Maximising Intuition

Presence & your 3 brains

Intuition is the function of internal clarity to assist you with making insights, decisions and actions. Your internal insights assist you in your healing and Awakening process. Intuition can be generated in various parts of the body. Having the acuity to discern its origins can assist you to validate it for action or decisions. As discussed in the #4 ingredient summary on the front page and the 9 pillar framework there are three main nerve plexuses or brains in our anatomy.
Correct Presence Practice aligns all three internal structures. Each brain or center is connected at all levels. There is a primary body part, nerve plexus and corresponding unseeable esoteric structures (eg: chakras, etc). All three if aligned give the best outcome. Only using one means the decision/action may not be the best.

3 brains & intuition types

1. Cranial or conscious mind: This is the conscious you and aspects of the unconscious. This is the most logical aspect and will give you the most detail. This child can behave like an adult, critic or belief filled smart ass who has all the logical answers. Humans tend to predominate here in the head area. This separates us out from the animals as they don't have our volitional attention capabilities.

2. Heart brain and gateway to all of you: Your heart has 40,000 brain cells that were formed early as an embryo. These are deeply unconscious, and research has only begun on what their influence is. This is your love, wisdom and higher-self gateway to the Divine. It is the centre of your moral compass. A properly cared for child is a bundle of joy and love. Untraumatised children embody innocence. Your heart is your archetypal wise sage and unconditionally loving beingness. This is the gateway to your higher and lower nature. Love is the answer. When you allow what is by being correctly Present you are loving everything, this includes the unpleasant things. This is agape which is true unconditional love. Pillar No2 includes all of you and is placed second in the framework for this reason.

3. Solar plexus, gut or tummy: Your solar plexus is your identity centre. It's in the name 'solar' meaning central, the 'me'. Your solar plexus is your solar logos (the Sun) and gives you energy and life.
A child is all about me and mine. The solar plexus brain is where emotional and boundary information is processed. This is also where we process our food, so the saying we have s**t for brains is technically correct.
Following your gut is following your past and trauma. While it may assist, any decision purely from the gut will be influenced by beliefs that are based on trauma and past outcomes. Feeling your emotions is a very important aspect as this allows them to heal. If emotions are not felt fully and healed (processed) the prime directives of the unconscious will re-present them later for another round to be released.

Learn and Discern

Developing any inner skill takes practice. Combine your Correct Presence Practice with your meditations and healing practices. As you focus on the 4 steps of Presence practice your ability to feel and sense more deeply grows. The differing forms of the inner child and messages of the three brains can be sensed as you practice. Recording your insights and inquiry practices into your journal will assist you in sparking the development of your intuition.
Then later when life is throwing tests at you your inner acuity will be there to help you make real-time decisions in the moment.

All of the paid courses have a number of meditations that will assist this process. They present the process different each time so you learn flexibility and the No7 Structure of healing and inquiry.

One-on-One Sessions: Personal Feedback is best

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The 3 and 8 session coaching programs come with the video course. This teaches you in a practical, zero spiritual jargon way how to apply the #4 key ingredients and the 9 pillar framework. A worthy investment for the precision clarity and practical benefit. The video course lays out the coaching process to maximise your progress.

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