Advanced Inquiry

the supercharged change process

Advanced inquiry is useful for healing the harder issues and our pillar No8 Blind spots. The more traumatic issues, behaviours and psychological triggers typically have more layers of internal protection. These additional layers stop us from accessing the emotions and belief patterns that the unconscious mind runs automatically. Healing to a better habit or response can only happen once the structures, emotions and beliefs are dissolved into Presence. The below video explains the inquiry process and the extra steps required for the harder issues.

This advanced inquiry method will make your Inquiry much more effective. It will supercharge your change process. Profound shifts in behaviour and Awakening can result from Inquiring deeply into issues and things that trigger you emotionally. Chronic health conditions will require a similar approach. A chronic condition will have multiple layers and probably blind spot aspects.

Of course you now have the skill set to remain at peace, but there is more work to be done so you can deepen more. Awakening never stops deepening if you remain present and actively vigilant with it. There is no end to the awakening process, the phases in this journey are endless. Thus this advanced Inquiry will keep you deepening for decades even after you are fully liberated and in the Abiding phases of awakening.

Be familiar with the Basic Inquiry Method first, by practicing it daily for several weeks, if not months. All of the paid courses have guided meditations where you learn this powerful healing skill. All of these can be used as a regular morning or evening meditations. They build your volitional attention, your 4 steps to Correct Presence Practice and how to hold your emotions in your allowing everything to be as its is in your Presence space.

I can take you through aspects of this healing process that suit your current issue in 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

Advanced Inquiry Steps

Before you start the Inquiry, meditate first and establish the background of Presence as best as you can.awakenedessence-awaken-fast-advanced-inquiry-basic-inquiry-step1

Your process may start at any of the first step four steps listed below. This is especially the case if it is material from a coaching session. That material may seem newer to you as I or your coach may have pointed these out (ie: they are a kind of blind spot).
The more deeply unconscious sections will start making themselves known as resistance, as described in steps 1 to 3. This reflects that the psychological and emotional aspects are more hidden by the unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind does this for your protection.

If working through this process on your own, you will most likely start at step 4 or 5. This is because the feelings need to be closer to your conscious mind to be accessible when working on your own. The prime directives [especially directives 8 and 10] of the unconscious mean that material that is buried deeper will be much harder to access. However if your crap is running [directive 9] then feeling it is much easier. Keep in mind each behaviour, reaction and belief pattern you have is there for a good reason. Each of these aspects has the survival instinct to stay alive. This process is described on the ego's survival instinct page.

1. Denile

The big long river in Egypt

Denial of a behaviour, bad habit or belief is a clear sign of a blind spot. Denial is where the individual refuses to accept their behaviours and belief systems. The instant dismissal and comments like I am right are indicators to look for. A healthy conscious approach is to use pillar No3 rules of evidence teamed with No4 of Law Zero. Law Zero being self honesty and self responsibility. With these two pillars one can establish facts with behaviours, beliefs and emotions.
Refusal to even address the fundamental basics of outcomes with self honesty is denial and delusion. This is typically easy to spot in another. The greater the willingness to observe your internal processes the better your self honesty will be.

People who are in denial tend not not want to hear what others can observe. It takes fortitude and effort to examine the feedback from others, events or life tests to see how one maybe holding onto something false. Pillar No5 the unconscious mind means relate to your denial like it is a 5 year old. Be kind to yourself if you are running some denial.... These things grow with practice. Every belief in your system is a tooth fairy or Santa Claus. Yes, we needs beliefs as that is the software coding for or unconscious. Having beliefs that correlate with reality is wisdom. The actions of denial always has some sort of defensive based negative emotion. This negative emotion is the glue that sticks it in so it is hard to shift.

Law Zero can instantly smash denial. Just ask "Am I lying to myself?" then perform Correct Presence Practice steps 1 and 2. Thus be grounded in your lower body (Step 1) and feel your inner-body (Step 2: your feelings, emotions, tensions, energetics etc). Sense and check the evidence. Dwell in steps 1 and 2, this is where holding the steps of Correct Presence Practice will yield better results.
Reconcile this with your three brains / inner child. To be really certain check this over a period of times in the triggering situation a number of times. Let the evidence show speak, then you can be certain. To be really evidence based, jot the outcomes in your success journal. This records your internal process, and as it is a conscious action it means you checked, so the blind spot bad behaviour is now becoming conscious.
To not check your internal Correct Presence Steps and be aware of what is happening means the mind / ego can run on an assumptions. Watch those around you. Notice when they use denial to say you are wrong they do not perform steps 1 and 2 of Correct Presence Practice. They will just act out and retort that you are wrong so they get to keep their denial and bad habit.

This is the power of your volitional attention, use it with the 9 pillar framework and denial becomes impossible. Spiritual blind spots are easily seen, how long they play out depends at what levels in your system they are lodged. A mental level only belief only is easy to change. At the other extreme a DNA coded belief is extremely difficult to shift.

2. Resistance & Justification

Resistance is sometimes the first step when encountering a new part (feeling, emotion, behaviour, issue) with Inquiry. It believes "I am right". It will justify itself. This part will want to hold onto these emotions and beliefs. It will have justifications for it that seem valid. It's a proven view as a result of these emotions, beliefs and past experiences.

At this stage, all you can do is be Present and let this aspect feel its feelings. This is the uncomfortable aspect, pillar No2 allowing all of you. Watch how it justifies. These justifications are embedded belief patterns that generate certain behaviours. In your daily life you will hopefully see these patterns arise in situations. This is often an important step to notice how they play out. Then you can actively retrain the new Presence habit to replace the old pattern.

You can try and soften the resistance by asking this part of yourself "why did you do this for me?" and "what is the outcome you want from this behaviour, action or belief?" You will learn at this step what the part's purpose is. Every aspect of your psyche has a positive intention, even if it looks destructive.

Take a look at a family member, partner or close friend. You may know they have certain bad behaviours they act out when in a bad mood. Often this behaviour is acted out in an irrational way. They will voice their limiting and restricted beliefs that are running their behaviour. As a person outside of them, you will notice they don't listen to reason. This is a perfect example of how inner parts work within us. If you are working with aspects of yourself like this, be patient or seek assistance.

3. Confusion

The part of your consciousness that has the issue (the emotions, associated beliefs and resulting behaviour patterns) will start to feel confused as you Inquire.

When you carefully examine your feelings, by fully feeling them while holding Presence, you will discover that this part may feel a bit irrational, confused or even insane. This aspect is discussed on the feeling crazy page.

This is because it does not know what is right or wrong anymore. This part does not know any better and this is leading to the next step. Rest assured that progress is being made even if it does feel a little strange. You will earn that this crazy feeling is a real positive sign, although it feels horrible.

4. Feeling the Triggers

Trigger Awareness as they happen

Most often you will start here, although the previous two may occur. If they do, they will always precede this step in the healing process. At this stage, the part starts to realise its emotions, beliefs, and behaviours associated with the behaviour pattern or issue. It will start to realise how holding onto these past emotions and beliefs has been an error. As you literally play the role of the conscious adult, or indeed the Awakened Sage, of yourself keep in mind that this broken aspect of you did its best at the time. Prime directive 1 is to keep you safe, your unconscious mind is your loyal loving servant.

Ask this part what it wanted for you through these beliefs and behaviours. Listen carefully, you will see the beauty that this lost part of your consciousness has to offer you.

5. Relinquishing

Bye bye negative accepting the positive

Once you relinquish the spoken material from that section of your 1on1 coaching session, while holding stillness as best as you can, look deeper.

There will probably be another round or so of beliefs. Sometimes many rounds, as the mind can hold similar or even repeated belief patterns. Some of these associated emotions may be completely different to the ones discussed in the session.

Feel and allow yourself to be aware of the belief patterns and relinquish these as they arise. Feel the feelings while you frequently re-check your Correct Presence Practice. Looking deeper and using your 1-on-1 coaching sessions as a springboard to look deeper, gives a lot more growth and value from the session.

6. Stillness

Correct Presence Allowing What Is

You will be sitting/meditating and you will feel stillness. This can be step 3 Presence or step 4 the Divine of the Correct Presence Practice. You will just be aware and still. No more words or feelings arise.


This section is now ready for integration. The number of rounds you do can vary; sometimes one, sometimes it may take weeks to truly breakthrough a section that is Inquired into fully. Patience and persistence is the key to success. Allowing the resistances is critical, forcing is just more resistance.

As Sri Nissagadatta said repeatedly in I AM THAT, only one ingredient is required to attain full consciousness (phase 3 up) and that is Earnestness. Sometimes persistent parts of your unconscious will have more layers that need to be addressed at the next coaching session. Core themes will often be re-visited with different twists and patterns.

7. Replace relinquished beliefs

Replace with a positive opposite

Replace relinquished beliefs with a positive. If these are not given in the session make up your own.

Typically they will be the opposite of what you relinquished. Eg: a poor communication habit becomes "I communicate clearly with ease and I am understood".

Putting the positive in gives the mind the new instruction. This is not to be confused with an affirmation, a practice of repeating positive statements. We are working much deeper here. The unconscious mind needs clear directions or rules. This is what a belief is.

8. Feel the positives

Are they accepted or resisted?

Feel, as the positives are said by your mind. If your Presence and Stillness remain while feeling, this layer is complete at this level.

awakenedessence-awaken-fast-advanced-inquiry-inquiry-step2If you feel resistance, this is an indication that more material needs to be felt and the belief patterns relinquished.

Do as you did above, be as still and Present and still feeling the space. Then feel the words/beliefs and what they are about, does it change how your feel?

Think of that same situation that was a trigger point for that old behaviour or emotion. Recheck your 4 steps of Correct Presence Practice, feel. What happens inside? Do you feel you can now respond positively and in a manner that you hold your inner resources and can act in an empowered way?

Listen to your mind chatter, if it says negative stuff then be thankful, investigate. Sometimes the feelings and beliefs may seem general or relate to small instances in your recent or distant past. Trust what comes up. Take your time with this step.

8. Stillness will arise again

The double-check the positive is accepted

This part will then re-integrate into the rest of your whole consciousness. You will feel a sense of completeness that is hard to describe. A feeling of resolution.

Repeat steps 5 to 7 again.

The deeper the Presence and associated expansiveness the deeper the change has been within your consciousness. Again repeat the positives in your Presence.

This is a double-check. It is easier to get any scraps left in your unconsciousness now and have a complete and strong durable shift. I often do a double-check in the next day or so. In the Laws of Grace course we look extensively into what I call the validation process, an extension of pillar No3 rules of evidence. It is important to monitor the changes. That's what Correct Presence Practice will give you, the evidence in life the shift has occurred assuming you are being Law Zero about it.

Why say the positive outcomes?

The positive beliefs or outcomes in steps 6 to 8 are required by the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is effectively the computer operating system of your personality. To leave an empty gap would allow your psyche to insert something without your conscious consent, potentially causing more issues.

To illustrate metaphorically you are upgrading your personal operating system from version 1.0 to 2.0, thus something must be put back in. Given that we humans are deeply complex mechanisms, you may find yourself visiting a deeper layer of similar material in the future, although it will vary in some ways.

The next step in mastering Inquiry

As you deepen into your Presence, you will realise that it is this quiet, still and impersonal awareness that really has no problems with the world, ego, the weather, or the stock market. This is pillar No2, it includes all of you.

You will operate in the world but not be of it, as you will know the deeper truth of reality. This then means you can be in this world and be a great example of a happy and at peace person. This then helps everybody, as Jung stated the Individuated are the leaders of the collective. Your Awakening will help save humanity from our current precarious unconscious ways as it makes it easier for others.

This process of being a deeply conscious person will certainly provide you with many interesting insights. The faster you master this process the more able you will be to handle situations in life.

This is where coaching is most effective if you are committed to being the best you can be.
The value of coaching with a tough personal issue will show you how to use this process.
You can be taken through this Inquiry process with a live issue, then later to can listen and practice to it. If you want to experience the most potent conscious change tool ever then hit the button below.

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