Ego Death & the Survival instinct

All life forms from plants to humans fight to survive!

Cleaning up the ego of bad behaviours, emotional reactions, belief systems and ego-death is a process. Every aspect of your consciousness needs to transcend and Awaken so it comes back to the whole of your consciousness. Each individual belief, reaction or behaviour fights to live. The survival instinct applies at many levels of consciousness, not just DNA based whole organisms. This 2017 legacy video beautifully explains this process. Then re-watch it and see how I reference the 9 pillar framework four years before it was created.

The irony of this is that your survival instinct, the Ego is all completely required. This is the role of your unconscious mind, pillar No5 in the framework. It gives you the ability to differentiate between me and other. Without this capacity you can't function. Hence why a newborn baby can't feed itself. The baby has no idea where its mouth is until it learns, 100% dependent on its careers.

In the second cycle of Enlightenment (phase 5 and above) one starts the re-merging with the collective. Newborn babies are unconsciously in this collective merged state, it isn't conscious yet. If you do not have a sound and solid Ego, personality and psychology you will go insane if you stay Transpersonal for too long. Your matured (well-trained with the right habits) ego gives you the capacity to differentiate between what is yours and what isn't even though you are experiencing what the other or others are. It is required to sense what is your thoughts versus the other that you are Transpersonal with. It is required to keep you functional if (when) you are conscious as the Nothingness (Grace, the Divine and God). If not then it's too easy to lose a grip on reality. Awakening phases 3 and up present new tough challenges. Grounding these in normal life is as much of a challenge as it was to be comfortable with Presence in phases 1 and 2.

It's good to be Enlightened but one needs to be able to function as a competent human being. To function in society and be able to perform at a job (etc) while holding this Enlightened consciousness is extremely important. All this takes time to settle and grow. Laws of Grace and their operation mean you will not be allowed to hold these higher levels of consciousness until you come to terms with these sorts of dynamics.

This is why it is easy to spot people who claim Enlightenment but it isn't actual. They don't have the human basics settled. Experiencing space, stillness and bliss in the esoteric mental bodies is not Abiding Enlightenment. It's a good start, but more Presence grounded in the body is required. It's just too unsafe and the psychology will unravel.

Take a look at Ramana Maharshi, after his profound awakening he spent 13 years in a cave and had rodents eating him (so the legend goes). He was dysfunctional and resistant to being a teacher or in society. Other Masters have also gone through this process. Thus the notion that ego is bad, and emotions are bad will merely slow your Awakening. You are both Presence and a human being, you need a healthy psychological mechanism that has been purposefully designed by the Divine. It has been done so these Enlightened levels of consciousness can be experienced in the 3rd dimension with a human body. Stop fighting your ego and learn how it operates. It's your job to train your ego how you want it. If you are seeking Enlightenment then you'll train your ego to love Presence by practicing Presence correctly.

Can you see how pillar No2 of includes all of you applies here to Awakening? Keep this in mind when other spiritual seekers or teachers bag the ego as wrong or something to be killed. It can't be killed if you want to remain functional. Your job is to Awaken properly in a balanced fashion. Hence the Enlightenment framework and the Laws of Grace gives the specifics on how to work with all of you and validate your progress.

Designed for Transpersonal Enlightenment

Ego is designed for phases 5+ Transpersonal Enlightenment

What I have realized after three decades plus of Inquiry, Presence practice, research and delving into the deep unconscious, is that all aspects of consciousness have individual consciousness and fight to survive. Hence the 9 pillar framework is a unique approach over the popular teachings on Awakening. Consciousness operates within a structure for Enlightenment to occur. Basic survival functions are required and they never die. However they do adjust as one Awakens and one learns to consciously include these in Presence, both consciously and unconsciously.

Each bit of consciousness has the drive for survival and to perform its role. Just as a tree fights to survive as a tree, a caterpillar to be a caterpillar, so do aspects of your psychology. This is why aspects of behaviour seem difficult to shift or change. They are doing what they can to survive even if you don’t like the behaviour and want it to stop.

Metaphorically the behaviour, feeling, or belief has its own independent life within you. Thus you cannot directly change or alter this by your own conscious volition in most circumstances. Hence the need for you to Inquire and be Present with these inner aspects until they dissolve into your integrated consciousness of the greater you.

The implications of this individual consciousness is profound. Even if the majority of the conscious and unconscious you are aligned to behave or feel a certain way, if there is an opposing aspect it can still assert its influence in your psyche. This is because it has its own survival instinct. This smaller aspect of your unconscious mind may still have the power to hijack your behaviour, thinking and feeling. Its ability to hijack you is related to which prime directives of your unconscious mind it is in alignment with.

Look at the people who are close to you. I bet you know their buttons. All you need to do is say something or behave in a certain way and they will change and fly into a predictable reaction. This is exactly what I am talking about. If you are observant enough you will know your own trigger buttons. Each deeper layer of segmented consciousness will also have this ability to hijack you. Thus your skills and being conscious and Present remains the key to dealing with these aspects of splintered consciousness.

Thus you can use triggers to your advantage to activate Correct Presence Practice rather than an unconscious reaction. Using and developing triggers covered in the Laws of Grace course. Once Enlightenment is seen as the correct habit of consciousness you are free of the chains that incorrect, vague and incomplete spiritual methodologies use.

I always keep this in mind when people tell me “I create my reality”. They indeed do as that includes the unconscious splintered aspects that stop them from manifesting what they reckon they can manifest. Thus to truly manifest you need to be adept at Inquiry and Presence unless Grace (ie: God’s Will, which is not personal will) wants you to have it.

As you develop the skill and base of Correct Presence Practice these other splintered aspects of unconsciousness will still rise and behave as though they are completely separate from the peaceful Awakened you. Understanding this dynamic will assist both the conscious you and the unconscious material to deepen into your Presence. This will also help with the re-integration of the splintered aspects of your unconsciousness. This will still happen even when you are in the Abiding Awakening phase 3 or higher and this will still seem odd. But as you settle into phase 4 Matured Abidance you have got used to this quirk of consciousness that does not make sense. But you will hear me state in this website and videos, it's all about the structure (pillar no7), not the badges of attainment.

Contemplate this deeply. When this fact is deeply understood it is truly profound.
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And yes; like all pictures on my website this is a photo I took of the rather deadly Alpine Copperhead. This beautiful snake had just swum the Bemm River and it didn't seem bothered by close human company. The Whispering State is Presence, and the LearnWhispering 101 course covers another plain language way to learn this skill set.

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