Awakened Lineage Reiki 1&2

Levels 1&2 (given together) plus the Master Key

Reiki is a well know spiritual energy healing system. The most common version of Reiki is the Usui lineage Reiki. This Awakened Lineage Reiki is uncommonly short and at least 4 of the 6 Master Teachers of this lineage were Abiding in Awakening or higher. This is an extremely rare occurrence given the rarity of Abiding Awakening. I initiate you into this Reiki lineage by a Phoenix Healing attunement. This is the most powerful way to give an initiation and I have noticed it has proven be more effective that physical attunements since I started this method back in 2013.
Yes, with Reiki Levels 1&2 you get both levels at the same time with this Awakened Master lineage. You'll also receive the Master Key symbol called the Harth. Per the Laws of Grace Framework the degree to which you activate these energy systems is based within this Framework. The more you use it the better you get. As this attunement is given by Phoenix Healing that means it is totally Grace (God's Will) based. Phoenix healing is 'ego free' due to the dimensional levels the attunement takes place at, personal will is inoperable at that level. For more information on this Grace based process please see the video in the Golden Ray page.

Pure Awakened Lineage Reiki

with no dogma, no shoulds, no limits, just possibilities

Awakened Lineage Reiki is available here as an online course. The online course is geared to give as much as possible, the videos cover a wide range of topics. 
Here is what you would receive with a standard non-Awakened lineage course:

  • Be attuned to Reiki Level 1 & Level 2

    Be attuned (initiated) to the three standard Usui Reiki symbols to Level 2. Yes you get both Reiki level 1 and level 2 at the same time, that is not standard but being attuned into a lineage is. I’ve taught Reiki I & II together since 1997. It works beautifully, watch the why limit Reiki video if you disagree. Some people like to believe other people’s limitations. I teach and uphold an Awakened Reiki Lineage that is Reiki as the ancients taught it. It's not about money and dogma. It's about Grace and using that for the greater good. Grace or Thy Will is the boss not a person with their teaching agendas. The 9 pillar framework here sets out how to play by the Laws of Grace.

  • Reiki 1 & 2 Manual

    Learn the content, theory and practice the symbols. This is the home study aspect. As with everything in this AwakenedEssence website it is about practice and application. This is how you develop and learn the new habit, knowledge is useless without application. The videos also cover the manual content with additional prompting to help you develop your Presence Practice.

Below is what you would typically not receive with a standard Reiki course. This Awakened Lineage Reiki brings Grace into play so you can expand as much as you are willing to apply with practice. The free 9 pillar framework in this website gives you the structure and guidance of how to go deeply into the healing arts. Your bandwidth as a person will typically dictate how good your healing is. The level of initiation given by a physical human teacher has no impact if you do not apply and learn. I have met Reiki 1 students who were better healers than Reiki Masters, Presence and bandwidth made the difference. Understand how God which is Grace operates then you will develop into a fine healer. The collective needs you, this is a team effort.

  • Be attuned to the Reiki Master Key the Harth

    Be attuned and taught how to use this very versatile Master Key. It is truly amazing! This symbol embodies sacred geometry and much more. This is why I also teach it in Golden Ray level 1 as it assists Awakening of certain energy bodies. It is more versatile than the Master symbols. Its uses are limited only by your imagination. This symbol is not taught in the traditional Usui system.

    After 25 years of using and teaching Reiki and many other forms of healing systems it is certainly one of my favourite symbols. We advance the use of this symbol in Reiki 3 as it is great for timeline regression work (yes, back to the womb and beyond).

  • Extensive online video course

    The video course covers the manual, techniques and other healing related topics and meditations. It has some material that is also in the Laws of Grace course in relation to initiations and important esoteric topics. You will be prompted to practice Presence as we work though the material. Great for review and picking up the finer points.

  • A Phoenix healing clearing!!!

    To ‘initiate’ you into Reiki I use Phoenix healing. This is the most potent initiation method there is because it is done at the Soul level. No human limitations or agendas are possible. All energetic levels are blessed according to Grace. If Grace wants something clearing then it gets cleared! Sometimes significant healing work is done. Literally a free Phoenix healing is given as part of the attunement process.

    Whatever happens in this 'remote' attunement always plays a significant role as the person changes to their new higher vibration. As mentioned in these Reiki videos, these attunements tend to be very accurate in relation to the person's make-up, structure, abilities and blind spots. Often changes given during the attunement are time locked until the person grows within themselves enough to activate the gift in life.

  • Soul to body and DNA initiation

    Phoenix healing ensures that the initiation into the ancient Reiki lineage is thorough. As Phoenix healing is Grace based and starts at the Soul Level and the Transpersonal Merkabah. It then goes all the way down your energetic systems to your physical cells, DNA, and DNA Lightfibres.

    Some of these esoteric structures I just mentioned are rarely talked about. I have been taught and initiated to do all this with Phoenix healing. This is all part of being in the Transpersonal Awakening cycle that I discuss in the Advanced Awakening page. Some of this may sound a tad technical but it is to let you know this attunement, which is an initiation given by Grace, is special. Simply put: It’s the Mercedes level Reiki attunement it's solid quality! This attunement is granted by Grace only. Some aspects may be time locked to activate when you are ready for higher levels of Light and deeper phases of Awakening. The Golden One’s I work with take care of this, and they always do their best to help you in a way that is safe.

  • Be assigned an inner Teacher, Gatekeeper & Guardian

    Be assigned an “Ascended Master, Archangel or Being of higher vibration that is aligned to love, order, manifestation and higher consciousness” from my personal inner crew to assist you with this healing system! All these being have been thoroughly vetted and probated and have worked with me for at least four and up to 30 years, so I know them well.

    They have asked I do this. This Divine Being will be there to assist and be your Guardian / Gatekeeper if you wish. If you already have an inner 'crew' then the Golden One who offers to be assigned may already be in your team, or maybe a new addition. They will vet your team if you follow the Spiritual Protection protocol. Please watch the videos on that page, it covers important spiritual safety information.

Course Options & payment Page link

Golden Ray & Awakened lineage Reiki

All courses include attunements via Phoenix Healing, assignment of your inner Master teacher/guardian from the Golden Crew who work with me, manual, videos and/or audio files.
Golden Ray Healer Level 1: $245 (Reiki 2.5 equivalent)
Reiki 1&2: you get both levels: $245
Combo Special: Reiki 1&2 and Golden Ray Level 1: $325
Golden Ray Healer Level 2**: $475
Reiki 3* (currently discounted): $245 from $325
Awakened Lineage Reiki Master Teacher: $2500 (pls contact)

One on One Healing

Alternatively book coaching session time or a Phoenix healing and just experience it. Discounted coaching time is available at the time of purchasing a course. These can be used for both coaching, feedback, personal meditations and healing.

One-on-One Sessions: Personal Feedback is best

Personal Sessions offer the greatest level of insight and change. It simply cannot be beaten. Any topic and any service offered in this website be that Awakening coaching or healing services. Smash your Blind-Spots and tendancies that keep you stuck. This makes it real and specific to you.
Book a free 25 min phone chat when you send a booking email with the required information. Alternatively your initial 50 minute* Skype/phone call will be extended to 90 minutes.

Casual session rate rate: $150* per standard 50 minute Skype or phone session.
8 weekly sessions: One upfront payment of $960*. That's $120 per session, saving $30 per session or $240.
Mastery Club Members: Discounted pricing of $100 per session with booking priority.
* = per payment TnCs and service agreement.