Kundalini Dangers

Safety cautions & is it Enlightenment?

Kundalini is an extremely potent spiritual energy of Awakening that resides inside the base of our being. Kundalini is extremely dangerous due to its sheer power to transform. Myths about Kundalini being a sign of Enlightenment are deeply ingrained in the spiritual community. This video discusses the reality of having Kundalini rise and its damaging and extremely painful implications. Its ability to transform makes it a popular topic leading to many myths and misconceptions about it. Your safety is first, and I explain why I recommend developing your Presence practice base first to save serious damage to your system if Kundalini does activate.

Kundalini is Electrocution

The ability to hold extreme pain & Presence

Kundalini is our Shakti or feminine energy that is stored in the base of our esoteric structures. When it activates it is like a nuclear bomb exploding. How it moves or explodes may vary depending on you, your abilities and Grace (God's Will). Are you prepared for five megawatts of energy to flow through your nerves and esoteric wiring? The sheer power of the real kundalini as opposed to energetic phenomena is significant.

Kundalini's destructive and damaging capabilities are often under played so people try and force its activation. As discussed in the video I describe how these energies are terrifyingly massive. I personally experienced many different ways in which it fired up over a five year period. The pain associated with the different types of activation went from extreme pain to off-the-scale pain. This X-ray is my broken distal phalanges (thumb tip bone) from October 2019. The pain of snapping that bone felt like a feather tickle compared to any of my kundalini events that occurred between 1995 and 1999. Hence in the video, I keep asking you to review the question "Are you still chasing kundalini"?

Hence my sternly worded video where I implore you NOT to chase kundalini activation. Enlightenment via Correct Presence Practice is the fastest method. This method, as discussed through this entire website, means as you journey through phase 1 Got it Lost it to phase 3 Abiding Awakening you develop your internal structures to handle this explosive energy. Then if kundalini does happen you'll be in the best place to have it rise to add to your Abiding Awakening. Correct Presence Practice develops your neurology, body wisdom and focus ability so you can maintain Presence while major extreme events take place.

Kundalini = Enlightenment?

Unconscious Energy versus Conscious Alignment

Various spiritual teaching state the rising of Kundalini means one is Enlightened. In my personal experience and having met others who have had this energy rise I have seen a significant lack of evidential life-based conduct and bandwidth to suggest there is a direct correlation. Most I have met who have had powerful kundalini experiences are in phase 1 Got it Lost it in the Awakening journey. These individuals tend to have spiritual abilities yet their Presence practice is ineffective. Their conduct isn't based in Presence but mental body belief systems.

Some people who claim kundalini events I have met were possibly in phase 2 non-Abiding Awakening. Some of these claimed to be Enlightened and played the role of a teacher and/or Guru. Due to their spiritual siddhis (abilities) they often had the ability to influence and generate energetic spiritual phenomena. Often there were strong cult indicators built into their organisations. Their bandwidth may have had significant siddhi (spiritual abilities), yet it was clear that this was not aligned with Abiding Presence. These individuals tended to turn their spiritual energies on and off. On when teaching, and off when not teaching. A person who has energetic siddhi is not necessarily Enlightened. This just means they have certain energetic wires turned on.

The view from within this specifics-based framework is that Enlightenment is based in real-life evidence. That Enlightenment is a conscious volitional process in each moment of your day. Thus your real Awakening is the formation of aligned Presence by the choice of your free will and attention placement. Once this volitional Presence habit becomes default unconsciously you have the ability to hold your Presence and the Divine in any circumstance.

Is it Kundalini?

How to tell if it is real

The primal life force that kundalini is can manifest in many forms. The genuine form kundalini can be characterised by the sheer explosive voltage that is unleashed. I have heard many talk about it that indicate what they perceived kundalini to be was a nice or pleasant energy. If your energetic event does not feel like 5 mega-watts explosiveness then chances are it's just phenomena. Due to kundalini's mythical status as something to indicate Enlightenment means people will literally tend to conclude they have had it.

The devil is always in the details. Hence in this website specificity is a requirement to assist you in defining your structures, practices and Awakening phases. The specifics of Enlightenment versus vague brainwashing have implications regarding Kundalini. Having had this primal energy activate many times within myself as well as many other types of spiritual phenomena I can categorically state this is the most dangerous energy there is. Those I have spoken to that have also had severe negative outcomes from Kundalini agree: This energy is uncontrollably powerful and typically painful. The healing process afterward is often long with chronic conditions resulting.

I have met many others that think that a nice feeling of energy after various exercises is kundalini. No, that is just normal energetic phenomenon. It's important to understand that real Kundalini is metaphorically speaking 5 megawatts.

Certainty on Kundalini?

Safety first so what's your question?

This topic is fraught with myth, plausibility and imagination. It is really important you keep yourself safe and functional and not activate this destructive energy unless you are prepared for the consequences. On the Kundalini Support page, I explain how I can give some assistance to those seeking this Shakti energy event. I also discuss how formal ashrams run by genuine Guru-teachers offer serious support, and what that entails. If you have had it or have sustained damage from it, then check out the chronic health condition page. This will give you some idea of the process you will need to go through to recover.

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