Mind Mastery

Your mind is a tool NOT you: Think toothbrush

Mind mastery and mind control is an illusion. The mind is a hindrance to Enlightenment if you relate to it in a way that is beyond its natural design. So, how do you relate to it? To train yourself to relate to it properly is in every video on this website. This legacy video explains how to relate to the mind for Awakening. It's a great topic to examine so the mind can take its correct role.

Mind & Enlightenment

The how to use your mind tool correctly

Mastery of your mind is remarkably simple. There are many views on what role the mind plays in one's development and identity. Three relevant themes are noted here to assist you.

1. The mind must be controlled

Stick to pillar No3 evidence: It's impossible

Until then you are its slave where your personal happiness or spiritual development is not going to succeed. Mastery does not occur through force and trying to control your mind, nor your emotions. These are merely functions of your human nature and are in the domain of pillar No5 the unconscious mind. Thus habit formation is the path that works, and pillar No1 Correct Presence Practice is the correct habit for the correct outcomes.

2. Mind must be developed & beliefs changed

I create my reality with my beliefs: Do you?

The view that the mind and beliefs are all-powerful is one many seekers hold. Thus changing the belief and the outcome is assured is the supposition. Thus the mind needs to be trained. People who believe that they create 100% of their reality through their beliefs also fit into this category. Ask them if this is true after something horrible has happened.

Yes, they did create that through their baggage in their unconscious mind and its suppressed beliefs that are not desirable. This approach is the manipulation of the mind from the level of thinking and claimed belief. The assumption of this approach is that one has conscious access to all levels of the mind including the unconscious mind which holds the deeper beliefs and things that disrupt harmony like trauma.

Presence practiced with Inquiry gives you the ability to hunt out your inner baggage and align it. This requires integrations of the emotions as well, not just beliefs. Typically mind-strong people are not emotionally intelligent. The path to real phase 3 Awakening is to train both your conscious mind and unconscious mind to be Present. Then you live in Awakening and you deal with life as it arises. All levels from your DNA upward including the emotional and mental systems align with Presence. Hence pillar No1 in the framework is Correct Presence Practice.

3. Mind is only part of me

Awakened Essence Mend MasteryThe mind is a tool that serves various functions. Your mind is like a toothbrush. It is great for cleaning your teeth and other tasks like cleaning the silver ornaments and dirty bicycle chains. But a toothbrush is useless at cleaning the floor or accessing the internet.

To expect your toothbrush to answer the question who am I is clearly a task it is not capable of. If it was capable humanity would be free, abundant and there would be world peace. What's the evidence? In many videos, I state quite clearly that since my Awakening into Phase 3 and beyond in 2008, my mind still does not understand Awakening. The mind is an aspect of you, pillar No2 but not the master. If your mind does understand Awakening please send me an email with some concise and specific pillar No3 Evidence as to how it does, I'd love to know.

Thus, let your toothbrush be a toothbrush. Stop trying to change and force the mind to what it simply is not capable of. It is the structure and process (thus pillar No7) of Enlightenment that makes it a habit. Thus it is the correct implementation of your volitional attention is what brings you into Presence or the Divine. Your mind is the tool of your free-willed volitional attention.

Mind & Enlightenment

The how to use your mind-tool correctly

In my observations, those who embody deep Presence (especially the very clear teachers) and others who have what they want in life (who may not necessarily be spiritual types) tend to have failed badly at theme 1 and/or 2. These people have learned or naturally operated from theme 3.

Having learned that they are not their mind, they accept the mind for what it is and what its real uses are. Sometimes they will have discovered how the mind operates and thus can use it more effectively. To know how to train an utilize the mind is very useful. It was useful for myself at university when I trained it to have photographic memory. But these people do not try to change or control the mind. Also, they do not get overly frustrated when their mind goes against what they want. Instead they are more accepting that it is just their mind doing what it does.

In the 9 pillar framework this aspect is addressed by pillar No1 being Correct Presence Practice. If Present correctly the mind is in its natural place, a small aspect of you. Then the mind is included in pillar No2, so you don't need to be resistant to it doing its job. The mind is there to throw thoughts at you for good reason. If it is noisy or annoying then step 1 of Presence practice is to focus on the physical body correctly. Pillar No5 is the unconscious mind. This is the domain of most of you that is unconscious by definition. This mind aspect works with all of you from your DNA and the esoteric bridges and structure that allow your spirit/soul to be expressed.

How to apply Mind Mastery

The key with theme 3, of using your mind as a tool, is that you simply change your focus. If the mind is an issue, for instance when it is very chatty when you are trying to meditate or Inquire, all you need to do is refocus on a wider context. This is built into the Correct Presence Practice and the inquiry process. Practising being Present is just that; awareness of body, feelings, mind and the inner and outer space all at the same time as a whole. The chattering mind is no longer an issue as it is but a small part of the picture.

If you view the mind as a tool (toothbrush) it will assist you to switch your focus away from your mind and back to allowing what is by using pillarNo1 Correct Presence Practice. This includes everything; body, breathing, mind and your sense of Presence. Eventually, the mind will settle and you can proceed with Inquiring into the material given in the coaching session. And yes, some days will seem a waste of time due to mind-generated distraction. Let this be as it is. Often this sort of mental activity is due to resistance by a part of you that is fearful of the material being Inquired into. Other times the topic of distraction is a sign that there is something for you to look at. This is all part of the process. Ask for guidance when this becomes an issue.

Has your mind Mastered you?

So will you ever master your mind? Nope, you will just accept it and learn cool tricks to make you think you control it. A toothbrush cannot be mastered, you just use it for what it is designed for then ignore it when you don't need it.

If you are a person who knows their mind is their strongest asset then let us be clear; it is also the biggest barrier to having freedom and peace. The mind will always have great answers as to how to be at peace. But that isn't it, is it? Please check for yourself. Few people with a strong mind break it. It is the crucial and most difficult aspect of reaching phase 3 Abiding Awakening.

A coach or teacher who has accomplished this is best to help you shift away from the mind as it's a tricky trickster. I have achieved peace with my mind as I had help to see its tricks and pitfalls. It takes a very strong and complex mind that understands the operations of the mind to help break a person from that most horrible of binds. Typical spiritual practices won't do it. The mind has to be seen from outside by someone who has succeeded, and that service is offered here.
Thus I can assist you to do so. I have lived this process so can guide you.

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