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Standard Healing Courses include:

♥♥ Be attuned to Golden Ray or Reiki per the Level selected via Phoenix healing. This is a Soul level to physical body and DNA initiation. You may receive certain initiations that may be time-locked until you are ready to carry their higher vibration.
♥♥ Be attuned (initiated) to the symbols for that level of Golden Ray / Reiki.
♥♥ A Phoenix healing clearing! This is the most potent initiation method there is because it is done at the Soul level, no human limitations or agendas are possible. All energetic levels are blessed according to Grace. If Grace wants something cleared then it gets cleared! Sometimes significant work is done.
♥♥ Golden Ray / Reiki video course access.
♥♥ PDF manual emailed to the email address you provided when you registered.
 You will learn to practice Presence as we work through the material in the videos.
♥♥ I will notify you of your Guardian/Teacher and anything else that you need to know by what I saw when doing the Phoenix Healing Attunement. Please include a phone number I would rather call than email (I'm slow at typing).

♥ All courses have at least 1 personal coaching session at a time of your choosing for feedback, questions and clarity. This will assist with your No3 Evidence based feedback and implementation. Given my emphasis on spiritual safety and the Guardian Protocol it is very important to assist you in making the most of these special courses. The number of sessions will be indicated at purchase, and be given as a discount over normal pricing. I give the best value upfront (Law Zero and spiritual compass).

How we do this:
1. Please cut and paste the enrolment form details below on this page and send them via your favourite email app/program. Any questions about this please contact/call or put your question in the enrolment form.

2. I will respond within 24 hours via txt or call (if not please txt or call me).

3. I'll then enroll you into the course and I'll email you the manual once payment is received. You are welcome to start reading and practicing. Notice what happens as you go through this journey. Set your intention, please watch the what do you want video and apply yourself accordingly. Your healing abilities apply to your Awakening process as the 9 pillar framework applies. This will help you master your healing and teach you to apply this to anything in your life.

4. I'll contact you via your email or SMS once I have performed the Phoenix Healing attunement. This will be to inform you of your Gatekeeper-Guardian teacher on the inner. If I sensed anything important during the attunement I'll inform you then.

5. We have our included ♥♥coaching session/s when you decide. During that I'll cover what I sensed with the Phoenix Healing attunement.

Please pay either by contacting me for direct banking or using the link for the course (s) you want.
Americans, Australians and New Zealanders resident in your country can pay by direct bank deposit. Please txt me directly, my number is at the bottom of the page. For all other countries the below is in USD.

There is also a Golden Ray Level 2 and that is a 28 day initiation process. This has specific meditation videos for you to follow for this initiation process.
Golden Ray 2 and Reiki Level 3 is practitioner grade. The sessions included with this are for feedback and one can be used for a personal Harth Timeline session if you want. Reiki 3 and Golden Ray 2 require you to be attuned to the prior levels, these can be purchased as a package, and you take your time to work through them. Grace has a way of giving you what you need and will time locks aspects. until you earn the right to use them safely (God is pretty clued up).

Golden Ray level 1 or Reiki Levels 1 and 2 are not intended as practitioner levels.

The Golden Ray Level 1 or Reiki Levels 1&2

Includes one personal session.
One online course is $375 tap the button the website

Golden Ray Level 1 AND Reiki Levels 1&2 (both systems)

Includes one personal online session.

You will be initiated into both systems.
You may be given a different Guardian/Gatekeeper/Teacher for each healing system, that's for my inner teachers to decide.
Both online courses together $435 tap the link to go to the website

Certified Golden Ray or Reiki?

To be certified you need to follow through on a series of Golden Ray tasks and write up notes and send them to me (ie: entries you would put in a client note book or your Presence Journal), or tell me about them in the feedback sessions.
Or you can use the feedback session for questions, mentoring or healing -it's your choice as you may be using the Golden Ray as a method to assist your Awakening practice.

To be certified will require 2 online coaching sessions at the current rate.
We can discuss this option at any stage of you learning journey.

I will then send you a PDF certificate that can be printed once the Golden Ray tasks and write-up notes have been received and reviewed.

Phoenix Healing details

Pre-healing assessment coaching session: Do you really want to change and what will outcomes be. This is vitally important to ensure success and 'ease'!
The Phoenix healing (60 min) - done remotely
Two follow-up sessions.
Homework plan.
Allocation of a Guardian and Teacher for support from the "inner crew" who work with me.
  Yes, that is 3 sessions of 1on1 time within 30 days. With a 1 hour Phoenix healing done offline so I can be 100% at the Transpersonal Level with full focus.
Extra feedback sessions may be given for free depending on the circumstances. Phoenix healing are so powerful it important it's done right.

Entry Conditions

As with any e-learning system payment is final, no refund is given once video access is given. Law Zero of self responsibility and self honesty in the Laws of Grace apply. Your effort and practice application will give you the best reward. I say these rules are immutable (unbreakable) for a reason, if you perceive they have failed we need to know why! If you break these Laws of Grace, under the Rules of Evidence, I'll refund the course cost as a reward, as the course will be improved to something better!

Terms and Conditions are found on the Terms and Conditions page.

Enrolment Form

I'll need this information

Please send me an email direct via your normal email app / program. I will call or respond as soon as I can.
You will need to manually type the below email address, this saves recapture time wasting.

Note the spelling of the first word with the 'i' for inquiry

If I do not respond within 24 hours with a call or text message please SMS/txt or call me. My number is at the bottom of every page.

Please email these details

Please email me the below necessary information to enrol you. Cut and paste the below into your email and add/delete the relevant information. Once you have paid you will be admitted to the course / Club (or both).

Your information:
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