Feeling CRAZY insane or nuts

Our natural psychological protection

Feeling Crazy or insane is a natural process your unconscious mind goes through as you Awaken into Presence & Enlightenment. Your natural psychological protection processes activate a type of survival instinct. Awakening forces your psychology into the unknown. Thus the Prime Directives of the unconscious do their best to keep what it knows as safe in place. Feeling crazy or unstable are designed to scare you to not do anything stupid that may endanger you. Going into Unity and expanded states of awareness is certainly a boundary violation for your ego. Practice Presence as you watch the video where this dynamic is explained.

Understanding these unsettling feelings helps. Hopefully it is a temporary issue. A few hours to a day can be quite natural for some small to moderate internal blocks. If the feeling of being crazy, unhinged, insane goes for longer consider making contact with a professional or myself. The online Laws of Grace or Correct Presence Practice courses have meditations where you are guided to sit and hold Presence with stuff that is arising. Holding uncomfortable feelings is the Master's skill. You can also inquire or work with these feelings to dig out what the fear is. Working with your emotions and mental baggage is a skill that grows. It's important to feel these emotions and not suppress or deny them (Law Zero).

The Laws of Grace course has a specific step by step videos on how to evaluate your mental and emotional states. The after care section in the course covers issues like this that are not discussed much by spiritual teachers. Many of these issues are related to Awakening only and help on these is often difficult to find. It will explain things to do, monitor and actions to help resolution.

If they are happening then be Present with them as best as you can, this is the key to freedom and inner peace. Some shifts in consciousness do take time to settle. To shift the survival instinct is not an easy process! It’s called the survival instinct for a reason, it's designed to keep you alive and safe. Feeling bad or crazy is a way to keep you in the old behaviour or emotional pattern. This is the reason bad habits, especially destructive ones can be very difficult to shift.

Psychological parts and integration to Awakening

Psychological parts, ‘soul fragments’ or gestalt's, as they can be termed always have an intended outcome for you that is deemed good to keep you safe. The problem is as that aspect of your inner psychological process is disconnected from your Presence, your whole you, it has less resources to deal with situations.

To use metaphor; the part, gestalt, behaviour patter or belief structure is like a slice that has been cut and removed from the whole cake. The cake when whole has all the resources for more behavioural options. When these separated aspects of your consciousness are close to snapping back into your unity of beingness they may put up this fight to ‘keep you safe’ in their view. You are the crab, or snake that is about to shed an old skin and become something bigger.

Even when you have been blazingly permanently Awake for over a decade when you integrate or grow into a deeper level of Presence and Awakening you may still have this ‘crazy’ dichotomy happen. It really is a great sign that you are growing as a human into something more expanded and Awake. I would be curious to have feedback sent to me if anyone who has grown significantly into deep states of stable Awakening if they have never had this happen. This is a great research question.

Apply logic, You are a separate human? Yes? You have separate beliefs, behaviour patterns and fight flight responses within your own psychology. All of these are 'parts'. This process of re-union happens within 'you' to deepen into Abiding Awakening, then there are still more for the vast majority of people. I can't say I've met anyone who hasn't (tbh) more stuff to integrate. It's still a process even for the lucky super advanced few.

Then there is the bigger 'You', your higher self and soul you. Then there is your Souls' twin-flame, then Cadre (your true energetic split of your soul-family). Etc, get the idea? Until you are truly "Consciously One with All That Is" you have more parts to integrate. Even the great religious role models like Jesus, are now in service dealing with "the stuff of others". These Divine Beings can feel and merge with you. Sometimes if asked they may merge and assist. this means they go Transpersonal with you at different esoteric levels and their vibration helps you heal. But you, the individual must under the Divine Laws of Grace (of karma) own and heal your own stuff. That is the irony of the Math of God, from nothing came the One, then that split into the many. This is a deep contemplation. This journey never stops, but the Meta process and Meta structure is always the same regardless of how vibrationaly high you are. Again the per pillar No7 the structure takes precedence over content at all levels.

Aspects of this is discussed further in the Law Zero page.

Feeling crazy and insane after Enlightenment

The spiritual evolution process is endless. Normal Enlightenment here is defined as phase 3 Abiding Presence. In Jungian psychology it is also known as the completion of the Individuation process. This is the first phase of real Enlightenment. If you move towards the deeper Grace based 2nd cycle of Enlightenment the Transpersonal cycle of phases 5+ you will face these issues again, but it will be amplified. As discussed in the Advanced Awakening page, to become Transpersonal means your psychology opens up to experience more unity. This unity is experienced as you, the person, yet these others are certainly separate things and people. This can only happen in a safe fashion if your stability in Presence is rock solid. That means that your ego, or psychological boundaries as a functional human being are stable and strong.

If you ever have glimpses of Transpersonal Awakening it is extremely Divine but the ego / personality will find it very disturbing and incomprehensible. These glimpses can happen at any time. I personally had thousands of these before my Abiding Awakening. Many hundreds of these transpersonal unity experiences were very early in my journey in the 1990s. Back then I was still totally embroiled in being a lost broken person in my 20s. These intense spiritual experiences were truly devastating as it triggered depression and bouts of suicidal feelings. In that space there was no separation so the veil of death vanishes. With that true freedom is experienced but as a human the veil of separation is very brutal and horribly real. These deep unity, transpersonal experiences, are quite a dichotomy to hold within your personal psychology.

This is why I severely caution against the use of Class A drugs, as they can rip open the psychology and create massive damage. The fall out can be long lasting and the craving to have that false drug induced unity experience back can be as bad as losing a beloved partner /family member or worse. The Laws of Grace course has and extensive video on this drug use topic as to why drugs are not needed and what the inherent problems are with their use.

Real Awakening is a habit, one where you remain psychologically and physically safe. It is earned either way, there is no way around it. Even spontaneous awakenings, like Eckhart Tolle or Ramana Maharishi had, result in sever dysfunction. Either way one learns to be functional consciously with Awakened Awareness. Learning that functional capacity is what the Laws of Grace is all about. Grace is 100% reliable, when you are ready God will jump in as fast as She can to properly Awaken you to help this planet and humanity.

As I discuss in the Advanced Awakening video, when real Transpersonal Awakening hits it is a long process of acclimatisation. The state of being Transpersonal will be ongoing for many years. The tests one will face are tougher than the original struggle to become Abiding in Awakening at phase 3. There is simply no free lunch to extra spiritual goodies without earning it consciously through experience and habit formation.

Structure of Awakening

Pillar No7 applies: Structure happens regardless of levels

Watching the evidence of what works and what does not will show the Laws of Grace all follow a structural process. Master the habit of structure, not information, beliefs or content. The current issue (and entire phases) will repeat the same structural process! The layers of change and attainment and how our system works from spirit to our DNA all follow the core structures and processes. This is the basis of framework pillar No7 and why it's so critical to understand this even after you are Blazingly Enlightened.

This is why after decades of stable Enlightenment your mind will never "get it", but your mind will know that this is how it works even as it feels crappy and cannot understand the Grace of Presence and God!

How do you master the structure? Simple learn the Laws of Grace (God's rules) and implement it so it becomes a habit. Laws Zero is your compass to truth and the feedback process. The core multipliers in the Laws of Grace are the math of how much you deepen from your current level of consciousness to the next. The Laws of Success are the human guidelines (the human success rules) to be a human and 'get it done' in a holistic fashion.

And to understand your Unconscious Mind and work with the prime directives (rules of the mind and psychology) means you can assist habit growth and psychological issues the fastest.

Together these three factors make the trinity of the AwakenedEssence 'Laws of Grace' framework. Its so complete that the entire framework can also be used with teenagers (or anybody for that matter) learn and excel without any spiritual language to help them. These rules and structure apply to anybody so they can succeed in normal life.
These same skills can also be used with animal whispering, hence my LearnWhispering.com website and the online Whispering 101 course.

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