Awakening is NOT!!

Lets clarify Myths that hold you back

Enlightenment is consistent and durable volitional Presence. Simple. Yet the spiritual myths abound, and they only do one thing, they STOP YOU AWAKENING. Below I point out a few and these are discussed more fully in the laws of grace course. Let's get clear what Enlightenment is, and what it is NOT! This can save you decades of suffering. As always test it for pillar No3 Evidence based outcomes in your life. This is a legacy 2017 video my language is very different, yet the 9 pillar framework is fully there as I discuss what Awakening is not. If you have reviewed the 9 pillar pages enough, see if you can note them as I speak.

Brief points on what Enlightenment is not

These below pointers delay people from Awakening to stability for decades, if not their entire lifetime:

Thinking and belief that you are Awake or at One
The mind has a surprising capacity to create this belief. The mind grabs the truism that we are all One or You are already Enlightened as true. Thinking can even generate the sensations of it, a total illusion. Saying it yourself like it is a conviction will never work, or most seekers would be Abiding in Awakening. The obviousness of this is missed.

The belief 'I am Awake" can be so strong in some that they will never be open to real Awakening. The videos on this website and the practice I prompt you to do will indicate if you are stuck here. This sort of saying being used is a classic blind spot. Unless this blind spot is seen as 100% false it is likely the individual will never leave phase 1 Awakening of Got it Lost it.

Experiences of Awakening
Awakenings happen, then they end (phase 1 Got it Lost it). Awakening is only in this moment. Not what happened yesterday. If you want to re-experience something that is not here and now then you have fallen out of your immediate Presence. Pillar No1 of Correct Presence Practice solves this, just notice what of the 4 steps you arrive at without forcing but using your volitional attention.

Even thousands of awakenings count as zero if you are not Present now, and now, and now. It is a process, not an endpoint, though it does become stable and instantly accessible. Until that re-entry becomes a natural habit and very easeful you are not Awakened in an Abiding phase 3 manner.

Bliss is a side product of Presence/Stillness, not what it is. If you are truly Present, you do not care for bliss.  While it is a nice thing to talk about and experience, it cannot happen without Presence. Presence is acceptance 100% of Now, be there bliss or not. Bliss can also be created in the mind.
Technically bliss can be also created in the mental-body, higher-mental-body or unconscious activation of the bliss-body. These energy bodies are aspects of your spiritual anatomy. Thus bliss in itself is not a true measure of Awakening, you may just be fooling yourself. This one is examined closely in the Laws of Grace course in a number of videos.

NOTE: I created bliss in my mental-body and higher-mental-body for years. Therefore I’m talking from experience that this is possible. This is a very tricky subject and very hard to break out of unless you have stabilised for 5 years plus as phase 3 Abiding Awakening.
Not caring about bliss is a good indicator, as only the seeker (ego's desire for pleasure) in you wants it. It takes about 3 years plus in Abidance not to care about it, because your bodily systems get used to it. It is actually a normal state. Bliss tends to intensify when you deepen into the next level of your awakening, and new layer. I suspect the layers are infinite (pillar No7 of there is always more), it's a long journey.

Kundalini experiences
Here is a brief summary the main kundalini page and 1-hour video examines this topic in depth. There may be a correlation with awakenings, but it is not the same thing. Awakening is a conscious choice, kundalini is a deeply unconscious rising of powerful Shakti energies that you have no control over. Kundalini may help you to enter the consciousness of Presence more easily or in a stable manner or it may not. Kundalini may only give you an untapped capacity. True kundalini events can take decades to integrate such is the power of this energy if your systems are not ready for them. A 12 volt wire (ie: your body) cannot cope with 5,000,000 volts of energy, it simply burns it out.

Kundalini events can be pleasant or painful beyond imagination. True kundalini is not something you want to force or activate consciously. Imagine what it feels like to have your atoms boil. That's how powerful and painful (or blissful) it can be. I know from actual experience how extreme this sort of pain can occur with Kundalini. I have experienced my atoms boiling and it was extremely painful, being burnt with a flame would be like an itch in comparison.

Psychic powers of seeing, hearing, feeling or direct knowing
Sidhhi, or spiritual abilities and gifts are not an indication of Awakening. These abnormal abilities can be learned (with years of practice) or inherent as part of your individuality. Often these are a distraction from what Awakening is at its core. I have met many individuals who have these abilities and were not phase 3 Abiding, nor even phase 2 non-Abiding.

Awakenings can trigger psychic abilities. These capacities often act as a huge distraction and create a lot of trouble. If you are investing your time and energy in developing these gifts you probably won't Awaken. Only focusing on Presence and Stillness will Awaken you. And ironically your psychic abilities may increase as you journey towards Phase 3 Awakening. They certainly are necessary for Phase 5+ Transpersonal as the esoteric nature of reality becomes much more apparent. After Abiding for 5 years (by then I was in phase 4 Matured Abidance) 'direct knowing' started to happen to me. But the key risk here is if Presence and Stillness isn't your pillar No1 base you'll run the risk of being sidetracked. As Presence is my core focus and pillar No1 for this reason, I have continued to deepen significantly and then entered the Transpersonal cycle of Awakening. I don't let spiritual experiences distract me, though I can teach and mentor people through it, so they Awaken properly as they develop those other skills.

Emotional competence or emotional intelligence (E.Q.)
Being able to hold and work with emotions and the ability to manipulate or manage them is a skill. It may not necessarily be due to Awakening. Just as most Hollywood actors are not Enlightened is clear proof that this is a case, because they can act out real emotions at choice. Emotional intelligence can be a form of manipulation. As you Awaken you also learn to be with emotion and choose your behaviours. As you progress in phase 2 non-Abidance and beyond you can choose to appear calm or express them. I discuss emotional intelligence and a good video in it the emotions & enlightenment page.

Emotional intelligence is a natural outcome of the Jungian Individuation process. By the second half of phase 2 non-Abiding Awakening, your Presence can embrace your emotions. This gives you the ability to be Present concurrently while emotions run and you consciously respond, not act unconsciously.

Energy activation’s, Shaktiput, blessings by a Master or other things given to you by an outside source
To receive this is a blessing from an Awakened Teacher may assist but they are not an outcome of Awakening. These blessings may be time-locked thus not manifest until you are ready. It may not manifest at all if you don’t do the internal work to hold what was given. They may feel great to receive but soon it will be a past event (phase 1). Your conscious Presence practice may mean you can receive, hold, and acclimatize to what is given.

Being in the company of a teacher may mean you do receive an initiation and you are able to hold it. I have had this happen many times, but the groundwork of being ready was already done, as I explain in the phase 5+ Transpersonal Awakening page. Keeping up pillar No1 Correct Presence Practice was the key to navigating the new aspects that needed to be integrated with the next phase of Awakening. The structure of the 9 pillar framework is stable. All aspects of the 9 pillars apply at each phase of Awakening.

DNA activation’s of any type
Awakening is a conscious choice to be here, and the application thereof. DNA activation (either 2 or 12 strand) may help you to deepen into Presence, but in themselves are no measure of Awakening. It is your levels of habitual Presence in life that is the only measure. If you do receive DNA activations it will test you as the lessons are integrated, so whatever was activated becomes mastered. The main DNA page is found here.

Having a still mind
One can learn to suppress mind chatter and claim a still mind. A true still mind is one that can have lots of chatter happening yet it is not important as the chatter is the subset of who you are. True stillness happens in the allowance of what is. It is not suppression or control.
The stillness, if true, grows and embraces all of you, including your chattering mind. You will not fight or try to shut up your mind if it is noisy, you will know that by focusing on your Presence it is merely a subset of what you are. Hence the Correct Presence Practice focuses below the throat and predominantly in the bottom half of the body.

This lower focus creates a bigger inner-body space and takes you away from the smallness of the mind. Meditation on the crown, 3rd eye chakras is a great way to get lost in the mind and be ungrounded. Ungroundedness makes it difficult to be fully Present in life. There is a good video on this on the Mind Mastery page.

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