Ego's Enlightenment Evolution

Carl Jung: The ego individuates

The ego is bashed endlessly by teachers and the spiritual community. 'Oh, that's your ego' is the common spiritual insult on Facebook. Ego is blamed for anything that we perceive is bad or not of our preferred idea. Yes? Perhaps this judgemental view and the definition of ego are 100% wrong? Yes, the ego does things we all regret. War with ego is endless. Understand your psychological make-up, its structure and Awaken. Pillar No2 includes all of you for a reason.
Can you give reasons why the ego is good and is needed to function when Enlightened?

However the ego also does many things to make our life so amazing. If not we would be as simple as the wild birds in these videos. Perhaps it's time to really understand what Ego is and it's 100% requirement to hold not just Abiding Awakening but advanced phases 5+ Transpersonal Enlightenment. Stick to facts and clear baseline definitions of what an ego is. Carl Jung the genius forefather of psychology makes all this crystal clear.

If your teacher or favorite spiritual practices say ego is bad, then you are being held back from evidence-based reality. The unconscious mind, pillar No5 in the framework, is your bridge from your body, DNA through to your emotions, mind, self, Higher Self and all those esoteric unseen layers to your spirit. An action, thought or tendency that is deemed bad is merely a bad habit or an action you did unconsciously with no conscious volition.

I say deemed as no spiritual person ever judges if their opinion is right, eh? Deeming something as bad is judged as egotistical. Deeming something as good is OK and accepted as spiritual truth. Go look at the spiritual groups in Facebook and see the evidence. Evidence is pillar No3 in this framework so you can test it for yourself. This type of banter is very obvious as to its inconsistency by both teachers and participants. Even Eckhart Tolle whips the ego as a bad thing. This holds his students' in reverse gear by fighting the ego when it's something that you can't kill. Awakening happens when the ego is retrained to the better default habit of correct Presence. Ego is defined in this framework as Carl Jung's definition; the self with the non-capital 's'.

This is why the Laws of Grace course is so useful. All the myths are faced full frontal because few spiritual teachers speak plain language with evidence-based facts that you can easily observe for yourself. Observation requires the two key ingredients of volitional attention and pillar No4 Law Zero. Law zero is the combination of self honesty and self responsibility.

The precision offered here means you can test it for evidence based truth in your life. The 9 pillar framework if used makes all this blatantly clear with defined evidence you experience. The truth you live sets you free not ideas, theory and nice-sounding spiritual memes.

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