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The Golden Ray Level 1 or Reiki Levels 1&2 online:

Standard: Online course with all the below items

The Golden Ray Level 1 AND Reiki Levels 1&2 online:
Standard: Online course with all the below items

Reiki Level 3 online, the Master symbols:
Standard: The course comes with manual, MP3s for the Harth Timeline process. Current price reflects the video course is not ready.
Certificate for Reiki 3 is extra, see the certification information below

There is also a Golden Ray Level 2 and that is a 28 day initiation process you do as a specific video recorded meditation.
Golden Ray 2 and Reiki Level 3 is practitioner grade.
Golden Ray level 1 or Reiki Levels 1 and 2 are not intended as practitioner levels.

Standard Courses include:

Be attuned to Golden Ray or Reiki per the Level selected via Phoenix healing. This is a Soul level to physical body and DNA initiation. You may receive certain initiations that may be time locked until you are ready to carry their higher vibration.

Be attuned (initiated) to the symbols for that level of Golden Ray / Reiki.

A Phoenix healing clearing! This is the most potent initiation method there is because it is done at the Soul level, no human limitations or agendas are possible. All energetic levels are blessed according to Grace. If Grace wants something cleared then it gets cleared! Sometimes significant work is done.

Golden Ray / Reiki video course access. (Reiki Level 3 is yet to be done, Golden Ray Level 2 is avaliable)

PDF manual emailed to the email address you provided when you registered.

You will be prompted to practice Presence as we work though the material in the videos.

I will notify you of your Guardian/Teacher and anything else that you need to know by what I saw when doing the Phoenix Healing Attunement. Please include a phone number, I may call, rather than email the information. (I’m slow at typing)

As with any e-learning system payment is final, no refund is given once videos access is given, the manual is sent (and attunement will be given). The cost of this course only reflects professional healing time to give you the attunement. Everything else is effectively a free bonus. Laws of Grace apply and it is your effort and practice that you put in that will give you the best reward. Terms and Condition are found on the Terms and Conditions page- apply accordingly.

Certified Golden Ray or Reiki

To be certified you need to follow through on a series of Golden Ray tasks and write up notes and send them to me (ie: entries you would put in a client note book or your Presence Journal), or tell me about them in the feedback sessions.
Or you can use the feedback session for questions, mentoring or healing -its your choice as you may be using the Golden Ray as a method to assist your Awakening practice.

To be certified will require 2 hours of online mentoring at the current rate.
We will discuss this first and that will be a separate payment.

We can discuss this option on our phone chat before I attune you.

I will then send you a PDF certificate that can be printed once the Golden Ray tasks and write up notes have been received and reviewed.

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