Advaita Vedanta non-duality

It's Truth and Delusional trap

Adviata vedenta or non-duality is a popular spiritual methodology in the Enlightenment quest. It contains some core truths yet it also creates traps for people due to its vague nature. This video explores its truths and aspects where delusion fixes a person into stagnation on their spiritual journey. While it is true that there is no-two (non-dual) as you and God are one, that does not excuse you to be lazy with your volitional attention. There is a doer, it's your attention you have to use directly to experience the Divine.

Many non-duality advocates be they students or teachers say that there is no-doer. The doer implying that you the human is not a volitional life form.  Many then trash the idea that Awakening is something one works towards. Effort is discounted. There is a doer: It's your attention you have to direct to experience the Divine. That is the doing. Hence it is stated here that non-duality has delusional aspects that stagnate students into their mind. Nonduality teachers need to assist their students into the true meaning so they can live as the non-dual reality where they are both the individual and step 4 of Correct Presence Practice which is the Divine.

The effort required in phase 1 Got it Lost it to practice Correct Presence is difficult. Laziness makes the no-doer concept very appealing. It makes false claiming of Awakening very easy to spot in groups and social media. Vague retorts and a complete lack of personal evidence is always apparent.

Evidence please

A request to Advaita teachers to Validate the no-doer

My request is clear if you are a bonafide non-duality teacher please call me so we can validate non-duality. The too common saying there is no-doer needs to be made clear. Many mind-locked seekers then promote this hindering others on their path. We no longer have lifetimes to be a non-doer we have to get on with it and incarnate Enlightenment for ourselves, all society and to save this planet.

Carl Jung made it clear the individuated will be tomorrows leaders. Individuation sets the grove in the collective mind for the rest of humanity to follow with greater unconscious ease. In this framework I state that the individuation process is certainly well under way by the time true phase 3 Abidance of Presence is established. The bulk of this will be in phase 2 non-Abidance as the habit of Correct Presence Practice takes hold and emotional competence (not just emotional intelligence) is developed.

Non-duality evidence?

Plausabity isn't enough

Please ask five people you know what this question 'how do you know a person loves you?' or 'what is your definition of love?' Love is a pretty important word that we assume everybody defines the same. Can you guess the outcome? You will likely get five different answers. This is the nature of communication and us using our own internal psychology to interpret and define what a word means. What is Awakening? What is Enlightenment? Please check your exact ideas of what this means. I define core aspects, as much as I can to specific measurable things everyone can understand or measure in their life.

I've learned many things the hard way. I'm an ingredient #1 what will you do about it type of chap. Go for it 99% I do, but it has given me some tough lessons. Trusting and watching teachers of enlightenment (small caps on purpose to indicate their claiming had some issues) has given me some painful lessons when my time, and thus money, would have been better spent using specific things and not being swayed by nice plausible and/or vague ideas, concepts, theories or practices.

Generalizations are the devil that keeps you lost. Generalizations are the cornerstone of hypnotherapy and brainwashing at every level. Vague spiritual teachings are extremely difficult to embody and live. When you are exact you can measure, test and validate it is real for yourself. This is also the basis of cults yet these same mechanisms are used in social media, spiritual teaching, politics, advertising and often all groups in general.

Understanding the 9 pillar framework gives you a practical approach to staying safe and in your own authority. Keeping yourself safe is a critical part of the spiritual path. Too many are hurt, manipulated and abused as the safety basics are simply not known. This cult and brainwashing page points out how to spot trouble and stay in your personal sovereignty. Add the 9 pillar framework for its rigorous structure and steps to be precise. You'll then be able to navigate those tricky, waffle filled or manipulative teachings and teachers.

Fundamental laws of consciousness cannot be bent by vague theory. Plausibility is easily accepted by our unconscious mind as the path of least resistance is a prime directive. Please test this and let me know what you conclude. It's the evidence that you uncover for yourself in your life that makes the difference.

Questions or offence?

This topic is fraught with myth, plausibility and imagination. If this page has triggered a negative reaction please be self-honest about it and work out the facts regarding why it triggered you. If you want a quick chat to ask a question my number is below. Personally, I'd recommend going for the 1st coaching session as we can do that on Skype and I can then get a clear readout of your situation for more specific feedback.

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