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Attunement & initiations

An attunement is the traditional rite of initiation or passage into a system, religion, club or society. It is a deeply meaningful process. At the spiritual level it signifies and often triggers a shift in vibrational energy. It gives you permission through its lineage to use that energy. Here I explain what an attunement initiation is about and what it means.

Attunements here at AwakenedEssence have evolved with my deepening levels of Awakening and training by the Golden One's (Ascended Masters, Archangels etc) to something much more potent. The attunements or initiations are a system of activation, a right of passage, via Grace as I described in the video. Since that video was made I have had further initiations myself, they keep happening as I go deeper (pillar No7 is always more!).

Back in 2017 I was told to offer a system of Spiritual Protection and Esoteric Hygiene with the Reiki and Golden Ray attunements. This is to help people on the spiritual/esoteric path navigate it more safely. Hence the importance of coaching or mentoring by someone who lives in the Transpersonal level of Awakening. I have my mentor and supervisor whose track record (pillar No3 Rules of Evidence) with me over 21 years is impeccable, who is yours?

The Phoenix Healing attunement which is done at the Transpersonal Level gives me insight into which one of the Golden One's I personally know want to work with you. This means we can know for sure that you have a very clear and Divine being who operates cleanly and can be a gatekeeper and/or guardian. As a human it's no good for us if we have toxic friends, is it? The same applies to our unseen spiritual company. However, with spirit it is very challenging for us as humans to discern who is good or not. I have learned through too much personal experience and also when working with others, how much trouble this can cause in one's life.

The Phoenix healing Attunement

the Soul to Soul initiation process

The traditional attunement system in Reiki is now moot (redundant) with Phoenix healing. Boot Camp Spiritual Fitness Ark Covenant Awaken Fast Awakened Essence Laws Grace While I will still give physical attunements as part of a in-person workshop it is no longer required. The role of a physical attunement now is special ritual and the chance for more Grace to be given. In April 2017 I received the 11th Golden Ray initiation while sitting in front of Amma 'the hugging Saint' (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi). It was the perfect balance finishing of the geometry of Transpersonal twin flame initiations with her and Sri Sakthi Amma Narayani. It completed the full twin flame initiations by both beings. One who represents the masculine and the other who represents the feminine. Some of these stories are in phase 5+ Transpersonal Awakening page video.

Your Guardian & Gatekeeper

Who is keeping you safe at the spiritual levels?

As a child, it is our parents who keep us safe. We use the words guardian in legal documents to indicate the same. Do you have an established relationship with an Ascended Master, Deity or Archangel who is your gatekeeper and guardian? As part of the Golden Ray Healer and Awakened Lineage Reiki attunement process They assign one of themselves. In this video I discuss spiritual hygiene and the important role a Guardian or GateKeeper plays on the inner when using spiritual practices and healing work.

The Guardian & Gatekeeper Process

The Laws of Grace & 9 pillar framework helps keep you safe

There are key procedures that you are given to use with the AwakenedEssence spiritual healing courses. The meditations in the courses use specific clean protocols to help keep you safe. If you use other systems please check you are keeping yourself safe. Please compare what is in my courses with what you have done using other systems. Feel free to send back any feedback or potential improvements. What I have observed over three and a half decades is that the spiritual and energetic healing communities seem to have little spiritual hygiene. Often they delve into things that can have some dangerous consequences.

Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to working with the unseen dimensions.

I've personally experienced and seen others face some unwanted consequences from such issues. Under framework pillar No3, Rules of Evidence and my three decade plus years of experience and observations I am now quite clear on what is required if you want to stay safe.

Some teachers and spiritual practitioners use and teach novices, outright dangerous practices that only advanced healers can safely perform. Undertaking these processes can be dangerous for both the practitioner and the receiver of these shonky healing practices.

Entity work is one example of a specialist procedure. Unless you personally can sense and rank the levels of consciousness held by an entity I suggest you do not perform entity work at all. Unseen entities range from elementals that can't think through to highly evolved powerful deity-level conscious souls. If these last two sentences surprised you then please take note. If your healer cannot explain with exactness these dynamics then I suggest you run away fast.

This is why the 9 pillar framework holds true: Rules of Evidence and deep discernment come from experience and having clear bandwidth to sense the differences. It's dangerous to play with things that are smarter and more aware than yourself. My apologies for saying this but it is an important topic if you are on the path of consciousness and using energetic healing practices. How do you treat a chainsaw that has its motor running? Apply this to entity work, or get help from a spiritually adept lumberjack who knows how to do it safely.

All things from single-celled plants up have the survival instinct. The impact of the survival instinct is quite profound and explained in the Survival Instinct video. Even your bad habits seem to want to survive otherwise you could change them at a whim. This also applies to spiritual entities.

This is clearly evidenced in my videos where I play with wild parrots in my videos. If the parrot feels threatened or flips into aggressive behaviour it bites and makes me bleed. The Laws of Grace framework and the 9 pillars are so thorough in this respect as the structure is always the same. It's the degree of consciousness and unconsciousness that changes.
This is why I primarily advocate pillar No1, Correct Presence Practice as the base method for real Enlightenment. One does not seek to talk to unseen things if Present and grounded. Then if this sort of inner communication does happen then the other 8 pillars help assess and define it as genuine and safe.

Curiosity, being vague and ungroundedness have consequences. This I know too well from experiences I'd rather not have had. Correct Presence Practice is very safe for these reasons, unlike some spiritual practices. If you have any concerns I suggest you make contact or book a coaching session.

  • Be assigned an inner Golden Ray / Reiki Teacher, Gatekeeper & Guardian

    When you enrol for an online Golden Ray and/or Reiki course you will be assigned at least one Guardian/Teacher. The Guardian for the Golden Ray may be different from the Reiki Guardian if you do both courses. You may be offered more than one Guardian/Teacher in an attunement. They tell me, I just pass the message to you who is keen to help you out. But for the purposes of this Gatekeeper safety process, you will be asked to choose one and stick to the protocol.

    If I give you more than one, especially if you decide on Golden Ray and Reiki, you may get different Guardian/ Teachers.
    However it is important as you are a human to familiarise yourself with just one for the three months first. That builds a base relationship so you clearly know the Being you are working with. They will then assist your relationship development with the other Ascended Masters and Archangels moving forward. It's too easy to feel a new entity and assume it's a beneficent being. Like us humans they can also be very deceptive for their own agendas.

    Regardless of how amazing you think they are I even put Cosmic Mother Goddess Narayani on probation in early 2014 for 3 months. Two professional Guru’s and members of a group I attended found it all very funny when I said the Cosmic Mother Goddess Narayani was on probation. I was dead serious. These inner Divine beings respect this or they are not real guardians and do not work for the Light, PERIOD!
    Never accept anyone on the inner planes without thorough vetting.

  • Course meditations using exact & safe invocation protocol

    The Golden Ray & Reiki courses have meditations and exercises that always start with a precise invocation process. Initially this may sound unusual but each word is exact for specific reasons. This is designed to save you the learning, ie: the trouble I went through. Intention is everything, but some entities read the fine print and try to slip in, as I explained in the video.
    I always start with my Primary teacher and gatekeeper, then I add the other main Golden Ones in an order that has evolved over the years as they taught me.
    The course will mention how to invoke new beings who are under probation for their three calendar month process. Please note what I said about Narayani, the Universal Cosmic Mother in the point above. Even though she was showing up in sessions and workshops (and others could tell it was Her) she still went through the probation period. Goddess Narayani respected that greatly. Perhaps it's a case of cosmic humour, maybe She was probating me that I'd follow what They had told me to do? Also ironic that She is the feminine creator of 16 Universes under the Hindu system. Integrity and Respect are demonstrated by these Beings. In the course meditations, I may seem to mention a lot of names, but I have a large crew after many years so they can be assigned to suit all people and religious backgrounds.

  • Thorough vetting of your current inner team

    All the beings that are assigned have been thoroughly vetted with my crew of Guardians, the Golden Ones. They have all been probated. My inner Golden team has asked I share this. They will vet your team if you follow the Spiritual Protection protocol. Law Zero applies, so follow the guidance on the probation process in the course, nothing will be taken away without your express permission.

  • Expect the Unexpected

    What is exciting is that these Divine Golden One's always give more. This means I expect some interesting gifts and teachings may be birthed through this process. Allow yourself to remain open to possibilities and unexpected blessings. The Teacher / Guardian you will be assigned will help all they can. Your job is to stick to the 9 pillar framework, Correct Presence Practice and the healing course protocol while you go through the initial learning process. Then let Grace guide you. Since I started teaching in 2013, every session and class experienced remarkable levels of Grace. Grace turned up 100% every time, Jason just had to be Present and trust.

  • Removal of appropriate hindrances and restrictions

    It is time for those that want to be able to stand clearly in the light to do so without unseen hindrances that hold you back. This is the purpose of this course. What unseen ropes hold you back is a good question. While Grace (yes, Divine Will) may determine that certain restrictions remain to keep you and others safe. This process will remove the ones that are no longer appropriate.
    The best way to remove any hindrance, and the purpose of this website, is to do this consciously. Blanket statements of "I relinquish all negative stuff (insert emotion or behaviour etc)" are of minimal use. Let's make it 100% definable and measurable to prove it's true under the rules of evidence. Thus if a blanket statement of "I relinquish all negative stuff" worked then you would ascend in three seconds and be able to walk on water; that would be the proof under pillar No3 Rules of Evidence. So, let's be real when we deal with spiritual matters so it deepens you smoothly. Conscious growth is about consciously being defined and in Presence, that is true wisdom.

Try the course!

Course options are below. For new students please start at Level One. How I teach and what comes with these courses is unique. It will add to whatever systems and training you have learned. So if you are already Reiki level 2 and you want this Awakened Lineage Reiki 3, you'll need to do the Reiki 1&2 as well, as that lays the unique base and the layered attunements. Pillar No9 applies, the material covered will integrate into your understanding and development.

Healing Courses: Harth Timeline, Gold Ray & Reiki (etc)

All healing courses include attunements via Phoenix Healing, assignment of your inner Master teacher/guardian from the Golden Crew who work with me, manual, videos and/or audio files. Coaching session/s included.
All courses come with an extra special 4 hour Guardian Gate keeper course. This is to help you develop strict spiritual hygiene and your inner guide relationships.

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