Your Inner Child

Your homecoming to Wisdom

The inner child is an approximation of the unconscious mind. This is pillar No5 in the framework. The unconscious mind literally behaves like a 5 year old child. The prime directives of the unconscious mind lay out the rules for how it behaves and operates. At a deeper level the inner child (as it is the unconscious mind) is an active link you can use to access all your systems from your DNA to your spirit. This means it controls everything from your DNA, memories, trauma, belief systems, ego structures, behaviours, feelings and emotions.

Your inner child is a vital pathway to your connection to your higher spiritual anatomy. You are literally the child in the Divine Trinity (Mother, Father and child). Awakening is you being consciously aligned as the child in this trinity to experience the garden of Eden. All of you, including God, is connected through your unconscious mind. The inner child approach gives you an archetypal way to feel, listen and interpret your whole self and God. Relating to your unconscious correctly means it will work with you more effectively.

Learning to communicate with your unconscious mind is the foundational key to communicating with all of you. Thus to treat and relate to your unconscious like a 5 year old is the optimal approach as this is how it operates. Hence the repeated saying everywhere through my three websites is talk to your unconscious mind like it is a 5 year old brother sister best friend that you love to bits. Your unconscious mind is not an adult regardless of how old you are. To speak to it in any fashion that is un-loving or nasty is self-abuse and will only hinder any desired outcomes. Hence my behaviours, words and how I also relate to the animals are childlike. I demonstrate how you can maximise your partnership with your unconscious. My often simple and childlike mannerisms are natural outcomes of relating to my unconscious. A well balanced child is playful and open.

Apply pillar No9 Common Sense. Treat the majority of you like your 5 year old brother sister best friend that you love dearly. It's a simple concept that works with your ingredient #2 Structures. It is then common sense that anything less than love and caring for yourself will only trigger negative outcomes and fight-flight responses. The twenty prime directives dictate the specifics of the unconscious mind's operation. They are complex and how they interrelate is a lifelong study. Hence the inner child makes it simple as we all know how we as a child would like to be treated.

The inner child archetype gives a powerful way to read and relate to all of you. Being cognisant of your three inner children / brain archetypes helps you in many ways. It brings balance and wholeness at all levels. This is all a natural outcome of your Correct Presence Practice. Your healing and inquiry will be faster and more powerful because you are able to discern (Law Zero) aspects of yourself more clearly.
Developing your relationship with your unconscious mind is what takes you deeper into the Awakening phases. Phase 3 Abidance is related to the Jungian Individuation process. The result is your EQ (emotional intelligence) increases to assist your ability to be correctly Present in all of life's good and bad situations.

Higher emotional intelligence and the ability to use emotions is a direct measurable outcome of Awakening. Many believe incorrect theories that one will not have emotions when in phase 3 Abiding Awakening or higher phases. Emotions are a core human function, so am I in Presence is the only question one needs to check. The deeper your Presence the greater ability you'll have to work with your emotions in the given situation.

As we get older, we lose our enthusiasm and joy. We become dry and unhappy. Why? Because we lose our faith and innocence. Somewhere inside each of us, a child’s joy, innocence and faith lie dormant. Rediscover them.
Amma the Hugging Saint (Mata Amritanandamayi)

Emotional healing and emotional competence are key to being at peace with life. Building a working relationship with the inner child is an important step. The other critical step is to learn to be Present, and that's why it is pillar No1 in the framework. The inner child opens a deep portal into the unconscious mind. That is why the unconscious mind is the middle pillar No5 of 9 in this framework. Your unconscious mind is the gateway to your most base human aspects as well as the bridge to your higher self and spiritual bodies.

Inner child work takes your connection to the deepest levels. If you already work with your inner Child this will deepen it. It will also take you deeper into your spiritual dimensions.

I’ve worked with my inner child for insights, healing, answers and pointers on truth regularly since 1999. Even to this day, I am surprised at how valuable my inner child is to my ongoing growth. 
The amazing Genius level Indian sage Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev says this about the child:

“When you were born, you came with a certain innocence and blissfulness. A child is innocent and blissful by himself. But since this blissfulness did not happen consciously, anybody can corrupt it in no time. In no time, they will take it away… For some of you, it was taken away by the time you were 12 or 13 years of age; for many it was already taken away when they were 5 to 6. Children are becoming tense at 5 to 6 years of age today because their innocence gets corrupted in no time, depending upon the volume of influence that people around have on them.”

We can work with your inner child as part of a coaching or healing session. Even when you are deeply Abiding in Awakening you will still work with your inner child. It is a powerful must-learn inquiry tool, it unlocks your inner secrets. Your child will show you everything the adult mind ignores.

The inner Child allows your unconscious to show you what you need to see, feel and experience to allow full and integrated change. The inner child will unlock the chaotic nature of our human psyche so you can heal. It helps us get out of adult linear thinking, as our nature as a human is non-linear. Our child has amazing creativity for generating new ideas and solutions that the logical adult mind would miss. If you want to be truly creative you need to work with your inner child.

Until you re-claim your childhood innocence you will remain bound in human unhappiness. There are distinct passages you will move through, and I can coach you through these safely and smoothly. The freedom of your inner child can be sensed by the Great teachers. That is why Amma the Hugging Saint (Mata Amritanandamayi) said to me repeatedly in English seven times, as she usually speaks only Indian, (she spoke both Indian then English to me) on 17 April 2015:

"You are Father. Your are mother. You are Child. You are Free"
Amma the Hugging Saint (Mata Amritanandamayi)

Imagination & Construction

Violation of pillar No3 Rules of Evidence

Please be aware that imagination (thinking) is NOT reality. In this page we use our senses and internal observations to assimilate, process and deal with something we want to focus on. Our knowledge, feelings, emotions and our memory are gathered to build an understanding of a situation or to generate new behaviours and outcomes. The inner child is an archetypal method of communication within yourself. Thus it is difficult to tie this to outcomes and real evidence.
The actual evidence gathering happens after through your insights, emotional healing and actions.

Then you can discern if your intuition was right or wrong. This is one of the few instances where we use imagination and construct outcomes in our minds. The actual evidence will be the change in your creativity, behaviours, reduction in trauma responses or bad emotions in similar events moving forward. Your ability to be deeper in Presence is the outcome of evidence to look for regarding the issue you examined.

Your inner child is not the voice of God, but it can hear and translate that for you with this inner child process, especially the wise inner child that resides in the heart which includes structures of the heart brain, heart chakra and soul-spark matrix.

Please see if you can see what I am pointing at here.

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