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The Mastery Club is suited to a person who has either:
1: The fire to Awaken and wants more than self-study.
2: For those that want a focused group to bounce off and learn with. A person who wants their tribe, or flock as the case may be.
This group is designed to maximise your Laws of Grace core multipliers. This will take you to Abiding Awakening as fast as possible for you and your levels of correct practice. Or if you are Abiding it will give you a group who are dedicated about this for real community. Genuine phase 3 Abiding Awakening is still too rare and to hang and talk to others in that place is a rare event, unless you are lucky.

Scope and content

The Laws of Grace are the fundamental laws not just of Awakening but also of life in general. The 9 pillar framework is the structure and frame of how it works, the Laws of Grace is the specifics and wider scope.  

The primary focus is not discussing other teachers or their approaches. If another teacher's theory and practice are congruent then it will confirm the Laws of Grace, if it does not then why? Special research topics may be given to this so the difference or commonalities can be seen. Distraction can hinder learning, if you want to represent your country in soccer, then playing rugby at the same time will not help. This path is stated clearly as being fast, specific and measurable. If it can be improved then the Mastery Club will be where we as a group discover how. 

Group culture

Flying with the Eagle flock

Group culture and a safe confidential environment are critical for accelerated growth. This is the same for the development of a child and what they need. Pillar No5 the unconscious mind and its prime directives lay these laws in place. As an adult the same applies, this is the basis of our psychology. This group will be a safe caring space. This video explains as I demonstrate how I care for and speak to the birds, especially Mr Limpy (who is in the below video).

The culture of this group is to be friendly. It's a safe, confidential, space where we can put ideas forward knowing there will be no Nay-saying. We will have an environment where we don't need to apply Arnold Schwarzenegger's Law of Success 3 Ignore the Nay-sayers. This is a tribe of Yay-sayers, Law of Success 7 Community.

Interactions in this group are to be based on the core principle of relating to your own unconscious mind and thus the same to others. This means that it is like you are talking to your best 5 year old friend, brother or sister in a caring supportive manner. These principles are built into the Laws of Grace and 9 pillar methodology so as we practice within the group it then helps form the habit in life.

I demonstrate this every time in the animal videos. This is why the wild animals in my videos behave the way they do. We are merged in the space of Presence. This is why you will frequently see totally wild animals following my instructions more frequently than a domestic cat will at its owner's request.

This sort of culture is natural No9 common sense. Let's walk the talk, and we will have learning experiences along the way. These guidelines are in the Service Agreement.

Jason's role in the Mastery Club

My role is to support the participants in sharing, caring and helping each other. This is a place to share our progress and what we did. To give real practical encouragement to assist others on this journey. I will put in videos and post questions for people to contemplate if they so wish. My role is to encourage. To help keep people active and present ideas for the participants to look at and self-reflect.

I may respond to questions by bringing that into the live group sessions. I may do a video topic. Great questions or common themes may be a good research project for the group. To explore and look for ourselves and then see what others find is a great way to learn and develop new skills and attitudes.

My role is not to answer every person’s question. That is for personal coaching.

The group rules will be discussed and understood before someone enters the group. My job is not too moderate, my time needs to go into assisting as many people as possible.

Law Zero applies; so notice your journey with these two core aspects of self-responsibility and self-honesty. Law Zero and its impact on your journey will certainly be a topic of research in this group. After many years (decades) of daily observation via Law Zero I'm still astounded at its depth of impact and implications within myself. I've observed so much how it impacts others in moving their life and Awakening forward or backward. Is it the Golden Key? I don't know but it certainly is a major component. Hence it is pillar No4, right after No3 of Evidence.

This group is about developing a high moral compass and leadership abilities (Laws of Success 9). That means leadership of oneself that can then be shared with others in one's life. These are natural when one is in alignment with the unconscious mind's prime directives. A newborn baby never has bad intent, do they? It is learned through modeling and fight-flight trauma responses. This is why the Laws of Grace framework is built up from the fundamental base of human psychology to the cutting edge of neuroscience and developmental techniques.

The peer support forum in the Mastery Club will also give extra support. This is the beauty of the Mastery Club as it is designed to give various feedback processes that build on each other.

How to enrol in the Mastery Club

Enrolment is a two-part process. This is a closed select group that involves a minimum commitment of 3 months, and preferably 12 months. This is so we build a solid Yay-saying supportive community, which is Laws of Success 7. The initial there or twelve month memberships include the Correct Presence Practice course, as this is foundational. Current and recent online courses will be included in the Mastery Club. Other courses may be included as part of an enrolment bundle package in the payment pages, such as the 2022 Digging Deeper course where we dig into the Laws of Grace and 9 pillar Framework, the heart brain and more.

Entry into the group and activities will be after we have the free enrolment phone chat. I'll need the enrolment page information being filled out and emailed and payment received. The Service Agreement and TnCs must be agreed upon before admission and payment. We will cover this in our enrolment chat that you are clear on what to expect. The Terms and Conditions page is primary and the Service Agreement is secondary due to more normal language being used.

Please cut and paste the below form into your email app. I will need this information to contact you and enroll you inside the private Facebook group.
We will arrange payment after our chat.

Club pricing

Why the preferred 12 month term

The preferred 12 month membership to this club is to help develop the skills and habits in life. The laws of how neurology, the brain and consciousness operate mean the more it is used the stronger and more stable it becomes. Pillar No5 the unconscious is the key for Abiding Awakening. It's all about deep habit formation, and that takes time.

The year membership also keeps the focus on motivation and application so the core multipliers are honed and the grunt of phases 1 and 2 is made easier. This grows one's understanding of motivation and life cycles. This then empowers the person to adjust the techniques, strategies and awareness to keep motivation active. Then when disruptions happen the impact is minimised.

The 12 month cycle in this club allows aspects of; life balance, pandemic implications, the seasons, motivation cycles, health aspects, work/employment and relationship challenges while these Laws of Grace are being applied. To have Presence as default (ie: phase 3 Abiding Awakening) takes consistency of application. It's a rewiring of your internal operating system and more.

This club offers a safe space because the guidelines will be adhered to. Twelve months offers a chance to make significant improvements if a person is willing. To participate in the group activities a couple of hours a week or more will significantly assist a person. The different activities on offer give a range of options to suit the person's individual uniqueness.

Time zones & options

The Mastery Club will cover the major time zones in the USA, Australia and New Zealand so live event times may alternate. We will run polls in the club to see what works best. Recordings will be posted in the group if missed and to re-watch.
Interacting with people from different countries, states and time zones is certainly more interesting and gives variety.

Unbeatable value

Framework pillar No6 Your externals: A rare chance for quality company

What's the value to you? The below pricing is extremely cheap given the prices other teachers charge for online events. Compare these to the cost of Tolle or Adyashanti and the levels of personal interaction you get with them personally (which is zero!). What is offered here is community, workshops and ongoing multiple levels of support. The value is unbeatable.

12 or 3 Month subscription?

with free Correct Presence Practice course

The 12 month subscription reflects the commitment like a gym membership does, just you will be working out with your unconscious mind, Self and soul. This is a chance to make significant progress and use the multiple activities within the club to make a serious change in your Awakening depth and consistency.
The Mastery club enrolment includes the new (2022) Digging Deeper course as we delve into the cutting edge aspects of these topics and the 9 pillar Enlightenment framework and hot topics from the participants. This new course gives you the chance to be at the cutting edge as we move into new territory.

This course will be embedded into the Mastery Club until the end of 2023. So if you want to truly study and embody Correct Presence Practice with your tribe then join in. This mastery Club based course is a live workshop embedded into this Mastery Club, where participants will guide the content with their questions and insights. We will pillar No3 and build the evidence as we explore.
If you have not already worked through the Laws of Grace course the Correct Presence Practice course will be included. The foundational aspects, which is pillar No1 need to be covered to understand the deeper explorations in this community.

Mastery Club 12 month subscription $1800 for 12 months (thus $150 per month*)
Mastery Club 3 month subscription $750 for 3 months (thus $250 per month*)
Discount of 40% offered to your spouse for their enrolment if they also join.
* You get the Correct Presence Course with enrolment, but without the included coaching session.
Payment will be arranged after the enrolment chat.

Entry Conditions

As with any e-learning system payment is final, no refund is given once video access is given. Law Zero of self responsibility and self honesty in the Laws of Grace apply. Your effort and practice application will give you the best reward. I say these rules are immutable (unbreakable) for a reason, if you perceive they have failed we need to know why! If you break these Laws of Grace, under the Rules of Evidence, I'll refund the course cost as a reward, as the course will be improved to something better!

Terms and Conditions are found on the Terms and Conditions page.

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