Stop Losing Awakenings

Falling from Grace to lower phases of Awakening

I have witnessed many hit a possible new phase in the Enlightenment journey. Then they revert backwards. Can you guess why? It's simple mathematics and the Laws of Grace. What is the default habit and the implemented awareness of the individual? Free will is our birthright. Free will is the right to place your volitional attention where we consciously decide. From this fundamental base we can move with certainty and clarity to real Enlightenment and beyond. The video explains this, practice Presence as best as you can as you watch. Notice how you stay focused or not, its all feedback to help.

Virtually all of us will experience a wonderful Awakening, yet over time it seems to fade. It's just not as instant, or a priori (Latin for per-existing), compared to the initial blast that felt blissful and a huge revelation of simplicity and ease. There are only two options as to what has occurred:

1. You have settled into that phase, or sub-phase and your neurology is becoming accustomed to the vibrations of it. Thus it's just normal, the bliss and other phenomena lose their specialness. Hence in some videos I use the metaphor of comparing bliss to breathing. Bliss is a classic indicator of claiming when people tout bliss as proof of their spiritual attainment. The evidence can be further explored by testing if it isn't just a higher esoteric body phenomena, as bodily based bliss is very different. Settling into each phase of Awakening typically takes years of consistency for that level. On occasions it may be quicker. We are human, thus it takes third dimensional time for all our habits to settle into our lifestyle that includes community, employment and relationship dynamics.

2. You have fallen back to a lesser phase of Awakening. This happens to all of us except a few! Unfortunately this is usually part of the path. It gives us the motivation as we experienced what can become normal. The small minority hit genuine clarity and get to keep it.

I certainly lost hundreds of Awakening opportunities to move into the next phase of the Awakening journey. If I'd had the 9 pillar framework and the Laws of Grace course back in 1996 I would have saved a decade of sheer hell. However the extra decade of hell gave a certain depth to do it right and effectively.

I'd also have not endured the torture and damage of a megalomaniac Mana personality enlightened (small caps on purpose!) teacher. Not knowing how to do Correct Presence Practice took me trial and error until it worked. I recorded the evidence and closely researched my attention, actions and Presence practice. This decade of hell gave me very potent lessons. Some lessons were very damaging (especially in relation to the cult master) and have left a deep impact on me to prove the importance of Law Zero of self honesty and self responsibility. Hence the page on cults and making this 9 pillar framework free in this website to help people navigate the minefield we all face.

Real bona fide Awakening

It's simple, clear and fast

You can make this journey simple, fast and 100% real in your life. If the video made sense, or better still it annoyed you, then the Correct Presence Practice course gives the exact non-debatable steps to keep you in touch with what is real. The longer Laws of Grace course is extremely extensive and covers all the potholes and typical issues you'll face to enter phase 3 real Enlightenment as defined here in this website and teaching.

As this is about being conscious, then how you are attaining your spiritual calling can be measured. Each course has a minimum of 1 hour of personal one-on-one with me online or phone. This ensures you can have personal feedback, questions answered and validation you are doing Correct Presence Practice. Most seekers, about 99% in my observations since 2002, don't do Correct Presence Practice. These people do mind stuff which isn't effective at forming the correct habit of real Presence. Presence is more than a thought or a mental creation of a feeling or space. Can you tell the difference? You will with the Correct Presence Practice course.

Laws of Grace Framework courses

Learn Correct Presence Practice with the 16 hour Correct Presence Practice course or the very extensive 50 hour+ Laws of Grace course. Both include one or more personal coaching sessions to check you are forming the Correct Presence Practice and to answer your questions.