if you are self honest. Deepening your Presence can only occur if you are real about what you do with your consciousness. This is a core multiplier in the Laws of Grace, webpage coming soon but this video is exteremely clear and worth watching.

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