Awakened Reiki 1 &2 + Master Key

Note Reiki Level 1 &2 Course is now available online for $100. Yes you get both levels at the same time, and the Master Key symbol with an Awakened Master lineage. Tap picture to see short video and enjoy the noisy Eagles in the video.

Reiki with no dogma, no shoulds, no limits, just possibilities

If you want a personal healing session live online, please hit this link. Please call Jason on 61435522535 or use the contact form if you have any questions , or book a free chat (tap this link) and we can talk it through and see if it is right for you.

Reiki 1 &2 Online June 2017 onwards

Awakened Lineage Reiki at AwakenedEssence has two components: This means you get more!
The is an online aspect that is always done first, that is ‘stand alone’. If you are coming to an actual course this is done before you come, it just amplifies its effectiveness so much. I have done it this way since 2013 and it works really well as it lets the Laws of Grace do its magic.
All this is geared to give as much as possible.
Below the points marked with the  “tick”  are what you typically get with a standard Reiki course.
The points below marked is what is typically beyond wheat you would get in a standard Reiki course by other teachers. This is a course extra.
The is unique to this lineage and teacher as it was Grace given due to the depth of Awakening, Soul initiations and teaching I have been given by the Golden One’s on the inner.

Part 1 Online & Activation:

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    Be attuned to Reiki Level 1 & Level 2

    Be attuned (initiated) to the three standard Usui Reiki symbols to Level 2. Yes you get both Reiki level 1 and level 2 at the same time. I’ve done it that way for two decades. It works beautifully, watch the why limit Reiki video if you disagree. Some people like to believe other people’s limitations. I teach and uphold an Awakened Reiki Lineage that is Reiki as the ancients taught it, its not about money and dogma, its about Grace and using that for the greater good.

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    Reiki 1 & 2 Manual

    Learn the content, theory and practice the symbols. This is the home study aspect. As with everything in this AwakenedEssence website it is about practice and application. If you are coming to a workshop it’s about imbibing and soaking in the Stillness and Grace that will be there rather than covering theory and things that can be read. Why waste time reading a manual to a group – bring your questions to class and they will all be answered (or if only doing it online then please email a question and I’ll answer or make a video on it for all to benefit). In the workshops the Golden Beings will take every opportunity to give us blessings and awakenings. So the course is structured this way for this reason. It gives us a day to practice healing and Presence.

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    Bonus: Be attuned to the Reiki Master Key

    Be attuned and taught how to use this very versatile Master Key – Amazing! This symbol embodies sacred geometry and much more. This is why I also teach it in Golden Ray level 1 as it assists Awakening of certain energy bodies. It is more versatile than the Master symbols. Its uses are limited only by your imagination. This symbol is not taught in the traditional Usui system. After 2 decades of Reiki and many forms of healing systems it is certainly my favourite symbol. We advance the use of this symbol in Reiki 3

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    Bonus: Online video course

    Video course covering the manual and other healing related topics and meditations. This will include special content that is not in the manual. You will be prompted to practice Presence as we work though the material. Great for review and picking up the finer points.

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    EXTRA BONUS: A Phoenix healing clearing!!!

    To ‘initiate’ you into Reiki I use Phoenix healing. This is the most potent initiation method there is because it is done at the Soul level, no human limitations or agendas are possible. All energetic levels are blessed according to Grace. If Grace wants something clearing then it gets cleared! Sometimes significant work is done. Literally a free Phoenix healing is given as part of the attunmement process. Whatever happens in this ‘remote’ attunement always plays a significant role in the workshop as the person changes to their new higher vibration. Read the Phoenix healing page for more information on this.

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    EXTRA BONUS: Soul to body and DNA initiation

    Phoenix healing ensures that the initiation into the ancient Reiki lineage is thorough. As Phoenix healing is Grace based and starts at the Soul Level and the ‘Transpersonal Merkabah’ (that very few know about). It then goes all the way down your energetic systems to your physical cells, DNA, and DNA Lightfibres (that very few know about). As I have been taught and initiated to do all this with Phoenix healing it means this is what you actually get. This is all part of being in the Transpersonal Awakening cycle that I discuss in Advanced Awakening. Some of this may sound a tad technical but it is to let you know this attunement, which is and initiation given by Grace, is special. Simply put: It’s the Mercedes level Reiki attunement – solid quality! This attunement is granted by Grace – some aspects may be time locked to activate when you are ready for higher levels of Light. The Golden One’s I work with take care of this, and they always do their best to help you.

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    EXTRA BONUS: Be assigned an inner Teacher, Gatekeeper & Guardian

    Be assigned an “Ascended Master, Archangel or Being of higher vibration that is aligned to love, order, manifestation and higher consciousness” from my personal inner crew to assist you with this healing system! All these being have been thoroughly vetted and probated and have worked with me for at least two years and up to 28 years, so I know them well. They have asked I do this. This being will be there to assist, if you already have an inner ‘crew’ then the Golden One I get told to assign may already be in your team, or maybe a new addition. They will vet your team if you follow new Spiritual Protection protocol that is now available.

Part 1 Online & Activation happens after the payment is made. Resident Australians or New Zealanders I will give you my bank account details or a link over mobile phone. The website payment system for all other countries is in US dollars.

Part 2 The physical workshop:

The workshop is held in my home (typically). This house is a deeply embedded Light Portal. People have mild to significant Awakenings just walking through the door, so the day is always special and magical. As I say in the Gifts of Grace page, 100% every time since I started teaching again in 2013. If you want to host a workshop or organise one please contact me direct. You will get the training for free if you organise.
Please read all this Melbourne Workshops & Classes page for the details of what we do, food, transport etc. Also note the Terms & Condition on that page as these are prerequisite and deemed accepted, any issues or concerns please raise them with me beforehand.

“Very informative and insightful. My experience was very unexpected and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to have my expectations thrown out the window and replace by an experience like no other. Thank you for your guidance”.Daniel, Electrician [Did Reiki 1, 2 & 3 in one weekend]

Teaching methodology

The way I teach was shown to me by my prior teachers, and it’s been enhanced through the living essence of Presence that fills my life.

If you were told about the time limits for integration between Reiki levels was that person living in Abiding Awakening (ie: permanently awake and never lost in the mind)? This method has been used with hundreds of satisfied and great Reiki students.

Your True Essence is the stillness the Presence the aliveness that everythingness. It is that impersonal consciousness that is beyond the mind, body, emotions and even beyond the soul. This is the secret to true healing, to true peace, and these workshops are tailored to open this for you.

The only question you need to ask is “Do I truly want this”?

If yes, make contact now by calling 61435522535, use the contact form if you have any questions , or book a free chat (tap this link) and we can talk it through and see if it is right for you.

Next courses

Reiki Level 1 & 2: Upfront deposit for the attunement, manual and video course is $100 only. Please read about the Phoenix healing level attunements below to understand this is super potent and is a great way to learn and use Reiki.

For the course the $100 online component needs to be paid first to secure manual and attunement (this is online component). It will be assumed you have read the manual and practised the symbols in the manual. Per the points below marked and above it is in your best interests to contact and decide sooner.

Once the $120 payment is made for the online video course / Phoenix Healing attunement you will be sent a copy of the manual to start the process of learning. I will attune you in the same way I do Phoenix Healing. I will discuss this with you first so you can test the difference it makes. This will open and activate your healing channels to Level 1&2.  You will then be Level 1&2 if you practice the skills, in healing or meditation.

As with any e-learning system payment is final, no refund is given once the manual is sent (and attunement will be given). This attunement in itself is a huge boost of Grace and will assist you in your path home.

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