Motivation & Enlightenment

So Awakening is assured

The speed of your Enlightenment and its deepening is 100% related to your motivation. Motivation and the implementation of the steps, skills and consciousness are what makes anything possible. Awakening is no different from tennis, a trade apprenticeship or cooking dinner as it is a habit. Motivation is part 2 of ingredient #1 of (a) What do you want ? and (b) what will you do about it?

If we examine our #2 structures (thus pillar No7) that make Enlightenment possible and work within them you will get the outcome. If you want to be Enlightened then embedding the habit of Correct Presence Practice will mean you actually live in Awakened consciousness. You will learn to operate from Presence both consciously and unconsciously if you train yourself in this habit that works. It is that simple and it's based on measurable evidence from your life.

Motivation and your cycles

Maintaining motivation; the human factor

Motivation can ebb and flow depending on many life factors. When keen one will actively practice Presence more. In my observations when life is OK and good most people stop their practice. Presence practice is purely mathematical, as we are habit-based life forms. So if you can maintain your application of Correct Presence Practice it will take you deeper into Awakening and through the Enlightenment phases mentioned on this website.

Motivation and applying it to what works

Motivation is the spark and fuel that lights the Awakened flame of your consciousness. However, for it to result in Awakening it needs to be applied to the structure of being Awake. You may be highly motivated and devoted to a good cause or spiritual practice. If that practice or cause is not the structure of how you can be Awake then it will be a journey of this life or many lives before you reach phase 3 Enlightenment level one (Abiding Presence).

Playing the skills of soccer will not make you excellent at tennis. Does that make sense? Many practice methods that do not align their consciousness as the Awakened state (correct Presence). Many practices will help your attention span (eg: T.M./Transendential Meditation and mantra meditation) but they will not deepen your actual Presence habit correctly. Thus you will never deepen to the next phase of Awakening.

The vast bulk of seekers merely think Presence. Some students of mine notice they think groundedness. They then realise it's just a mindful and emotional creation within their mind. Their habit was to think of grounding which creates the imagination of it. Therefore they do not actually do Correct Presence Practice, it's thinking it. If the habit of thinking groundedness is entrenched then it is difficult to shift. Their body generates that false experience.

The common saying your mind creates your reality is true. It can create a false reality. In NLP (neuro linguistic programming) this is technically a visual and emotional construct or recall from memory. Try this: imagine drinking a banana milkshake now. You can use your mind to create the sensory experience even though you are not actually having one. This little exercise proves (if you put in the effort) will give a false banana milkshake experience. If you do it well enough you will physically salivate. The problem is minding Presence (ie: thinking and imagining space and bliss) is fake.

I did that for twelve years. I say in many videos how I became adept at generating Bliss. This was either:
1. Totally fake and generated from imagination (like you did in the banana milkshake exercise above).
2. I was ungrounded and accessing my higher esoteric structures. These higher structures are spacious and blissful. This creating imaginary Presence and accessing my higher esoteric bodies was not genuine incarnate Enlightenment.
Phase 3 Abidance happened swiftly to me once my Correct Presence Practice was 100% real and embodied, not mentally imagined. This distinction is critical and why coaching is recommended. I can Transpersonally sense your Presence and bandwidth. That is why all courses come with at least one coaching session.

This means one falls into mind-generated beliefs, created feelings of space or connection with the Divine. They activate their esoteric structures (mental and bliss bodies). Pillar No4 Law Zero and Evidence (#3 and pillar No3) eventually make this obvious. However, if you firmly believe your delusion and do not test it you'll No8 Blind Spot yourself. This topic is very tricky and is an advanced topic in the Laws of Grace course, the Mastery Club as a research topic and 1on1 coaching.

If imagination worked all seekers would be Enlightened in a very short time span. Is this not obvious? It is now, so please test and evaluate your spiritual practice. Five years is plenty of time for significant progress into the Awakening phases assuming you are ingredient #1b Doing correct application.

God's rules on Motivation

the Laws of Grace

Understanding the difference between what you say to yourself and others about what you want and the actual action to get it is a very important distinction. This was the initial basis of the Laws of Grace mathematics. What I noticed with myself and others was the relationship between what was wanted versus the outcomes of their Awakening journey. After observing the outcomes of many people, myself and the life stories of many popular Enlightened teachers is there is math in the outcome and phase of Awakening a person reaches.

The Laws of Grace course takes this motivation question very seriously. The entire second section of the course is dedicated to drilling into your motivation to point out the evidence so you can no longer hide behind concepts, beliefs and incorrect ineffective teachings. Section 2 of the Laws of Grace is all about finding your core multiplier for your Awakening journey. It effortlessly weeds out your the actual timeframes to phase 2 non-Abiding and phase 3 Abiding Awakening. The mathematics is a wake up call to point you in the direction of what do you want versus what are you doing about it
This course comes with at least two 1on1 coaching sessions. One of these coaching sessions needs to happen once you have worked through this mathematics section of the course. Your mathematical numbers point to how you need to navigate your volitional attention to build the correct habit. Habits are purely mathematical. This is why this approach is evidence based, and most spiritual teaching are ineffective by comparison unless the person is applying these fixed structures in their life. Once these cause and affect dynamics are fully seen it is hard to go back to believing vague brainwashing spiritual theory.

Motivation is the tricky item on the Enlightenment path. How to Awaken with clarity and ease means that dance of facing yourself. Here I discuss serious questions to assist you with ingredient #1 - What do you want! Can you define what your life would be like if you reached your desired level of Awakening? Being defined is critical so you know the answer to the second question: What are you doing about it? The clearer you are on what you want, then you can make the best choices. If you are wanting to progress your Awakening then contact Jason about the best help available and try 1on1 coaching with Jason.

Tap picture to watch the tough questions to examine regarding your motivation and outcomes

Motivation & inaction

The start of Laziness & brainwashing

Many say they want something, yet do nothing. The outcome is mathematical, as inaction means nothing changes. This applies to all life, as pillar No9 is common sense. Examine your calling to be Awake or in simple terms to be always happy and free. How much do you say in your mind “I want to be Awake (use your own words for what that is). Then how much do you actually do to have that as a visceral experience in your day?
The doing is the habit of what works to have what you are motivated about. In this case Correct Presence Practice leads to evidence based Awakening as it becomes your default habit unconsciously and consciously. This habit becomes automatic, dead fast and easy. You master the grunt of battling your mind, bad habits and the drag of unconscious humanity.

It takes guts to work through your incorrect ideas, assumptions, beliefs about Awakening by testing it. The evidence is your Presence levels during your whole day in normal life. You will learn to feel the differences and nuances of the 4 steps of Correct Presence Practice. It takes guts to examine popular spiritual teachings for their ability to provide you with real in life evidence. As your habit of being correctly Present grows you experience more of the Divine, which is step 4 of Correct Presence Practice, in any life situation.

We are human. To make Enlightenment real in our lives means we have to obey the #2 Structures of being a human. Hence pillar No5 the unconscious mind plays a critical role. Our unconscious mind operates under its prime directives.  It is natural for our unconscious mind to believe total rubbish that is plausible, or to apply meaning to something vague. This is why popular spirituality tends to be vague and ineffective at brining you to evidence based Enlightenment in a few short years. Your unconscious mind applies meaning to nonsense so it does not feel confused. The ego needs meaning and boundaries so it can relate or behave. If you believe spiritual theory or teaching that isn't based in evidence from your own life then the path to Enlightenment will be long. You will likely remain stuck in phase one Got it Lost it regardless of how many wonderful Awakening events you have. Awakening will happen, just as most life events tend to happen. Consistency and stability of the Presence habit will not happen. The bad habits will predominant not the right correct habit of validated Presence.

Theory, memes, vague concepts and truisms have zero impact if it is not your lived experience. That is why this teaching, website and YouTube channel has declared a war of clarity on vague theory that brainwashes its students. It is so important to see your own retrenched habits of laziness, no-presence or incorrect-presence practices. Yes, this is daunting and brutal to see how much you are not Present. However, this helps you to confront and improve your Law Zero and the even more difficult No8 blind spots. Then real improvement towards being more conscious happens.

It takes guts and motivation to dig deep and examine your Law Zero of self honesty and self responsibility. This is where you examine the evidence, your internal processes and deepen more into Presence and then the Divine Everything. Are you relentless about this? Check you don't run the normal habit of laziness, assumption and not using your conscious volitional attention?

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