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Super Charging Growth & Awakening

To summarise; to deepen into Awakening is a two-path approach.
1. Be Present. Correct Presence Practice is pillar No1.
2. Inquiry. Sort out what stops you being Present, and inquiry is the power tool for this.

To supercharge part 2 there are core skill sets or methods that work very well. The basic inquiry method and this advanced process have built within them processes that address the foundations of the two drivers of human consciousness.

The drivers of human consciousness:
The first driver is that of psychological parts as mentioned in the prior Inquiry pages. These parts, or those sub-identities within you, have those bad behaviours and reactions that control you. These drag you away from Presence where you are fully aligned from your DNA to the Divine.

Driver 2 is the belief patterns and emotional glue that the parts use as their operating systems. This Inquiry skill helps you talk to these parts and then upgrade them back to the core of your self.

Thus the two-path approach of is discussed on the 3 paths page. Presence and Inquiry are the master mix of deepening easily and effectively.

Here is what I consider to be the top 3 skills to master for potent inquiry:

1. Parts integrations

There are many types of therapies that have parts work including gestalt therapy, psychotherapy, NLP and many more. NLP parts integration processes are quick and potent. The methods I will take you through in coaching and the paid course videos will be variations of this.

An excellent book to learn more about working with individual parts, conflicting parts and other variations is Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within by Connirae Andreas and Tamara Andreas.

This process was developed in the NLP field, but it is profoundly powerful and drops you into your Presence if done correctly.

Inquiry works well with this process as the conscious you is already in the state of Presence, rather than dropping into it at the end of the process through the realisation of the unconscious part of your consciousness. I can take you through this process in coaching.

2. Timeline, regression, past lives

Changing belief patterns sometimes means you need to unhook them where the psychological fragment or part was created. This is where you literally work with your memory and belief filing system.

Our psyche, brain, memory system stores material by time codes. thus to access your filing system and remove the issue that made the problem then allows your system to cleanly re-set and re-integrate into the greater you.

These original instances where beliefs are formed can let old behaviours re-grow. These instances are like seeds that can re-germinate. Timeline work is extremely powerful at this. In coaching, we can teach you this as we work on issues stopping your blossoming.

There are many past-life therapies out there. These are generally a form of timeline work. A lot of this is a distraction, but can be useful in healing. The point is what is described as the survival instinct and if you treat it as real so you can heal and move on then it has met its purpose.

It does not matter if you feel your were Cleopatra, Julius Caesar or at the crucifixion of Jesus or not. What is important is the correction of what it is that stops you being here 'now' in this Present moment in this life if you sense that then job done.

For those that like Healing and do either Reiki or Golden Ray I have created a special Harth timeline process that is extremely potent.

For example: I cured lactose intolerance in 30 minutes within myself using this process as I needed to change my diet, which meant lots more milk. I used this process to literally switch on the lactase gene in my DNA (lactase breaks lactose down in the body, lactose-free milk has lactase added to do the same).

3. inner Child

The inner child is a metaphor for your younger you typically aged 3 to 10 years of age. As modern psychology knows the first 5 to 10 years of life is when the basis of your personality is set. This is also where most of your behaviours and traumas are set. This is why most humans never grow up, they are literally stuck as a child at the unconscious level.

A great positive of the inner child is its capacity to tap into your unconscious wisdom. Your inner child is that same 5 year old that is your unconscious mind. Hence how I speak and behave with the wild animals in my videos.

When you learn to work with this inner Child you can access both your internal baggage and also your inner wisdom. The inner child will always surprise you with its answers.

This makes the inner Child is an extremely powerful tool in inquiry. I often work with this in workshops and coaching to teach people how the access and use the inner Child.

A great book on this is by John Bradshaw and it is called Homecoming: Reclaiming and championing your inner child.

This is especially potent when teamed up with Correct Presence Practice. If Presence practice is not part of this process it can be quite emotionally traumatic, and a big box of tissues will be required.

Once the inner Child process is embedded and practiced it offers a gateway to amazing insights, swift change, initiations and Awakenings.

Complicating Factors to Master

There are three main complications that can happen at any time when you Inquire into an issue. With practice, you will become more discerning as to what it is. If the below confuses you, just stick to the above steps as Presence is the 100% fail-safe mechanism that you have finished what you are Inquiring into.

Conflicting and supporting parts

Often with issues there will be two or more parts. Some newly discovered part will take an aspect of the next stage (like members in a relay team) in the issue and own it. Thus the above steps will need to be done for these new parts/aspects that are somewhat different but related to the topic under Inquiry. Often there will be an opposing part. So if you feel into the resistance and it seems diametrically opposed or quite different to what you are inquiring into, this is a good sign that it is an opposing part.

Eg: a part of your consciousness uses conflict to protect you. There may be an opposing part that owns the process of being a walkover or peacemaker so to compensate for this and bring you back into balance. A metaphor that illustrates this is the devil and angel that sit on either side of the character's shoulder in a TV show or movie, each part having opposite views and preferred behaviours in a situation.

Unrelated topics crop up

In coaching we may trigger material in a different area of your life, or a slightly different topic. You may get an ah-ha insight into something. If this happens as you Inquire, take the side step and examine your ah-ha insight in order to unravel what is presented. Take these opportunities when they arise.

E.g: The coaching session presents issues on how you relate to males, but the ah-ha insight comes about how you relate to females; focus on the female part while it is available. The male topic is in your coaching session and can be re-done later. If these subtopics crop up it is usually for a reason. The personality mechanism is very complex and often material is organised in a chaotic fashion (as the diagram showed). If we humans were as organised as the psychology text books say we are, we would all be able to sort ourselves out with easy logical steps into full awareness and permanent Presence.

Human Collective & Cultural Patterns

Some topics you look at, or ah-ha moment or Inquiry may not seem not to be yours at all. They may seem quite general or silly in nature. You may question why these patterns come up in your meditative inquiry or behaviour patterns. You may notice that you think that they do not relate to you.

Trust and follow the same process as described in the 8 steps above as these may be collective patterns held by the general human collective. Collective thoughts and patterns can be split further into groupings of country, socio-economic status and family. Family patterns are adopted through programming, via family beliefs and behaviours and also via genetic memory and DNA encoding.

As you are part of the human collective, you will be influenced by these collective emotional and belief patterns. Refer to Eckhart Tolle’s collective pain-body and belief pattern chapters in his two books The Power of Now and A New Earth. Carl Jung discusses this topic in-depth in his writing as well. With practice you will learn to feel the difference between a collective belief pattern and one that is personally related to you.

The method of processing these is the same. The reason for this is: What you are is actually impersonal, but anything can be taken as personal by the human mechanism. The fact every belief pattern, psychological fragment (part) and behaviour pattern is conscious means you treat them all with the same care as a living entity until you re-unite them with your true inner you. This little, but massively important distinction is explained on the survival instinct page.

This is the same point made by Terrance Gray (published under the pseudonym Wei Wu Wei):
Q: What is your trouble?
A:  Mistaken identity.

Over time with applying what is in this website, or related spiritual practices and teachings, you will come to realise Who You Are is impersonal nothingness. This is what a Realised or Enlightened person is; they know they are the I Am which is pure awareness and everything that is nothing.

The egoic you, the person who has a name and birth certificate becomes accustomed to surrendering to this true you – the impersonal Nothingness. It is merely a habit, which then deepens until it is always there. The ego learns to love this spacious nothingness as every ego/person knows, pain is to be avoided and pleasure is to be sought.

Learn Mastery from a living example

If you have got this far into the website and you understand the incredible complexity of this material and how it is structured. You will see these pages contain an interwoven brilliance of psychology and spirituality that results in tools that can bring you home into the phases of Awakening specifically and with no-nonsense.

You have a rare chance to be coached by someone who lives in this place and continues to deepen to new levels of connected consciousness and remain fully functional in the world, in business and in the corporate business scene.

There is no need to fly to another country and learn strange ways and ritualistic beliefs and processes.
How you are is perfect. You can apply your philosophy, ritual, religion and way of living into this potent awakening system and its 9 pillar framework.
This is all available online, phone or Skype, try a personal session.

One-on-One Sessions: Personal Feedback is best

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