Kundalini Support

Post Kundalini support & healing

Kundalini is the explosive life force stored with our human makeup. When it rises it can be extremely painful and create major chronic physical and mental health conditions. This page covers what sort of support may be needed and what healing processes you may need to investigate to help re-balance your system if it does arise.

1on1 Support

While I have experienced kundalini plenty over a five year period I cannot say it assisted in my journey into phase 3 Awakening and beyond. The services and courses offered here will most certainly prepare you for kundalini arising and also the repair work after it rips through. Regarding my services, I do not assist people to activate kundalini. If it is active I can help guide and give practices to calm it down. If you want to activate kundalini I make it clear in these videos please put your time and effort into Awakening into phase 3 Abiding Awakening at a minimum. Phase 4 Matured Enlightenment is preferable so you can handle the extreme outcomes of kundalini. The capacity to embody full Presence in extreme pain is a prerequisite. The main kundalini video explains why this is the case given the extreme levels of pain and torture I endured as it happened to me over a five year period.

Here are the main ways I can assist, if you have questions to clarify please make contact or call me.

  • Coaching to assist your Correct Presence Practice. Phase 3 Abiding Awakening is safely possible within 5 years or sooner per this website's definitions if you meet ingredient #1 what you doing about it to form the correct habit of Presence. Per the videos, I say you do need strong focus to hold this extreme energy, so If you are that serious then phase 3 within 3 years is possible especially with coaching. You will be given clear feedback as to your progress so you know if you'll meet your ingredient #1 goals of what you are after.
  • The Correct Presence Practice or the much more extensive Laws of Grace course will help you to improve your bodily-based presence and help soothe your neurological and psychological systems. These courses do come with at least one coaching session so we will have 1on1 time to discuss your practice, and how this applies to any impacts from kundalini.
  • Healing and energy healer skill development. Learning how to work with healing energies can assist and heal any misalignments. The Golden Ray or Reiki will help your esoteric wiring systems and your physical nerves. The Golden Ray as this energy is part of our spiritual makeup from your soul, bliss body your soul energy centers from your soul, core and earth stars (these are not chakras!) to your DNA lightfibres.
  • Phoenix healing. This is a very potent healing process that has to include 3 one-on-one coaching sessions. Phoenix healing works with your esoteric structures from your Merkabah's down to your DNA. Phoenix healing is Grace Based healing. We don't choose, Grace and the Golden Crew I work with give what is ordained by Thy Will (your soul's and God's Will).
If you are serious about following the kundalini path I'd suggest an ashram setting for a few years. Sadhguru is a safe bet, some of the other ashrams have made the news for the wrong reasons (re: the cult page).

Sadhguru on Kundalini

What does a currently living very Enlightened teacher say about Kundalini? Regardless of your personal opinions about Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev he certainly meets pillar No3 Rules of Evidence at having mastered his neurology and psychology. He also has significant bandwidth of an energetically blazing Master. I have certainly experienced phase 5+ Transpersonal level merging with him in his company and when physically distant. There are many un-awake trolls on YouTube and Facebook that like to slam and discount him. Their reasoning I have heard is flawed and it demonstrates their own deluded lostness.
Sadhguru's video on Kundalini
Pillar No3 Rules of Evidence is Sadhguru has flatlined EEG (brainwave) and ECG (Heart rate) monitors in clinical laboratory settings. Hence I don't pass an opinion on his phase of Awakening. He is beyond what I call phase 6 non-Abiding Transpersonal. I have experienced him and his amazing bandwidth. He has piled his lentils off his plate onto mine, a Gift of Grace. His words on Kundalini are good advice even if you judge him. To like him or not isn't the question. To heed accurate advice from someone who has pillar No3 Evidence authority to speak on Kundalini is what will help keep you safe. The 9 pillar framework is here so the details and structure can be fleshed out. From understanding the details one can assess in an aligned fashion, so your three brain centers are aligned, where you personally stand on this topic.

Ashram Support

For the extremely serious student on this path, a proper Ashram setting with a genuine Master is the safest place to pursue Kundalini. Per my comments about cults, please see the cult page. It is important you keep yourself in your authority with your three brains aligned as to what is acceptable for you. Each person will have their own opinion and limits as to what is acceptable. Please make a conscious volitional choice and set your boundaries before you go in. As described in the cult page and referenced in the chronic health video I, and my friends, did pay a high price for any benefits derived from being involved with a teacher/group that had significant cult indicators in place.

Love and Trust come with actions of a good moral compass of respecting personal boundaries. Some ashrams are full of #MeToo type scandals and manipulative financial rules. It is for you to decide what is an acceptable price, regardless if it is a spiritual retreat or a new sports car. It is your own pillar No4 Law Zero (self honesty and self responsibility) to decide what you set as acceptable.

A genuine Guru or teacher walks their talk. Be sure to research any ashram or organisation before going. Be aware that trolls like to trash people with baseless claims. Per the cult page if you decide to go to these places or take on devotee-ship then you can still 'be you' and make choices about what is OK and what is a violation. My videos on this topic, and the extreme experiences I had with Kundalini are why I personally have taken the stance I have.

If you are pursuing Kundalini I seriously recommend you master Correct Presence Practice. Phase 4 Matured Abidance (deeply settled Enlightenment) gives you a better ability to handle what I say is the 5 megawatt blast of Kundalini. Correct Presence Practice gives exactness and measurability so you can demonstrate you can hold step 3 of Correct Presence Practice and hopefully step 4 the Divine in EXTREME events and severe pain. Wishful beliefs and positive thinking are no match for 5 megawatts when it unleashes in your body.

The damage done by Kundalini cannot be solved easily. Please go watch the main Kundalini video and consider it seriously. The chronic health condition video is also helpful to watch, as I deal with a chronic condition that may have resulted from a kundalini energy block. Spending years to decades to undo a major physical or mental condition is not worth the short-term experience of something that may not Enlighten you.


This is a big topic. Your welling and safety are important. As always a quick call or a coaching session that goes deeper can help you assess your situation and what to examine next.

Book a session or Free 25min chat if you have questions. Alternatively, if you want an extended 90 minute first phone/Skype session. Tap this link to pay and book.
alternatively the 3 and 8 coaching programs come with the LearnWhispering.com video course which teaches in a practical, with zero spiritual jargon, how to apply the #4 key ingredients and the 9 pillar framework. A worthy investment for the precision clarity and practical benefit you'll get.