Phoenix healing

Most powerful healing technique on this planet

Phoenix healing: One of the most powerful healing techniques on this planet. It is Grace-based healing. It happens at the Transpersonal Level of Awakening, as defined in the Advanced Awakening page. Personal agenda cannot interfere with what is given. In this below video I discuss the power of these sorts of healings, how it has affected me and others.

When is Phoenix Healing best?

Phoenix Healing was gifted by spirit as part of my entry into the Transpersonal Awakening levels. It's called Phoenix Healing because of the photos here on this page. The Phoenix is eternal spirit that rises out of the ashes, just as you can. Note the Phoenix in the photo below [ Falco Spiritu Fortunatus Cristatus, Born 1 Nov 2016 5:52am] and the Firefox at his feet. The below video is taken at that spot in the early morning as I discuss the implications and precautions of the power of Phoenix healing.

Because Phoenix healing is so powerful the below video describes when is the best time for Phoenix healing and its requirement for a smooth transition and more. Major issues require changes at many levels and this needs to be made conscious so the unconscious can realign. Phoenix healing is great for what I call a "T intersection" moment. this is where a change is required, you turn left or right. The aftercare sessions are completely necessary as old patterns, behaviours, beliefs will need to be monitored. Also, the people around you may be resistant, so that needs to be addressed and will be discussed before the healing takes place. Make contact to discuss if a Phoenix healing is right for your situation.

Phoenix Healing explained

Phoenix Healing was gifted by spirit. It's called Phoenix Healing because of the photo below, and what a Phoenix is! The Phoenix is the eternal spirit that rises out of the ashes, just as you can. The below dove like Phoenix was the first one that was captured on my camera. The first of many I have taken, Spirit is insistent. The below photo was taken on a very potent night when the AwakenedEssence's were being 'infused' around a campfire with their crystals in February 2015. Pure unbelievable amazingness!

The below video explains how it works, at a Phoenix fire pit by the lake. Make contact to discuss if you are ready for a big shift so we can be sure if a Phoenix healing is right for your situation. This is a requirement before Phoenix Healing is undertaken. The potency of these sorts of healings is profound and I have learned that care and clarity are required to make the most of what Spirit is willing to help with.
If you have not already, watch the top video for my personal example of the power of these esoteric healings. That video also contains an example of another person whom I gave a Phoenix healing to back in 2019 when that video was made. They are that potent. They do create a shift, and it needs to be towards good outcomes. The shift needs to be consciously understood beforehand (as discussed in the videos).

During a Phoenix healing the structures of your soul’s vehicle is offered healing, empowerment and correct alignment. Healing is then felt in your body and personality as it flows through from your soul. From the level of your soul what is best for you can be brought through with unwanted hindrances and past damage being removed or significantly altered. Phoenix healing is perfect for:

Major life issues that seem stuck and wont move
Life transitions that are not happening smoothly
Correcting energetic structures that stop health issues from clearing and stop them repeating
Removing blocks to your true life path
Karmic assistance relationship issues and severing soul contracts
Removal of energetic attachments and entities
Speeding up your connection to your Soul so you can Awaken faster

Often a Phoenix Healing will address a number of the items above in one session. For example the clearing of energetic attachments or entities can easily be done at this level. Due to the nature of these 'attachments' it can be difficult to sense them at the human level. Metaphorically it is like as human on the ground our view is limited. The Phoenix which flies higher than an eagle can see much more and has the resources to do more if it is granted by Grace. This is why follow-up and possible attunements via Phoenix Healing are performed.

As part of this, you will be told who was there. These Divine beings will typically offer to be your Guardian if you want. Your Guardian is an Archangel, Ascended Master or being of Higher Vibration (Deity etc) that was present at your Phoenix Healing. Phoenix Healing often acts as a conscious bridge or introduction with who it is that is willing to work with you and keep you safe while the healing integrates. They will assist you on your Awakening path if you request it (Law Zero, you have to ask). I will tell you who it is and what I sensed and then you can then develop this relationship if you want. Please watch the video about the guardians and gatekeepers to learn more about this.

Significant shifts occur easily in this healing system. Phoenix Healing is perfectly suited to being sent to you remotely (I send it to you at your home). This is because it operates via the soul dimension which is outside third-dimensional time and space. Being physically present can hinder the Higher level work. In-person healing works best for certain energetic structures.

I perform Phoenix Healing when in a state of deeply tuned in Stillness (in meditation) after I have invoked the full team I work with via the sacred process they have taught me since November 2013. If the healing is granted by Grace your life will change by how Grace decides. Once these high-level structures change the flow on effect filters down into your life and its circumstances. Your mind and emotions will also re-align. The outer things in your life will then reflect the new inner you.

The creation of the AwakenedEssence range was my initiation and training into everything needed to share this type of healing. This system is a gift from the Ascended Masters and beings of higher vibration and Love to assist you Home faster. That is why these Phoenix photos were captured, as each one is truly remarkable. My Phoenix photos are not altered in any way, these photos are 100% raw as they were captured.

If you are interested to know more or want a Phoenix Healing session please call me or book a free no-obligation assessment. This
is a requirement before one of these healings is undertaken as you will now understand how potent a shift may happen (as discussed in the videos).

Technical information on Phoenix Healing

This section covers the advanced technical information about Phoenix Healing. You do not need to know nor understand it. I have included it here for authoritative substance for those who have good knowledge of energy healing.

This level of healing can only be performed from Higher Will (also called God’s Will or Grace). This level of healing is from a place of zero egoic agenda so ONLY Higher Will allows any changes and healing to take place. We at the personality level cannot fathom what is needed, it can only be gifted from the soul level or above by our Ascended Masters who know what is Divine Will (thus Grace to be given to you).

Phoenix healing operates from the highest level of your energetic structures needed to embody a soul in any dimension below the soul’s birth dimension. These Bodies of Light are called Merkabahs. A number of these are not yet widely known, the star tetrahedron (3D star of David) is typically spoken of as it is the lowest vibration Merkabah. There are more Merkabah bodies as you move up into higher levels of Unity. The healing starts at the level of your different Merkabah structures, your Soul Star, Core Star and Earth Star chakras and even Tan Tien. From this level everything else of lower vibration then automatically aligns like dominoes falling!

The lower vibrational items include the hara-line (also known as your Antahkarana column of light), chakras, meridians (etc) then automatically fall into place. Metaphorically, once the first domino is altered/repaired it “falls over” the others all follow.

You do not need to consciously know what exactly happens, you may be told of some changes and you may sense others. Your job is then to be open to living in a more empowered and peaceful way, this allows the changes to flow through with minimal resistance.

Additional healing may be given to etheric and physical structures including the DNA and the DNA lightfibres. These DNA lightfibres also link your DNA up to your multidimensional soul and the other dimensions to transduce life force.

Phoenix Healing: Grace Based Transformation

A Phoenix healing takes 3 to 4 sessions. 1. We clarify and set the healing path. 2. I perform the healing at the Transpersonal level which takes about an hour. 3. Feedback and adjustment to ensure the change at the human level is smooth. Or a Phoenix healing can be part of regular coaching or an 8 session purchase. A Phoenix healing only is $430