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Start at the Destination: Presence

Spiritual orientation is your internal google maps, what is your starting point? Correct Presence Practice is pillar No1 in the Laws of Grace framework that sets out your spiritual orientation. This can also be viewed another way: Where is your inner spiritual guidance system starting as you face the challenges of life? We all seem to start at the wrong place initially. Three decades of personal experience and observation tells me most seekers start outside of where they want to end up. Seeking means chasing that which is not yet default or already here (a priori). Watch this delightful video as I try to stop tears of exquisite bliss overtaking me as I Transpersonally merge with wild grey kangaroos. The bandwidth of these ancient animals is serene Stillness.

In the Laws of Grace course we dig deeper into the different ways of seeing the logical and measurable structure of the Awakening process. The structure never changes, even as one Awakens to newer levels. The pitfalls remain the same, thus the importance of spiritual orientation, or as more frequently said here Correct Presence Practice. On the About Me page, I explain what recording the Laws of Grace did for me as I was the one who was making the videos for you. It was an epic exploration of the structure and validity of these laws. They were tested by the years we all know as 2020 and 2021 the years of the pandemic where normal changed.

ACIM versus Presence

the fundamental error of A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman is a well-known book in the spiritual community. It is designed with 365 chapters so you can Inquire into the subject matter for the day (or longer) to hone your connection with the Divine. People like Eckhart Tolle quote it frequently as it has plausibility and points to the truth. In this below video I present the major flaw within this ACIM methodology. Watch your mind, judgments and psychological triggers as I discuss how the orientation of A Course in Miracles is back to front. If you know how to be Present then see how well you maintain it through this video.

Did that video make sense? To create feelings that are not naturally already here in your current situation means it is forced by personal will (your ego). Your job as a person, with your time and attention is to action the 4 steps of Presence practice. What is then experienced is the Divine, God's Will, for you at this moment. To action Presence practice then opens your neurology and unconscious mind to do the rest. As you are Present your unconscious mind can use all its resources to bring back a nicer equilibrium. The operation of the prime directives dictates this will happen, unless overridden by a higher-ranked prime directive (a fight flight override).

What amazes me with this sort of material like A Course in Miracles is that it is trying to explain What Is by asking you to create what isn’t. Can you see this? This is the trap that people fall into. If you are practicing Presence then allowance and acceptance is natural outcome. This does not mean a situation or emotional state will then feel nice, it won’t. But you can have the peace of step 3 Presence. Then within that, the feelings of gratitude or thankfulness (etc) may arise because it is genuinely real. To manufacture is inherently not Thy Will. To feel a feeling that is not naturally arising in Presence is not Correct Presence Practice. Manufacturing phenomena like the space of Presence is a Law Zero fail.

The old habits of being lost as a seeker die hard. For decades I have watched people trapped in this place. The solution is here, practice Presence correctly. This trip is short, if not then perhaps you need to reflect on your Presence practice and your spiritual orientation. The 9 pillar Enlightenment framework is concrete for this reason as it clearly and definably sets out how you can apply your spiritual practice so it is measurable, defined and based on evidence.

Presence that is step 3 of the 4 steps of Correct Presence Practice and the Divine Nothingness that is step 4 allows What Is. By definition this means whatever you are experiencing, including your thoughts and emotions are what they are, eh? So to practice Presence as best as you can, even if that is just feeling your legs so you are not caught up in your head thinking then that Is What Is. This is the correct Orientation of the Laws of Grace. This is infinitely better than trying to force or create with egoic will and the mind to change What Is to something it is NOT. Deeply examine this for yourself, check your willingness to feel and be here with life's happenings. See if Presence is there with it and how it changes your experience of it.

Mental forcing to somehow create gratitude as ACIM asks in some chapters (or any other feeling for that matter) when it is not happening is forcing and not allowing what God has given you. How is this letting be What Is? Please reason this until you see it clearly. If you can't experience it then book a coaching session and I'll step you through it.

God creates all reality, not you the person. Yes you the person when you are conscious as the Nothingness which is God, but that is impersonal consciousness so there is no manipulator there to bend it to your personal (non-God) identity. To fall from Grace is simply you not being consciously experiencing step 4 of Correct Presence Practice.

Step 3 of Presence as the default habit both consciously and unconsciously is all you can do as a human. Abiding Presence when that is your default habit is defined here as Enlightenment Level 1. To live in the state of Grace (step 4 in the definition here), the Divine, God's Will, Thy Will happens literally by Grace. Yet due to the operation of the Laws of Grace it is mathematical (habitual) and you grow into holding the Divine as you settle into the next phases of Awakening. Glimpses of Grace can happen at any moment regardless of your spiritual practices. These are often referred to as Awakenings. If you cannot re-enter that instantly by conscious choice, then it has gone.

This is why the Laws of Grace course is so epically huge and specific as it covers all these aspects that trip seekers up for decades. I state this framework can be applied to any spiritual or religious path. The operation of the unconscious mind, its habit formation process means that attainment of Abiding Awakening is possible within 5 years for most people. It's a matter of correct habit application. Some factors may hinder this such as blind spots which is why this aspect is assigned as pillar No8. The Laws of Grace course and the 9 pillar framework here on this website will point out what is hindering you if you cannot enter Abiding Presence in that time frame. Personal feedback will bring clarity as to why if you want to know why your progress is not as fast as you desire it to be.

As you clear out your bad-non-present habits the Divine Nothingness that you are will be in flow with the Divine. Then yes you create your reality as you are totally in flow with What Is. A Course in Miracles is kinda correct as it is plausible and conceptually appealing. What if you were Present, the I Am Presence first? Test this and apply the rules of evidence to see if it is true for you. Send me an email of your experience, I'd love to hear of your results and insights.

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