Enlightenment 101

Too simple: Correct Presence Practice

Enlightenment 101 is very simple. Follow as I talk the steps to Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now by learning Correct Presence Practice. You can permanently Awaken within 5 years with the Laws of Grace course if you follow the structure and apply correctly. The unexplainable is defined, and you can live there if you just learn correct practice and follow simple principles. Practice & apply, you will experience what I speak about. This is an old 2018 classic, follow the prompts to gather some evidence as to what you habitually do and assume over what I say. Too many make assumptions about what Presence is and how to enter it, thus they never awaken properly to Permanent Awakening.

This video Enlightenment 101 is for you to follow as I talk you through it. The unexplainable is defined, and you can live there if you just learn correct practice and follow simple principles. This video was made to answer a beginner's question who found Eckhart Tolle's explanations in the Power of Now confusing. There is inbuilt complexity in this simple practice, hence a huge website to explain it.

There are simple steps, there are layers you go through. As you practice and apply, you will experience what I speak about. In each video in this website and on my Youtube channel, I say this differently. Some videos will resonate and some may not. Test and apply until you have Presence as a default habit and you will Awaken fully. It is mathematical. The mathmatics is specifically laid out in the Laws of Grace course. Awakening is merely the right habit of attention alignment, volitional attention and its use makes the correct habit for the right outcome. Habit = mathematics of its occurrence. Common sense really, eh?

If you only think about it you'll never Awaken. Debate these words and what another teacher said without applying it to build the evidence for yourself, you will never Awaken. Do it and Enlightenment is yours swiftly. Telling yourself there is no-doer means you will never Awaken. The website's free Framework is here so you can fully validate what I say and what you do in your life. The paid courses here get into the dynamics and secrets that the best teachers on the planet seem to avoid or waffle over. It's just a habit, too simple.

The journey is a matter of learning to Be Present correctly and undoing the bad habit of incorrect-presence. Very simple and common sense. How do you fall into the habit of being Awake? By doing the correct practice, avoiding distractions and focusing into the body, rather than being lost in clever thinking. For those that love their spiritual concepts and non-Duality all this is explained in a video I titled "Who Am I" which is the famous question by Ramana Maharshi.

Online Course Participants

For those of you in the online courses please watch the video. Note my different language and how I refer to the now 4 steps of Correct Presence in a different way.
Examine how the structure is the same. It is the process, not the outcome (pillar No7).
All this can be said in many different ways but the deeper structure is hopefully obvious, the framework is what works.

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