Step 4: Defining Nothingness

the I AM, Void & no-Doer

Let's define your Nothingness and experience which is beyond definition. This is the 4th step in Correct Presence Practice. Your Nothingness is Who You Are, the I AM. It becomes stable and solid in life with Correct Presence Practice as it becomes your default habit. Follow the prompts as I discuss and define it in the video below, tap to watch.

The impersonal Nothingness is step 4 in the Correct Presence Practice process. Initially, glimpses of this will be fleeting and short but quite a shock. Your personality/ego/person will want more of this as it is truly Divine or as I say Yummy. While it is "Nothing" it will change and deepen as you grow as That. As you hold your attention as That it becomes familiar and solid as your true identity.
Yes, your personality and psychology still exist, and they work in symbiosis with your Presence (the no-person-ness). It is a concurrent experience not one or the other. Exclusion is not wholeness, isn't this common sense? Hence the step 4 Nothingness in Correct Presence Practice does include all of you (pillar No2) meaning your mind, body, psychology and that thing called the ego is also included.

As you learn to enter Presence the Nothingness will open up more. You acclimatize to it as it is a 'no-personal' awareness that is Everything. The ego learns to be in symbiosis with the bigger undefinable yumminess of the Divine. When you apply correct orientation in your spiritual practices of starting at Presence this gives you the best method to make your Enlightenment real.

In the early stages of the Awakening process the Nothingness/ Divine Presence is typically fleeting. Then Boom an Awakening occurs, and it's then lost. As the person you want that experience again. You feel the pain of being lost and disconnected. The Laws of Grace course lays out why this process takes time and how correct Presence application speeds up this journey to deeper and more stable levels of Awakening. It covers many of the issues that get in the way of this occurring.

Eventually the Joy, Love and Happiness of real permanent Awakening along with the Nothingness is felt non-stop. This occurs in phase 4 Matured Abidance. Until then it will go from fleeting and grow more consistent at each of the Awakening phases 1 of Got it Lost it to 3 of Abiding Presence.

In this video I explain this process and how your psychology, ego and habits play into this journey.

As always the depth of the Nothingness can be measured by how you have this viscerally in all life events. The immeasurable can be measured (if self-honest) in the only way that counts; is this genuinely real for you because it is felt viscerally in your body.

Online Course Participants...

note your 4 steps to CPP

The goal with the Laws of Grace online course  (and the introductory Correct Presence Practice course) is to have you Abiding in Presence. This means you Abide (live with consistency) both consciously and unconsciously as a habit. Abiding as Presence is defined as plain ordinary phase 3 Enlightened. Abidance means to live in Presence (step 3) consistently through your day. This includes when crap like the pandemic and all its outcomes and stresses, are happening in your life.

Step 4 in the Presence progression is the Nothingness. This is Grace based, Steps 1 to 3 are your responsibility. Presence is the aim, as that is all to do with your volitional attention application. Then you allow and step 4 may happen. The Nothingness that is step 4 is up to Grace (God) and things you the person have no control over. These things you have no personal control over include your Karma, Fate, Soul path and Soul age, which are all covered in later sections of the Laws of Grace course.

But the Nothingness also follows these Laws of Grace, mostly!? The core multipliers you will cover in the next Unit of the Laws of Grace online course will also dictate how much and how often you get to experience the Nothingness. Meaning the more you are Present and your depth, duration and frequency increases the Nothingness will become more frequent and stable (it’s all explained in the above video, and the next Unit of the course as we cover the core multipliers).

It becomes more stable in the Abiding phase as you the person, ego, psychology and neurology adjust to the huge changes required to concurrently be a no-person while you are a person. This Awakening process is truly complex, and it takes third dimensional clock time to work its way through all of you, your Soul to your DNA

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