Basic Inquiry method

So simple but POWERFUL

Below is a basic and very powerful inquiry method. This method is what you use to integrate the unconscious material that you notice through behaviours and reactions you don't like. This is perfect for things we discuss in 1on1 coaching sessions. It transforms issues into Presence and more consistent Awakening.

This is the basic structure of the process I use. It has evolved to its current as a result of virtually daily use since 1995. I'm still learning new nuances to this powerful evolving process. Per pillar No7 in the framework, the structure never changes regardless of your level of Awakening. It is all about bringing the unconscious to the conscious. It is not a process you ever grow out of if you want to keep deepening.

1. Make a quiet space

where you will not be interrupted

It can be helpful to have ambient, binaural beat, or meditation music going on in the background.
awakenedessence-awaken-fast-meditation-method-step3If you have had a 1on1 session have your MP3 player device ready to go, with the 1on1 coaching session queued to start and the headphones in your ears.

Enter a state of meditation as described in the Meditation Instructions pages or use your own technique. When your consciousness has settled, as shown in step 3 or step 4 of the Meditation Instructions, you are ready to proceed with your Inquiry. You will be connected with your inner space and Presence, as well as your body.

2. Start the inquiry

When you are peaceful and ready to start working with the material that you want to address. If you have a recording of a coaching session; push 'play' and listen. Listen to a sentence or two. Press 'pause' on the MP3 player. Get a sense of what is being said. Feel it, feel the emotions, and be aware of the words.

awakenedessence-awaken-fast-advanced-inquiry-inquiry-step2As you listen and feel, be aware of the space or stillness represented by the yellow stars in the diagram. Where it says 'relinquish' or consider something, say that in your mind and feel it, feel it. Let go of any resistance around this through accepting and embracing what is being discussed. Then acknowledge within that it is OK for this belief, emotion or behaviour to be released. Feel it leave or dissolve into the stillness that is the deeper you.

3. Alternate between Presence & inquiry

If you are doing this by yourself and looking at an issue, then recall that issue and feel. This is represented by the horizontal arrows in the icon. You are going into and being with your human stuff. It’s important to stay aware of the body. Tummy, sacrum and bum. Allowing yourself to sit and Be with emotions is critical. This is represented by the up / down arrows, for the vertical alignment with Presence.

It is the holding of your Presence that allows these feelings to move through. If you avoid the feelings you will not get full alignment. This can be tricky, and a 1on1 coaching session is recommended if you find this difficult. Not only does this help release these patterns and emotions it also builds up your emotional intelligence. This step takes practice, it's a master skill you develop over weeks to years and decades. Building emotional intelligence means you can feel the emotions with Stillness and space and choose what you do with it, it has no after-burn. After-burn is where you stew or re-think events over and over.

4. Explore the issue

Explore the emotion, behaviour & situations

awakenedessence-awaken-fast-advanced-inquiry-basic-inquiry-step3Explore that instance and what beliefs crop up. Say, as above, “I relinquish…..” and let your mind and inner-child say what it needs to, let it out. Don’t judge anything, just let it flow. Stop frequently and be aware of the 4 steps to Correct Presence Practice that allows all of you to exist. If you cannot sense your physical body then strongly contract your pelvic floor muscles. Then resume relinquishing. In this stage you are literally examining the puzzle of your deep unconscious mind.

If it does not dissolve, repeat the relinquishing statement with your inner voice. If it still remains, again, ask inside your own mind what are the other beliefs and reasons that I need to let go of and listen and go with what comes up. It is the listening and acknowledging that is the powerful releasing tool, not judging if it is correct or not. This aspect is quite tricky and we will cover the finer aspects of this allowance and release in our coaching sessions. The Laws of Grace course covers this allowing versus forcing aspects as well.

If the part you are working with says something more; then say 'I relinquish ..(and say that something again)' and feel it. Because you are acknowledging those beliefs and related emotions that are holding you back. Do that a few more times. When it feels like there is nothing else, take the 'pause' button off, press 'play' and move onto the next item.

When you have done the relinquishing, do the acceptances if any were given. You can repeat the acceptances as many times as you like. Then at a later date go back and just re-do the acceptances to get familiar with them and the feelings associated with them.

If you sense any resistance ask, what is the resistance? You may get more words and more beliefs. Alternatively, write a note about it and we can take a look at the next session.

With this process, it is important not to get caught up with the words, the idea of relinquishing or of accepting. Saying these things merely sets the intention to acknowledge, be open to and make conscious a deeper inner process. Correct Presence Practice helps to align all of you so the various levels align. As you become conscious of your unconsciousness, you can change it - because you have made what was previously unaware unconsciousness to be conscious and volitional. This is the magic of pillar No5 the unconscious mind that really is under-acknowledged in most spiritual methodologies. Your inner 5 year old is the Jungian archetype of the white wizard/wizardess.
This is not a mantra, belief change, nor an affirmation process it's way deeper than that.

5. Dropping into Stillness

When your unconscious mind-body-spirit system is ready it will release the emotion and all associated beliefs. awakenedessence-awakend-fast-advanced-inquiry-snapYou literally snap into Stillness. Peace is felt. It is over.

Congratulations, this layer old you has now returned to the wholeness of your infinite Beingness.

When you drop into that place give yourself the time to sit and enjoy, rather than push on or do any more activity. Sometimes this happens quickly, sometimes this final stage is after a lot of time sitting in meditation & inquiry. Be consistent big issues may take weeks to months, coaching will speed up these biggies.

The Stillness of Presence Is

This process takes time, and when you do drop into the Stillness of step 3 or 4 of Presence practice, then you know a significant shift has occurred regards the material you are inquiring into. This process is discussed more on the advanced Inquiry page.

Depending on your skills sets and other therapy and emotional processing skills you may then be in the position to glean the wisdom out of the old behaviour patterns and turn that into Wisdom. Again the key with all this is the frequent dropping back into the 4 steps of Correct Presence Practice. The Presence allows that full alignment to occur, thus all levels of you shift. Without the Presence of being some levels can be left out and the behaviour and belief patterns may remain or not change.

The Laws of Grace make this clear

It's the habit of conscious Correct Presence Practice is what deepens this process and makes it effective. It and makes it more and more normal until you Abide there naturally in phase 3 Awakening. So start now and practice, you will succeed it's mathematical. It just depends on how soon you hit the numbers to make it a normal habit for you.

The value of 1on1 coaching here with a tough personal issue will show you how to use this process. You can be taken through this Inquiry process with a live issue, then later to can listen and practice to it. I'll ask you some questions to find out your own processing skills and integrate that into the Laws of Grace framework. If you want to try it by yourself the Laws of Grace course and the Correct Presence Practice courses have meditations that take you through this process. 

Laws of Grace / Presence Practice courses

Learn Correct Presence Practice with the 16 hour Correct Presence Practice course or the very extensive 50+ hour Laws of Grace course. Both include one or more personal coaching sessions to check you are forming the Correct Presence Practice and to answer your questions.

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